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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Update On Dog Problem

Alright. The same officer that has always come out previously came out today. That was good. He knows the history of these people I am dealing with so I didnt have to tell him a lot.

Turns out the people in the brick house on past them out behind me don't like them too much either. The officer tells me he is friends with the guy and talks to him every now and again. He told him that the dog followed his boy up onto their porch and tried to bite him, so he came out with his pistol and tried to shoot the dog. Missed...but tells officer friend that he will get him eventually.

I tell the officer about the shoe, show him the one Ian retrieved the other day from next door neighbors yard, ask him to look for the other that matches while he is over there.

I show him Petes butt. I tell him I wanted to show him in February, but now I can't. I showed him I have several others I want to show that are in pens, and if the dog gets in my fence, he wont be getting out alive.

I told him I have lived out here in the country long enough to know how things work out here. Calling animal control is a courtesy. I tell him to be sure that they know that he is their last and only warning.

I ask him to come back over and tell me what happened, and he said sure will, be right back.

I wait a few minutes and he comes pulling back up. He came back with my other shoe, chewed up pretty good. He says he had to wake her up, she had been asleep! Its almost 2 in the afternoon! So, he tells her the situation. He holds up my shoe and says I had been looking for my other shoe. Tells her the dog has torn out all the butt feathers of one of my show chickens and now he is useless to show. Tells her that she is to be informed that if I catch the dog over here again I will be bringing it back to her, and it wont be alive, and that there is nothing she can do about it. Its the law here. Dogs harrassing and killing livestock can be killed on the livestock owners property, period. The owner has no recourse to retaliate.

She proceeds to tell him that it isnt her dog, that it is her sister in laws dog, that she is staying with them. He says it doesnt matter, it is living with them, so she is responsible. She says she lets the dog out in the morning and didnt know it was going out of the yard. DUHHHH.

He tells me there was about ten other pairs of shoes out there in their yard. Where the hell does she think those shoes came from? Does she think they walked themselves over to their yard? Why are people so stupid.

So, that is that. We will see what happens next. If I catch that dog over here again, well, I will take care of it. For good.

That is the way of the country life folks. Protect your own no matter what you have to do. Out here its every man for himself. I didnt get that at first, but I have learned over time that that is just the way things are here. Got to get tough and have a hard heart.


madcobug said...

Maybe the officer got the point across to that woman. She may have just been denying the dog is hers. Someone needs him that has a fence around the yard to keep him fenced in. Good luck to you. Helen

mumma4evr said...

stupid people!

breakaway1968 said...

Well now she knows and if she even cares about her dog then she will do something about it...if not the dog is prob better off!   Good luck and hope your chickens are safe!!  

gen0507 said...

Maybe that helped, but I doubt it.  You'll probably have to take care of it yourself.
Keep us posted.


solace223 said...

I know this is more work than you want to do for this dog but is there any way you could catch him and have animal control pick him up?  I know this is the way things work where you are but I hate to see an animal killed because their owners were worthless.

nelishianatl said...

She doesn't care about the dog obviously and you will end up killing it because of her. She needs her butt kicked.  Once you get your all your shoes back that is.
Glad that officer was familiar with the situation  She has been warned.


plieck30 said...

I know how you feel. John really gets angry when a dog or a pack of dogs chases his cattle. If they do it regularly it runs the weight off them. Hope the problem gets solved soon. Paula

geocachelinda66 said...

I would be mad enough to shoot the little jerk too!  Linda

wwfbison said...

You know what.....maybe if she got her lazy butt out of bed before 2 she would know what the dog is doing.  She sounds like a real piece of work, geesh.

bhbner2him said...

Sad, sorry shame for you.....and for the dog.  And all it would take is a little chain and a collar to solve it.  I don't get some people at all.  -  Barbara