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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Well here we are, its now 2008! Winter has officially arrived here in Northwest Georgia. Wow we had some serious winds and it got down into the twenties last night, WITH the winds. Terrible cold. Tonight it is supposed to be in the teens. The long range forecast for us is looking up though...we have a high of 58 scheduled for Sunday. Looking forward to that.


We had a very relaxing New Years Eve. Brian took his girls back to their mom so he came alone. Karen and Tiffany came later on as Karen had to work. Tiffany and Shelby did stuff together the whole time. I was really happy to see this. They played the Wii a bunch. Tiffany brought her controllers and they played a lot of Sonic VS. Mario I think it is called. Its all the characters from each.


We were all good. Karen brought a six pack of coolers and we split them so no one had too much. We sat around and watched the two new DVDs that we had gotten for Shelby, Jeff Dunham Spark of Insanity and Jeff Dunham Arguing With Myself. Everybody enjoyed that. I fixed pizza for the girls and manicotti for the adults. We all watched the Peach Drop and the Big Ball drop in NY then soon after we all hit the hay. We didnt buy anything to toast with so about fifty seconds away from midnight Tiffany goes running into the kitchen and gets a bunch of little juice glasses down, fills them with tea and hands them out all before midnight and we toasted with sweet tea! Too funny. She said we HAD to toast! LOLLL


The next morning we all got up and Karen and I fixed bacon, eggs (from the girls of course) and hashbrowns for everyone for breakfast. She always helps me out so much. She does the dishes, puts them away, helps me cook, take out the trash. She even will walk around and suffer with me out in the cold while I fed and watered the pens yesterday afternoon. I told her she didnt have to, but she said she didnt mind and I was really glad to have her with me out there.

We all went walking on the Silver Comet Trail yesterday too. We are upto two miles now. We dont go for distance, we time ourselves, but that is how far we got yesterday in 45 minutes. It was very windy and cold, but we made it through.


I had planned on cooking the traditional New Years Day meal of collard greens, black eye peas, with hog jowl of course, cornbread and fried chicken...but there was still so much food leftover I didnt see the point. We had the potato, ham, and cheese soup leftover that I had made. That was a big hit and it is gone now I believe. Then a whole other tray of manicotti and I fixed another pizza for the girls. I dont buy the frozen kind, I buy the dough and make it with sauce and cheese and pepperoni, its just better that way I think.

I hope I dont have bad luck for not cooking the black eye peas and counting them as I ate them! I will fix it all today though...so we will just have it a day late.


After our walk we stopped in the NEW Rockmart Walmart. Ian noticed on the door they are already not going to be 24 hours anymore. There aren't enough PEOPLE here in this area to support a big Walmart. We knew that, so I wonder if it will last...dont much care either way cause I normally go to the one in Rome. Nobody here wanted this Walmart anyway. We stopped in for Brian. He has a new house now and he wanted to do his bathroom in Lighthouses. He said he hadnt been able to find anything, but of course I knew where he could get some nice lighthouse stuff...Walmart has some really nice coordinating lighthouse stuff. So we went there and he got some stuff. Of course we all had to look at the clearance aisles of Christmas stuff. I got some new 8 function lights for the pool deck for next year and a candle. I threw away the old lights out there, they were done for sure. Lights missing, lights out...time for the trash. I got two more bales of wheat straw too as the mud factor has gone up considerably since all of the rain we have had.


A friend of Ians was going to come over for the day but he had to meet us at the Walmart because no one was at the house to let him in. We were all out walking and shopping. When we got back to the house Tiffany and Shelby played DDR Max Super Nova. Shelby still had Christmas money to spend so that is what she got while we were at Walmart. It is one of the games that go to the dance pads. Those things are a workout for sure, if you can keep up! Its a lot of fun to do it, and a lot of fun to watch them do it too.


All in all it was a good weekend. Things went nicely and I actually enjoyed it all. Brian and Karen arent the kind of company you have to clean for or cook for or look after. They are easy going and easy to please. Course if you come to my house you are going to get fed, so you never have to worry about that. ;)

I hope everyone had a great start to the New Year and I look forward to what it all has in store for us...all good I hope!


plieck30 said...

Well if you have bad luck for not eating blackeyed peas I'll be right there with you. I completely forgot until my daughter called last night to wish me a happy new year and ask if I ate mine. lol Its nice to have company that are so adjustable as your's was. John's sister from Alaska is like that so I always look forward to her visits. Paula

mumma4evr said...

looks like it was a nice quiet time!!!

madcobug said...

I had a can of black eyes peas I opened. Took the short cut out. I didn't count them though as I have never heard that saying. Just that greens were for dollars and peas were for pennies. This cold weather hits hard. That Silver Comet Trail you mentioned comes within a couple of miles from our house then that is the end of the line where it stops going south. Helen

nelishianatl said...

I didn't have black eyed peas either.  We heated up the Pinto's I'd made with fatback in the crockpot and had cooked for two days, we had the homemade dressing from Christmas that I heated up and added water and butter to make it almost like stove top stuffing, and I fried up a few pork chops.  So I guess we're not having good luck either.  I am freezing my big old butt off right now.  Sounds like you all had a nice memorable time.  I hate going to WM particularly here in C'vlle and prefer to go to the one in Rome too as it's closer to my house.  


ally123130585918 said...

Sounds like you had a good time with all your visitors ~ glad Shelby and Tiffany got on so well together ~  I had a giggle at you toasting in the New Year with Sweet tea :o) ~ Have a lovely New Year Kelly and hope it brings you everything you wish for yourself ~ Ally x

gen0507 said...

Boy it sounds like you guys did have a great time together.  That's great.  I like the company that you can just be yourself with without having to put out all the frills for.  It was cold here too.  It was 21 degrees this morning....Brrrrr.  Have a good night & keep warm.


breakaway1968 said...

Seems like you had a really good time..and she is sure nice to help you out that much!  Have a great start to the New Year!!

wwfbison said...

It sounds like a great evening - it always turns out better than we expect.  Happy 2008 to you...I hope it proves to be a great year for you.  I never eat the traditional "good luck" pork and saurerkraut - we had pasta instead.  I've never had black eyed peas, I just thought they were Fergie's band.  LOL

grahamfarmga said...

Sounds like you had a good new years. I did what I do every year I slept it in. i never have the black eyed peas just dont like them at all LOL
Man it was cold yesterday I had on 3 layers of clothes to feed. The only good thing about the wind is that it did dry up some of the mud. My chickens have gone on strike they stopped laying before thanksgiving. The past few days I have gotten one green egg every other day