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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Losing Control


My mood. Sarcastic and somewhat agitated.

I guess I am just an intolerant old grouch that expects more out of people than I get.

There is a woman that has been here twice before. She has brought her toddler. I believe I have mentioned it in a previous entry. She wants him to get used to being around animals. She asked if when she came to get eggs if we could all go in the back for a few minutes each time and let him see the animals. She was nice enough. Her toddler boy is about two and a half? I saw he was still in diapers, so he has to be younger than three. Maybe he is two. I don't know, anyway.

The first visit was fine. He was a little rambunctious, but not too bad.

The second visit a little more energetic...chasing the chickens a little, which I didnt like, but it was mild and not helter skelter.

This visit, was just too much. She brought her OTHER toddler, maybe three years old? A girl. And the boy.

Since it is warming up I have let my fancy chickens in that one pen come out. They are easy to catch, easy to accidently step on, especially the two silkie girls, they are always up under my feet. Have to be really careful where I walk and pay attention.

BOTH children, running amuck. Here and there...everywhere. Running at my chickens.

The goal was to pet one, of course. Overenthusiastic behavior from the two prevented this from happening. It only succeeded in terrifying everyone.

It is Spring. Tim, my oldest Silver Phoenix roo gets it in his head sometimes that he needs to flog me. Other days, he is fine. Today was a good day, thank goodness, seeing as both toddlers seemed to take a shine to him and want to pet him. He was having none of it. As I saw this happening I asked the mother to please get them away from Tim NOW that he is not in a good mood all the time and may hurt them. She didnt seem to be too worried as she coddled them and softly told them to come away from there...and of course they arent really listening at all...as I began to panic afraid Tim would change his demeanor she finally went over and took the boys hand and led them both away.

Then they proceeded in sticking their little fingers into the rabbits hutch. I reminded the mother that their little fingers may get bitten from this. She didnt say much to them. So I did, the SECOND time they were back over there, doing it again.

The little boy has a fascination with closing things up. He was trying to close up the chicken house door. Mommy says to leave it alone. He is oblivious to her.

At this point she has asked me about homeschooling and I am trying to talk to her about it, but I am severely distracted as the boy has begun to run around and try to kick the closest chicken.

My eyes are wandering, my train of thought is broken as I slowly and jaggedly talk to her.

I can't take it anymore. I say to the little boy,

"Please! Don't try to kick my chickens! How would you like it if someone was trying to kick you?"

Then he goes up to the Sultan pen. Raising up his arms and beating on the door to the pen.




More running and trying to kick chicks since he cant get into the Sultans pen.

Finally, blessedly, the mother says he is in trouble and takes him by the hand and leads both toddlers out of the fence.


When Shelby was a toddler...she never behaved this way. Ever. I never had to make her understand that animals hurt and have feelings too. I never had to explain to her why she shouldnt pull the cats tails or run at them, or throw them, or any of these things.

I realize that some children must be taught this. But please, please TEACH them now. Don't think they are too young to understand.


An example of this. My Mama told me this story, and I cant remember the circumstances behind it. Whether it was me, my sister, or someone else. The story is this. Some toddler had a terrible habit of biting other children. I believe it was either me or my sister were told to bite the kid back, and hard. So that is what happened the next time the child bit. He/she got bit back. That child now realized how much it hurt, and never bit again.

I am not advocating letting a child get hurt to make the point of "You hurt me, I will hurt you".

Children need to be taught respect for any other living thing, animal, or human.


I dont know. Maybe I am just not a very tolerant person. Maybe I dont like small children. Maybe I am wrong and impatient with people.

I just know this. I never had to deal with this kind of behavior from my child. I dont know if it was something I did early on to instill the compassion and kindness Shelby has towards animals, but regardless of what I did or didnt have to do she is as gentle and kind a soul to people and animals as anyone could be. So I am impatient and intolerant of unruly children that have not been taught from an early age to behave. If they cant behave, they need to just stand there and be still and be quiet.


With all this said, I have two choices as I see it.

One being to ban anyone from going in the back at all, ever.

The other, to educate and have a talk with the children that may go to the back. Some little short speech like this...of the top of my head.

These are my animals. Please be nice to them and they will be nice to you. No running, no screaming. Walk quietly and slowly when you are back here. If you want to pet an animal, please ask first and I will help you to pet them properly. Remember, animals have feelings and feel pain just like you do, so please don't grab at them or pull on them.

I will be honest with you. I just want to scrap the whole thing and not have anyone back there. I used to enjoy showing people my animals. At this point it is becoming increasingly a giant pain in my posterior.

That is the pessimest in me.

SIGH...okay, everyone have at me. Tell me what a grouch and an intolerant mean person I am. Though I doubt too many will, everyone is entitled to an opinion.


As a side note, I had this raving lunatic idea...just a funny picture in my mind. Well at first I thought of making a pen for Allen and attaching it to the entrance of the gate. Just now though, now I am thinking of tying him to the post next to the gate entrance with a sign that says Beware, Attack Rooster.

What do y'all think? He is a mean old boy. I can guarantee nobody would enjoy trying to get past him. He would probably enjoy the freedom too. LOL who knows, the interaction with us may even prove to make him a better behaved rooster. Just a thought.

Today is sunny and warm and I am going to take some wonderful pictures and video when I go outside today. I hope to have some good stuff to put on here tomorrow.



mumma4evr said...

oh my!!!  that lady needs to listen to  what you say and then control her kids!!!!
Becky, another old grouch

wwfbison said...

I don't see that you were intolerant or grouchy.  In fact, I think you went well beyond what you needed to do.  I can assure you, those little brats & their mother would not have been treated so kindly had it been me.  I have offended more than one person and told them to get their brat away from my animals or I will do it for them...that is intolerance, you were rather patient.  I would scrap the idea keep everyone away from the back.  The fact is you can give a speech until you turn blue but if it isn't reinforced it won't matter anyway.  I would have been livid - you done good!

madcobug said...

I would not like them chasing my animals if I were you either. This woman is pushing your buttons by not making her children behave themselves. Maybe the next time she comes or calls wanting to come tell her you have made a rule that your pets and chickens are not to be chased or kicked at or they will be forbidden to come again. Stick by it. My children never acted that way but a lot of kids nowdays just do whatever they want to. Not all but some of them do.
Maybe you could take that sign you have posted in here to a sign shop and have a big one made that says that then put it on the entrance to your gate, point it out and read to all that come before they go inside.  Hugs, Helen

breakaway1968 said...

I tell ya one thing...I would NOT have my child go in your back yard!  Oh he would be running all over with those animals...and he's just now starting to get the point that when I say no it's no.  He's a little over three.  He is not so well behaved around our animals and I always have to watch him closely. Although he is MUCH better then he was before.  I think it's boys!  They get so wild.  My daughter was like your Shelby NEVER had to told to be nice to things...she just always was.  My oldest son was not really bad either.  But my little Nic!  OH he's wild and crazy and we work overtime to make him see right from wrong!  It's nuts!  I don't thing she should have even allowed them in there knowing her kids are like that. I know I would have enough respect to know that.  Even if people say "oh that's ok"...it's not ok with me to allow them to act like that.  

plieck30 said...

My daughters didn't act that way either and they went everywhere we went. They are your animals and it is your property so you were right. Another thing in this day and time with people always wanting to sue over the least little thing the mother may be that kind if one of her children were attacked. I like the sign. Paula

ret92free said...

yup, you are plain downright mean and hate kids.Knew it all along. Poor children can't run and play , got to hollar and scream at them. Remind me of the wicked witch in Wizard of Oz. hope your Emu kicks you in the rear.

magran42 said...

If you have homeowner's insurance.....I'm sure they would rather you kept the "visitors" away from the animals.  I'm always getting told "it's an insurance issue" about one thing or another.  I know it won't help the children to learn but WHERE ARE THE PARENTS ANYWAY.  Oh it makes me so mad.  Poor children are getting NO training at home.  PARENTS.....WAKE UP ! !

mosie1944 said...

Kids who can't be controlled need to be kept away from the animals.  I personally would have no trouble telling the lady, "I'm sorry, you don't control your children, so you can't go around the animals."

But then I've been told I'm too blunt.

geocachelinda66 said...

Don't feel obligated to let anyone see your animals!  I know you enjoy showing them but you may have to give your speech.  Linda

robinngabster said...

Charge to see animals!  That will keep them away.  I don't blame you at all.  I am that way when kids come in my house.  Running around and knocking stuff over...hey that is MY stuff and if my kid doesn't act that way in my house niether should yours!

nelishianatl said...

I don't get oblivious parents who think their kid's behavior is cute and charming.  Maybe I'm an old grump like you think you are but other people's brats get on my nerves too.  I seem to only like my own kids.  

Don't take anymore back there.  I wouldn't risk it.  Tell them something.  Tell them anything.  Just don't risk the lawsuit when one of them gets hurt.  

Put Allen out there and let folks try it.  I think it'll deter the one's who think their own children are little darlings.  Grr.  You have to deal with some whacko's on a regular basis.  


gen0507 said...

I love the idea of tying Allen out at the gate for a attack rooster!!!!!

I really don't blame you about the children.  I wouldn't want that kind of behavior either.  Especially, trying to hurt my animals.  I like my animals better than MOST people.  For one thing, they behave much better than most.


rdautumnsage said...

My daughter was the same way when she was little. I don't have any patience with ruly children and tend to blame the parent for not teaching them some simple manners with dealing with animals. I would of told the mother bluntly, I appreciate your business, but I don't appreciate your children acting aggressive toward my animals. The attack rooster sounds like a wonderful idea! (Hugs) Indigo

bhbner2him said...

It's your place and  your animals.  You have the right to be in complete control of the situation.  A talk before hand could help, as well as one child at a time, or requiring they hold an adults hand.  Or perhaps letting them "help" with a chore.  So they have something specific to do.  These children obviously don't understand animals.  So, given free reign they run amuck.  -  Barbara