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I am a 42 year old woman that is about as happy and content as one person can be. My husband of 21 years and our 15 year old daughter live on five and a half acres out in the country. We moved from the city four years ago and never looked back. I homeschool our daughter. We also love our animals. Our daughter has a miniature horse and two rabbits. We also have a border collie, two cats (again), two pot belly pigs, four peafowl, three emus, 2 llamas and an undetermined number of chickens, lets just say ohhh about 200. I have many breeds, from layers to fancy chickens. I love poultry shows, I love fowl in general as I have come to find out through having more than just chickens. Chickens will always be my first love though. I do show some of my birds occasionally.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Few Pictures

This one below is espccially for Helen. You probably thought I forgot, but I didnt. ;) I wanted to show you a picture of those beautiful weed flowers that are grown up out back. I leave them on the fenceline, I think it is kind of pretty. They are all in the grass too so the ones in the grass get mowed. I have no idea what they are called. Some are whitish and some are lavender.



Here are a couple of shots I took of lady bugs just fooling around outside.


Photobucket Photobucket

Goat Fun

Well I tried to upload pictures to the AOL Album to show Saturdays poultry show pictures but it doesnt want to work right now for some reason. So we will move on to other things for now.

Okay, really now. Who turned on the Winter machine? It was cold here this morning! Supposed to get into the thirties tonight? Didnt anyone tell Old Man Winter it was time for him to bed down now? Someone please inform him so we can get on with some warmer days.

I havent mentioned the goats lately, so I thought I would post a few pictures of the two sillies and a cute video. In the video Troy did something he has never done before...he BANKED off my knee! LOL! You will see this as he comes running at me and you see him bounce and then he is gone. It didnt hurt, but it did startle me! I didnt expect that.

These two boys make me laugh so much and they are great company. They cant get enough attention. Next to a dog, goats are really sweet companion animals. For outdoors anyway. I don't know if you can house train a goat. I don't know that you would want to, seeing as they like to try a taste of everything around them..lol.

I was tearing down an old pen and had these thin plywood planks lying on the ground. They thought it was put there just for them. They like to romp and play on them too because they cant get a grip with their feet so they slide around when they are playing and pushing each other.

Well, enough rambling. Here they are.

(By the way, yes I am slack, I havent took any pictures of Buck Buck, Babe and Beauty together yet, but I will, you know I will. )

I also have a request to fill on the emus, which I will do soon too. They are growing so fast!



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

That last picture is a bit fuzzy, I guess my hand wasnt too steady.


Well that was pretty interesting. Ignore the multiple alerts. When I went to save, it got stuck...so impatient me pressed save many more times, because thats just what you do when something doesnt work right...right? ;) So then when it did save, it made multiple copies of that entry...smooth eh? LOL

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Betcha can't guess who was at the poultry show. :)

Jerry and Beth! The folks that head up the show in Newnan. When I pulled up I saw a white trailer...and wondered...if it was their trailer.

I went in the building...saw lots of giant cochins being shown. Then I looked down one aisle and there was Jerry! I went right over to him and told him how happy I was to see him.

I told him what happened with Beast. In talking with Beth, she says she has this happen from time to time. One minute they are fine, eating and drinking, walking around fine, then she will come back later and someone has just up and died suddenly. Must be a defect in their genes or something? I am no breeding expert so I couldnt say.

They set me up with another breeder pair. Jerry and I went out to the trailer and looked at the three pairs he had for sale. I took a male that has a HUGE daddy...he is bigger than Beast was already. When Jerry got him out for me to look at him he says,

"Come on out Buck Buck"

I said, "Oh is that his name?"

He says no that he just calls them all that. I said well that sounds like a good name for him, so my new man has his name already. I decided on Babe for the hen. So now I have a trio of those fantastic Giant Cochins. :)

Beauty, Buck Buck, and Babe.

So I am back in business for hatching babies!

Carrie do you want any of these eggs? Let me know. Beauty is laying regularly and there was an egg in the pairs cage in the trailer, so she is laying too.

I just got them home and in the pen. Derby thinks its okay to sniff them. Beast and Beauty are used to it, but the new pair is not, so they were freaking out. I just put them in the pen til they can get a feel for the place. Everyone seems to be getting along famously. Buck Buck was dancing for Beauty already. :)

I gave Jerry and Beth big hugs and told them how much I loved them and how glad they were at this show.

We talked a while more about this and that. How to manage them in the summer as they will get hot easily. We talked about managing bugs. I am going to try the Frontline Spray like they do. I dont have that yet, but do have the topical Frontline that I use on Tip. They told me exactly where to put drops on them. One on the back of the neck, one above the vent area, one under each wing. I talked with another man about it and he uses the Frontline Spray in those places also, up near the skin, not on the feathers, just like you do when you treat a dog and cat.

Jerry says to let him know how the topical works, that that method may be even easier than the spray.

Here is their site if you would like to see some of their beautiful birds, their pens and about them.  StarCochins

Well, I got to make a hay run to Cartersville since I am already on the go. Then its time to go play with the chickens for a while. :) and the goats, and the emus. :)

So today has been the best day I could possibly have. I have my breeding trio, my summer project of breeding. :) What more could a country gal ask for? ;)

I did take pictures at the show, and I will take some pictures of my trio later on today or tomorrow. Monday I will have plenty of pictures to put up!



Not Showing Today :(

Well, its my own stupid fault really.

I may have mentioned it, but I am always flooding mouse holes around the row of pens that holds my breeders. The mice come running out, the chickens grab them up and slap them around and eat them.

A couple of nights I sat outside with the BB gun and one of the pens open. ( The chickens were up on their roost, so there was no danger of hitting them) The heat lamps were on (red ones) so I could see fine to pop off some mice.

Mice have to be kept under control. They carry mites, lice, and their poop can make chickens sick.

One mite they carry is the Northern Fowl Mite. You can read about it HERE

I dusted Kuckoo and Coco the other day, even though I didnt see any mites. Yesterday, I went back to get them to clean their toenails, legs, face, and put mineral oil on those places. I looked Coco over carefully, again. This time I found them, around her vent. NOT like you see in the picture on that link, but they were there. I plucked all those feathers and I dusted her HEAVY all over.

So if she had them, he had them. And he did. I saw them, and was totally freaked out. I dusted him heavy too. I will have to do it again in seven days.

If they have them, everyone does. That means dusting over a hundred chickens this weekend. The goats and emus too. Then again next weekend. I have to dust all living quarters.

I was pretty distraught. Ticks, fleas, anything like this gives me the heebie jeebies. I was itching and freaking out so I went in and took a shower after I dusted the two.

So I had to cancel. I went over the internet hoping for a quick solution. I have heard that regular Dawn dish liquid will kill fleas on dogs and cats...thought about running to the store to get some (never use antibacterial, it may kill your bird, I read that last night too) and giving them a bath and then completely blow drying them for the morning. I couldnt find anything online that said the Dawn worked on this, so I relented.

I called the guy that is in charge of everything at the show. I told him my situation and that I didnt want to infect anyone elses birds with the mites so I was going to have to back out and I apologized profusely.

I was so distraught about the bugs, not being able to show, it never occured to me that I could still go to the show anyway.

He mentioned this, that I should still come anyway.

So its time for me to get some make up on and get ready to go. I still want to go see all the birds. I will take a few cages with me in case I see something I need to buy. ;)

Its not just mice that carry these bugs. Its all wild birds. Crows, song birds, squirrels, chipmunks, all these types and more. So lice and mites will eventually find your birds. Just the way it is. So dusting is a part of keeping chickens. It will be a lot of work, but I will get the job done. I always do.

See y'all on Monday. I am taking the camera with me to the show today..so maybe I will have some good pictures to share next week.

Everyone have a great weekend. :)


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gorillas/How I Am

It is beautiful outside. Sunny, dry, and warm. So why am I inside. Ever have one of those days where you start out doing great and lose your momentum? That would be me today.

This morning I got up with Ian, got things going around here. Shelby had a sore throat yesterday. I thought it may be allergies. I still think it may be. Regardless, when I woke her at six this morning to get up she was very congested and still had a sore throat. We had plans to go out today. Tip had her shots and check up appointment at eleven. We were going to be around Mama and Daddys, so we were going to go and visit with Mama. There is also a Brandsmart near their house, so we were going to go there and get Shelby a new digital camera. Something she was promised when the taxes came back. Her old one broke on her a few months back so she has been using mine til we get her a new one. We were also going to get a line added to our plan for her and a cell phone for her at Brandsmart.

You KNOW she had to feel bad to not go shopping for these two things. So we stayed home.

That kind of sent me into low gear. I had already picked up the house, loaded the dishwasher, made the bed, got the laundry done, got the animals food ready in buckets, and now we werent going anywhere.

So I waited til light and let the chickens out. Then I sat around for a short while...kinda like this...


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So if you sit there long enough...you find a shady (I drew the blinds and shades) spot...and take a nap. ;)


Photobucket Photobucket

I woke up a couple of hours later. Felt pretty refreshed. I was waiting on Shelby to get up, to see how she was feeling so I came on here, just surfing around, reading journals. She got up and her throat felt better, but she is still stuffy. So here I sit, drinking coffee...totally lost my momentum.

There will always be something that needs doing. I know that. I need to finish taking that old pen apart.

I need to paint Derbys house.

I need to paint the front steps.

The house needs dusting.

The porch isnt finished where I started cleaning it up.

Still I sit here, drinking coffee, relaxing. I hope the coffee kicks my rear into gear in a little while. Just one of those days I reckon.

When you have big plans to be gone all day...and then its cancelled, I guess you kind of just deflate for a little while. I will get outside this afternoon.

I guess I dont have to always be doing something do I?

I get that from being a manager at Dominos Pizza many moons ago. They brainwashed us all into thinking we had to be busy doing something all the time. We should never be idle. There was always something to do. Old habits die hard I guess. ;) I am trying to break that habit though, right now anyway.

I Lost Beast, His First Baby Born

Saturday I found Beast passed away in the pairs pen. No signs of trauma, not one feather missing. He was absolutely fine the day before. It remains a mystery as to what happened. These two were to be my newest breeding project. I wanted to have more of these magnificent giants.



Now Beauty is alone. The first couple of days she was fine, but now she is beginning to get lonely and complains a lot about being alone.

I have every intention of getting her another mate, and maybe a gal pal. But it is a long way to Jerrys house from here. I dont even know if he has anymore for sale right now. Ians dad lives close to where Jerry lives so we may plan a trip to go see them and while we are there I will go and get a pair of Giant Cochins.

Beauty had just started to lay regularly again when this all happened. I had heard that even though the male is not present anymore, some of the eggs still forming inside her will be fertile, kind of like a sperm reserve in there. I checked with some folks on a chicken message board and they had heard of this also. I have four eggs in the incubator from them now. Two are after he was gone. We will see what happens with the eggs.

To offset the bad news, here is the good news. I had my first giant cochin baby hatch day before yesterday. What a beautiful special baby this one is.



You can see this baby is quite large to start off with, no shrimp chicks here. ;)

Rest in peace big man...


Photobucket Photobucket

You will be missed very much.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Early Morning Pictures

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So early I had to use the flash on these. :)


Monday, April 21, 2008

Videos of Flamingos

I had to put the videos on a seperate entry. The set up was acting up, was stretching out the page.

That is Ian talking in the first video, he is reading the information display on the flamingos. I dont think he knows he was narrating my video for me. ;)


Zoo pictures, Flamingos

Friday was Ians 41st birthday. He took the day off and we all went to the Atlanta Zoo. We havent been since Shelby was a toddler. The weather has just been perfect every day and Friday was warm and sunny. Two of my favorite things.

We didnt get to see everything. We got there later than we wanted to, but thats okay. Leaves something to go back and see.

This entry will be the first of a series of all the photos I took from our visit. Today I am going to post two short videos of the flamingos and a few pictures. The keeper was filling their little cove with water and they are filing down getting ready for the water and sifting through the water for the food the keeper throws in.

I hope youi enjoy them. :)


I know I havent been here much to post. I will be taking pictures of the emus, all those babies, and plenty more through the week. I have an unusual situation I want to capture on video to show. We are letting Derby out to graze a couple of hours a day now. When we let him out, the emu babies flock to him and hover around him constantly, eating grass with him. I think they think he is Mama! ;) Its cute to see though.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  




Sunday, April 20, 2008

To Silkiecopper

Typically primary feathers have blood running through them. As feathers get older and its time to drop them they die off and fall out during a molt. Unless you are planning on showing them I wouldn't pull the feathers out. I would wait for them to fall out on their own. If you look closely, they are embedded and grow out of the scales of the foot and leg.
If you have to pull them out, I would cut them short first, a little bit of length at a time. If you reach a point where you cut into the shaft of the feather and it starts to bleed, stop there. That will bleed a lot if you pull that feather.
That is the best advice I can give you. I hope this helps. :) Why on earth would anyone tie out a silkie? The only birds I have ever heard of doing that with are game birds as they will kill each other given the chance.
Let me know what you decided to do okay?
PS I tried to email but it wouldnt let me.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snapping Out Of It, Starting Today

It has been unseasonably cold here. The average low here this time of year is about 50 degrees...highs are supposed to be getting in the lower 70s. Last night it was down to freezing!

Most know by now, I dont do cold weather. Hate it. It makes me sleep. Curl up in a ball and become very unproductive.

So this morning, for the first time in weeks, my shoulders are not hurting me when I get too still, such as when I try to sleep. I think it is bursitis. The only thing I could do is ice it and take Ibuprofin. I lost a lot of sleep. That was getting me down too.

I got rest last night, six full hours of no pain and restful sleep. The sun was making the sky pink at around 6:40 and I didnt have any urge to go lay back down. I had already had one cup of coffee, let the dog out, fed her, and went out to let the chickens and goats out. As I was doing this, here come the three emus from the back corner of the property where they have decided to sleep, against my better judgement as a emu parent. ;)

I think I am snapping out of this fog. I am going to go in a little bit and get some gas in the can and get out there and do some mowing. I love to sit on my mower (yes, MY mower) and ride and smell that fresh cut grass, even the wild onion smell is nice.

For anyone that has found myjournal during the winter, I do the yard work, all of it. I love it. I guess its my Daddys blood coming out in me.

Ian does the garden though, I suck at gardening, only because I dont dedicate myself to it, I spend more time chickening that gardening. I do the tomatoes, he does the rest.

I know I have been slack in journaling, going to journals, and taking pictures and video. That happens to me sometimes. When I first started journaling..that journal is deleted now, but when I first started journaling...I disappeared from May til about October or something like that...lol. I felt overwhelmed when I saw I had over 500 emails, most alerts. I am not going to lie. I am too far behind to catch up on everybody, soI deleted everything, and starting from the email alerts I get today.

If the weather is warm, you better believe I am outside. As I say this...Iam going now to get the tags for the vehicles, get a birthday card and send it off for Ians dad, and get some gas in the can.

You all have a fantastic day. Hopefully I can come back here tomorrow morning with some video and pictures. The emus and goats are really frisky and make me laugh with their crazy antics. Hopefully I can get some good video and shots of them today while I am out there mowing and doing stuff. :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Weekend Is Around The Corner

Its that time of the week again. Its Friday. Time to get ready for the weekend.

Going to the store later, got to get chores done before the rain comes in. The weather guessers keep saying its coming, but so far the sun is out. Its breezy and warm.

This week I have decided two things. One, no more people in the back yard with the animals, at all. Once the emus get big it might not be such a good idea anymore anyway.

Two, I am going to enter the show with Kuckoo and Coco. They are easy to handle and I have a unanimous vote to do so, so I will give a call back to the guy and enter them. Thanks for everyones encouragement. :) Sometimes I need it more than you know to get off my butt and do things.

Y'all know by now I have started taking the weekends off from the computer. This has put me way behind in reading journals, but, if I havent gotten over to visit yet, dont give up on me. You are in my email alerts and I will come by soon. :)

I leave you with a few pictures I took yesterday of the other fancy babies I have been hatching other than those chocolate/golden silkie Phoenix chicks.

Everyone have a great weekend. See y'all on Monday.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Picture one is of two silkie chicks I got out of the bunch.

Second picture is of serama, sultans, silkies, and the chocolate chicks.

Third is a shot of one of the sultan babies.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I just found out that there is going to be a POULTRY SHOW less than an hour from here in Calhoun on April 26. (BIG GRIN)

You know, Kuckoo and Coco's bands from being tested are still on their legs. All I would have to do is enter. Maybe a second chance, a second shot for Coco to win?


They arent even dirty. I wouldnt have to wash them. I could enter, just two birds.

What do y'all think?

Either way I am going to go check out the show. Its way to close not to! ;)



Kuckoo votes a 'do over'. He says why let all that beauty go to waste? Show me! ;) Show Coco too!

What to call them?

Ohhh these babies. They are soft soft soft. I have let the fancies out of their pen now. They are enjoying their freedom. Not before I got what I wanted out of them though. I wanted to cross something.

The possibilities would have been:

A Silver Laced Polish/White Silkie cross

A Silver Laced Polish/Golden Phoenix cross

A Golden Phoenix/White Silkie Cross

Apparently the Golden Phoenix was the dominant male. I came out with five Golden Phoenix/Silkie crosses along with two regular white silkies (There was a silkie rooster in there too) That is so far. I have several more eggs from this bunch that still have yet to hatch.

So...look at these. Should they be chocolate silkies? Golden silkies? It is going to be a lot of fun to see them grow up. I wonder if they will be long tail silkies? Wouldnt that be something? They all come out clean legged, no feathers on the legs or feet like the silkies.

Here are the babies...


Photobucket Photobucket

No, that chick didnt poo a colorful poo...but I MADE it a colorful poo. The original was just not meant to be in a picture...lol.

Okay, here are the three Mamas, a pic of the Mamas and Daddy...and the Daddy.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Now, this is what a silkie chick looks like...here are my two white silkie chicks...and the next picture I borrowed from Feathersite.com to show you what a Golden Phoenix chick looks like. I have a few pics somewhere of the ones I hatched last year, but cant seem to locate them right now.


Photobucket Photobucket

Yep...going to be fun watching them grow up, like slowly opening a present, the suspense is almost too much! ;)

More To The Story


Yesterday I had another egg customer stop by in the afternoon. Jennifer is her name. I like her pretty good. She is one of those real folks, what you see is what you get. No nonsense kind of lady.

I asked her how she liked my new sign and pointed at the NO TRESPASSING sign I have posted next to the gate entrance off of th patio.

Then I told her why I had it put up. She was like y'all, couldnt believe someone would be so bold, and stupid as to assume it was alright to go traipsing around someones property.

(By the way, before I forget, I wanted to let y'all know Ret92free, the man that left that message, he is just messing with me, we talk almost every morning over coffee, have been now for over ten years, he is just teasing me...lol. )

Then I tell her about the woman with the kids from hell. She says,

" I think I know who you are talking about."

I said, "Green truck?"

"Uh huh, thats her." she says to me.

How did she know? Well, turns out, she is the one that brought Jennifer over here for eggs in the first place. I told her I have a terrible memory and didnt realize that was her that she was with.

She says that boy is a terror. She has babysat him on several occasions (you couldnt PAY me enough to do THAT) and by now the boy minds her better than he minds his own mama.

She has tried to tell the woman, who is by the way, her neighbor, that that boy needs some boundaries.

Her reply is that he is still just a baby.

She proceeded to tell him no he isnt, he is old enough to be disciplined and given boundaries.

In one ear and out the other I guess. Good advice lost on deaf ears.

She told me the lady used to have a cockateil. The boy somehow managed to 'accidently' kill it. He banged on that cage all the time. She said he was kicking her dog at her house one time and she warned him he better stop that or her dog was going to bite him. The dog didnt bite him, so that was lucky on his part.

We both agreed that the woman is a bit loopy. She asks me if I knew that the woman had seven kids. NO! I asked if the woman knew what causes that??? We had a laugh. The woman looks younger than me, and has seven kids!

So Jennifer had her two boys with her. Two very well behaved boys, one was 11, one was about 8. I did allow them to go back and look around. I did tell them, even though it seemed they would do fine, not to be running, screaming and grabbing. They were fine, very well behaved.

I still havent really decided exactly what I am going to do. I think I will pretty much cut off any kids going to the back. If I think the kids are alright, like Jennifers kids, then I will let it slide.

I think Magran is right, I bet my insurance man would indeed tell me it was not a wise decision to let people back there. Most people anyway.

Like this sign? I found it on Ebay...only nine dollars...maybe I will buy one. ;)

Suns up, oh I have something so cool to show y'all. I have made a new breed of my own. It is going to be so exciting to see how they turn out when they are grown. I have five baby chicks so far that are a white silkie/Golden Phoenix cross. The babies are absolutely precious. Pictures to follow in  a little while.

Everyone have a great Thursday, be back later. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Losing Control


My mood. Sarcastic and somewhat agitated.

I guess I am just an intolerant old grouch that expects more out of people than I get.

There is a woman that has been here twice before. She has brought her toddler. I believe I have mentioned it in a previous entry. She wants him to get used to being around animals. She asked if when she came to get eggs if we could all go in the back for a few minutes each time and let him see the animals. She was nice enough. Her toddler boy is about two and a half? I saw he was still in diapers, so he has to be younger than three. Maybe he is two. I don't know, anyway.

The first visit was fine. He was a little rambunctious, but not too bad.

The second visit a little more energetic...chasing the chickens a little, which I didnt like, but it was mild and not helter skelter.

This visit, was just too much. She brought her OTHER toddler, maybe three years old? A girl. And the boy.

Since it is warming up I have let my fancy chickens in that one pen come out. They are easy to catch, easy to accidently step on, especially the two silkie girls, they are always up under my feet. Have to be really careful where I walk and pay attention.

BOTH children, running amuck. Here and there...everywhere. Running at my chickens.

The goal was to pet one, of course. Overenthusiastic behavior from the two prevented this from happening. It only succeeded in terrifying everyone.

It is Spring. Tim, my oldest Silver Phoenix roo gets it in his head sometimes that he needs to flog me. Other days, he is fine. Today was a good day, thank goodness, seeing as both toddlers seemed to take a shine to him and want to pet him. He was having none of it. As I saw this happening I asked the mother to please get them away from Tim NOW that he is not in a good mood all the time and may hurt them. She didnt seem to be too worried as she coddled them and softly told them to come away from there...and of course they arent really listening at all...as I began to panic afraid Tim would change his demeanor she finally went over and took the boys hand and led them both away.

Then they proceeded in sticking their little fingers into the rabbits hutch. I reminded the mother that their little fingers may get bitten from this. She didnt say much to them. So I did, the SECOND time they were back over there, doing it again.

The little boy has a fascination with closing things up. He was trying to close up the chicken house door. Mommy says to leave it alone. He is oblivious to her.

At this point she has asked me about homeschooling and I am trying to talk to her about it, but I am severely distracted as the boy has begun to run around and try to kick the closest chicken.

My eyes are wandering, my train of thought is broken as I slowly and jaggedly talk to her.

I can't take it anymore. I say to the little boy,

"Please! Don't try to kick my chickens! How would you like it if someone was trying to kick you?"

Then he goes up to the Sultan pen. Raising up his arms and beating on the door to the pen.




More running and trying to kick chicks since he cant get into the Sultans pen.

Finally, blessedly, the mother says he is in trouble and takes him by the hand and leads both toddlers out of the fence.


When Shelby was a toddler...she never behaved this way. Ever. I never had to make her understand that animals hurt and have feelings too. I never had to explain to her why she shouldnt pull the cats tails or run at them, or throw them, or any of these things.

I realize that some children must be taught this. But please, please TEACH them now. Don't think they are too young to understand.


An example of this. My Mama told me this story, and I cant remember the circumstances behind it. Whether it was me, my sister, or someone else. The story is this. Some toddler had a terrible habit of biting other children. I believe it was either me or my sister were told to bite the kid back, and hard. So that is what happened the next time the child bit. He/she got bit back. That child now realized how much it hurt, and never bit again.

I am not advocating letting a child get hurt to make the point of "You hurt me, I will hurt you".

Children need to be taught respect for any other living thing, animal, or human.


I dont know. Maybe I am just not a very tolerant person. Maybe I dont like small children. Maybe I am wrong and impatient with people.

I just know this. I never had to deal with this kind of behavior from my child. I dont know if it was something I did early on to instill the compassion and kindness Shelby has towards animals, but regardless of what I did or didnt have to do she is as gentle and kind a soul to people and animals as anyone could be. So I am impatient and intolerant of unruly children that have not been taught from an early age to behave. If they cant behave, they need to just stand there and be still and be quiet.


With all this said, I have two choices as I see it.

One being to ban anyone from going in the back at all, ever.

The other, to educate and have a talk with the children that may go to the back. Some little short speech like this...of the top of my head.

These are my animals. Please be nice to them and they will be nice to you. No running, no screaming. Walk quietly and slowly when you are back here. If you want to pet an animal, please ask first and I will help you to pet them properly. Remember, animals have feelings and feel pain just like you do, so please don't grab at them or pull on them.

I will be honest with you. I just want to scrap the whole thing and not have anyone back there. I used to enjoy showing people my animals. At this point it is becoming increasingly a giant pain in my posterior.

That is the pessimest in me.

SIGH...okay, everyone have at me. Tell me what a grouch and an intolerant mean person I am. Though I doubt too many will, everyone is entitled to an opinion.


As a side note, I had this raving lunatic idea...just a funny picture in my mind. Well at first I thought of making a pen for Allen and attaching it to the entrance of the gate. Just now though, now I am thinking of tying him to the post next to the gate entrance with a sign that says Beware, Attack Rooster.

What do y'all think? He is a mean old boy. I can guarantee nobody would enjoy trying to get past him. He would probably enjoy the freedom too. LOL who knows, the interaction with us may even prove to make him a better behaved rooster. Just a thought.

Today is sunny and warm and I am going to take some wonderful pictures and video when I go outside today. I hope to have some good stuff to put on here tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jeff Dunham


Thursday soon as Ian could get home from work and change we took off for Birmingham, Alabama to the Alabama Theater.

Jeff Dunham had two sold out shows in Atlanta, GA...and after I had ordered the Alabama tickets, he added a third show in Atlanta. Thats okay, we did alright going to Alabama. Parking in Atlanta, getting in and out would have been a nightmare.

Getting a  parking place around the Alabama Theater was proving difficult, but we got a space finally and got in and got to our seats.

Being as it was in the theater you could see no matter where you sat, unless you are short, like me and Shelby. Then you flip your seat up and sit on the top of it. We had the last row of seats up against the wall of the section we were in, so it wasnt blocking anyone to do this.

First up was 'Guitar Guy'. He is the guy that played for Achmed in Jingle Bombs. If you havent seen this it is on YouTube, its not on any of his DVDs yet, but it will be.

He did his speel and routine, it was pretty funny...then Jeff came on, did some stand up, and then it was on to the people we REALLY came to see as he says...the guys in the little suitcases! ;)

First was Walter, he did a lot of Walter. Did new stuff too that has not been heard before.

Then next up was Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Now Jeff warned us ahead of time he was going to be practicing and possibly having parts taped for his Christmas DVD coming out this Christmas...so we got to see some Christmas stuff...in April...lol.

Then Shelbys favorite was up. Peanut. Shelby mentioned later he didnt do his famous NEOWWW sound. (He does this while taking his little puppet hand and going over the top of his head, implying that a joke went over everyone or someones head). She was right! He didnt! Huh.

Then they did some Jose the Jalepeno...on a STEEK...lol (thats stick with a spanish accent).

Time was rocking on and he closed up shop at nine oclock then came back on...and said...

I have another show at ten oclock, but...

screw em they can wait...(grin)

and then he pulled out Bubba J. Well he HAD to do Bubba J! He WAS in Alabama wasnt he??? LOLLLL! So that was pretty funny, but I think it made finding a parking space for the people coming to the ten oclock show a problem, and...they had to clear out all the seven oclock show folks and clean up the theater before they could let the next crowd in...so everyone was clustered outside the theater waiting to get in. Sure glad we went to the seven oclock show! ;)

We got back around 1:30 in the morning, really late for us. We were bone tired and crashed hard. Ian still had to get up and go to work so we were back up at 5 am. Yes, I went back to bed after letting the critters out at daylight, I am no fool. ;)

Shelby enjoyed it SO much. It was for her more than for us. She got her a Peanut T Shirt after the show too. As we rode home she said excitedly...


Monday, April 7, 2008

Farm Tour???


Its unbelievable how some ADULTS conduct themselves.

Friday I was a late morning sleeper. We had gone out to Birmingham, AL to the Alabama Theater to see Jeff Dunham and his array of puppets. Remember those clips I posted a while back of him? More about that later, this is more of a rant, a steamed rant.

Anyway, we didnt get back home til almost one thirty in the morning. Ian still had to get up at five and go to work. I let the animals out at daylight and went back to bed.

Why am I telling all this. Well, for one thing I was still in my nightgown. For another I didnt have any eggs that morning. I was sold out.

So when two ladies came pulling up ( maybe been here twice, not regular every week customers) I was just not going to answer the door when they knocked. I wasnt dressed and didnt have eggs anyway.

The knock never came. I got up from what I was doing to investigate the lack of knocking or ringing of the doorbell. I went upstairs to look out of Shelbys bathroom window. You can see the whole back of the property from there.

Well, your not going to believe this. These two women just helped themselves to wandering around the back yard. Giving themselves a tour of my animals! Opened the gate and went right on through.

What if I had had an animal loose back there that could have hurt them? Then what? Would I get sued by these idiots? I could hardly believe my eyes.

I went and got Shelby, told her to take a gander out the back. She had a stricken look on her face, as I know I did when I first saw them wandering about back there.

She said, WHAT are they doing???

Itold her I guessed they were taking a tour, helping themselves to a look see.

Her first reaction was telling me to be sure to watch and make sure they dont steal any animals.

Once they finally left the back, they came onto the back screen porch and knocked.

Oh no, they did not want me to come to the door NOW. Not NOW.

So I held my breath, held my tongue and waited for them to leave.

The next day I went to Walmart I got two NO TRESPASSING signs, one for each gate, AND I put the locks BACK on the gate. Ian hadnt liked them being on there, it was inconvenient and irritated him. I put them back on, and put up the signs.

As Bill Engvall would say...



What a couple of dummies. You dont just go walking back into someones property like that! What is wrong with people?

Just because I am nice to you and friendly, and if you ask I will give you a tour of my animals does not give you free range to come and take a tour anytime you damn well please!!! Good GRIEF! UGH!

It is a shame that we have to put locks and signs up...but there is no shortage of stupid people here in the area...so I did what had to be done.

But can you believe it? Can you? How embarrassed will they be, the next time they come to get eggs, and see the locks and the signs up. Probably won't even register in their foggy brains that it was them that caused it all.

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2. Each player answers questions about themselves.

3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people, and posts their names, goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know they've been tagged.




 Shelby, mine and Ians daughter, was three. My world was her. I did have animals then! Cats, yes Lisa, cats. I had four then I think. ( I have had up to six at once) Ian and I were also into fish..we had four tanks going. Oh yes, and we also had Dragon, our iguana. Ian had gotten on with Mead in Atlanta just before Shelby was born so we were doing alright and I could stay at home and be a mama and a homemaker. That was always what my goal was. I know most then were looking at college and careers...but I wanted to be to Shelby what my Mama had been to me.


It was....

Laundry...which I only got one load of done because I get sidetracked so easily doing other things.

Hay the pigs pen, check!

Take the back panel off of the newer chicken house and replace it with chicken wire so it will not be so closed up and have a 'window' to air out. CHECK!

Start teaching Shelby Spanish today in school until the end of the school year. CHECK!

Mow at least part of the back of the property. CHECK!

(I wanted to get the babies (older chicks brooder) cleaned out, but it just didnt happen today. Maybe tomorrow.)



When I get home:

 I am home...lol!


I love the BBQ sunflower seeds! I think I am addicted to them, can you be addicted to that?

My other weakness is hot wings. But they have to be just the way I like them. I dont like them mushy! They taste funny like that. I want the skin on them crispy. I like the extra hot or hot sauce, and I want a bowl of it on the side to dip them in too. (My family says I am picky? ;)  Ha)


I would buy a house...on the beach, in Florida, with land. Do you know how expensive that would be??? But I would want the land so I could still have a few animals, and my space.

 I would pay off my parents debts, my sisters debts, my best friend Sherrys debts. I would make sure they were comfortable and had a nice place to live where they wanted to live.

I would invest some of the money so it would make money. In what I dont exactly know off the top of my head.

I would like to run a rescue for all animals. Big and small, short and tall, fat and skinny, hairy or bald, feathered or furry. I love animals, period and they deserve a good life. The ones that I could find homes for, I would. The ones not fit for any home, would live out their lives at the sanctuary.

I would fund my daughters dream of going to Art School or becoming a marine biologist, that directed to working with dolphins. NOW, not later...she could go NOW.

There are some things money just cant buy that I want. I want to outlaw some things, I want to make laws for other things...but I wont go on and on about that.


 Eat too much, weigh too much


Anti social, I dont really do well around groups of people I dont know well.

Late for everything just about seems like.

As I have gotten older I have become more and more pessemistic (sp?) about a lot of things.


Columbus, GA

Jonesboro, GA

Ellenwood, GA

Forest Park, GA

Aragon, GA


 Worked for Domino's Pizza from the time I was sixteen til about 1991. I was an order taker, then a manager in training, then a manager. Later after quitting management I went back and delivered pizzas for a little while.

I worked for (SHUDDER) Country Fed Meat as a secretaries assistant. That was an awful place.

I delivered pizzas for Pizza Hut at two different times, two different stores.

Now I am a mom, wife, teacher, farm gal, and country as a turnip green. ;)

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Nelishia of Praying and Believing

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Carrie of Breakaway

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