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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Weekend/Bonnie and Clyde

This weekend was a nice quiet one, and I for one loved it. I kept telling Ian on Saturday night how nice the evening was. We were just sitting there, watching tv, I was cutting up this and that for my sausage and chicken gumbo soup I was making. He asked me why I liked it so much. I told him because...because he was home, Shelby was home, we were all home and nobody was coming over, we didnt have to be anywhere and there was just no pressure at all. I just felt so calm and at ease..it was a blissful feeling and I liked it very much. He just gave a big smile back at me because he understands what I am saying and feels it too.

Sunday I did something that I have been meaning to do for quite some time now. I don't know what genius decided to spray paint the stovetop white to match the cabinets...(original color is a light beige) but they had a pea for a brain...thus making them yes, a peabrain. I guess they never used the dang stovetop. I wouldn't be surprised as they both worked and their toddlers were in daycare...so I guess thats why the paint never chipped. Maybe they painted it for looks right before they put the house up for sale. I dont really know. All I know is it was coming off..fleck by fleck. The heat from using the oven or the stovetop was weakening the paint and everytime I would wipe it down little flecks came off. It was looking really rough. I got out a couple of razor blades and went to work. A couple of hours later I had a nice new looking shiny light beige stovetop. I lined the crumb catchers under the burners with fresh tinfoil ( I DO miss my ceramic glass top stove) and it looked good as new. I called Ian in to show him how good it looked and the first thing he says is

"It doesn't match the cabinets."

I said, "SO??? It matches the paint on the walls!!!"

He just shook his head, laughed softly and walked off as he told me it looked much better now.

WELL IT DID, it DID look better! LOL.

I went outside til dark and played around. Feeding, watering, scrubbing out some waterers that were a little dirty looking. Everybody looks good. Nobody is suffering from the cold, thank goodness. We are going to have a warm week this week. I for one welcome it. I will enjoy it to its fullest.

Oh I forgot, three movies came from Netflix so we watched The Reaping. I have had that on the list waiting to be released forever. I saw the previews for that and wanted to see it right away. I was not disappointed. It was VERY GOOD!


Last night I called the little chickens in after it got dark. I can open Phoenix's pen door up and he comes right on in. He is so funny about the division of the kitchen floor and the living room floor. He always has to HOP over, and sometimes give a little flight over from the slick kitchen floor to the carpet. What a strange bird. I opened Bonnie and Clydes door up and told them they needed to start coming in on their own. I usually pick them up and carry them in. Clyde took his cue and flew out onto the porch floor and came on in. Bonnie of course being the woman that she is stood at the door of their little house and complained that no one was coming to get her...so I came and got her of course. ;)

Everyone had their wheat bread and fresh apple juice. Bonnie is always first to come up and settle down onto my chest. Clyde tends to wait awhile and lingers at the watering hole for a long time, sipping his drink, really enjoying it. Phoenix complains, starts whining to Ian that I am holding Bonnie, and he is jealous about it. So he hops up onto Ian for a while instead of me. Clyde comes on up after a little longer and settles in with Bonnie. I let them sit with me for about ten minutes, long enough for them to get settled down good and then I put them into their carrier for the night. It gets too cold for them at night. They are teeny tiny you know. A lot smaller than Phoenix.

As I lifted them up off of my white tank top...I saw a speck of something dark...same color as their feathers..not unusual really..until it moved. Hm...now these things happen. I expect birds out in pens and in the yard to pick up bugs from time to time, but why had these two gotten bugs? They have never been out in the yard and are confined to their new house in the porch or indoors in the carrier for the night. I squashed whatever it was with a look of disgust on my face. Ian noticed me doing this and asked what was going on. I told him they had bugs! How did they get bugs??? He just said, "Well, sometimes things like that happen." But how? I dont know, but I am a bugaphobic when it comes to fleas, ticks, lice, mites, whatever. Nasty nasty!

Luckily it is a fairly easy process to rid any of the birds of these parasitic pests. All that is needed is some Sevin dust, or some variation of. I cleaned out their house, dusted the house and all its cracks and crevices (mites will get off the birds during the day and crawl into the cracks and crevices of the wood to hide, then come out at night), put down fresh shavings..and went and got Bonnie and Clyde. Set them down into a box so I wouldnt be spreading the dust everywhere and used a little shaker to put some in my hand and dusted under wings and on their butts. That should do it. No problem. I took the carrier apart, cleaned it real good and disposed of the old shavings, put in some new for tonight.

I am keeping a close eye on Phoenix. He didnt have any buggies...but he is on the to be watched closely list..lol. I dont want to dust him if I dont have to.

Okay, time to go start supper and wrap things up around here. Ian will be home soon and I want to be done with my chores...y'all have a good Monday...see you tomorrow. I didnt get the pictures of the new birds...yet. I will get around to it though...I promise.

A couple of recent pictures of Bonnie and Clyde taken this month...

Relaxing on the floor..




PB110003 PB110001


madcobug said...

Awww, how cute they are. I loved this entry. Helen

deshelestraci said...

Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend.  Your chickens are funny!

gen0507 said...

I know what you mean about loving aweekend when the family is together WITHOUT ANY COMPANY!  It's just so nice.  Bonnie & CLyde are precious.


plieck30 said...

You could never get bored with your chickens and their antics. Paula

mcknansmom said...

oh, they aRE little!  lol.  it just sounds funny to me their being in the house.....
glad it is fairly easy to rid them of bugs...
take care

bhbner2him said...

Bonnie & Clyde make a handsome pair!  ;o)  -  Barbara

geocachelinda66 said...

Must be fun to have little chickens in the house despite the bugs!  Linda

ally123130585918 said...

Loved reading this Kelly ~ I really enjoy knowing what is going on at your house ~ Loved the pictures of Bonnie and Clyde and as usual you have been so busy ~ glad you got the stove looking good ~ and you had a pleasant weekend at home ~ Glad you got rid of those bugs and hope Phoenix don't pick any up ~ Ally x

mosie1944 said...

I remember, growing up, my mom's chickens getting mites.  I used to spend a lot of time with Mother's chickens!  Being an only child, I had to have SOMEBODY to play with.

wwfbison said...

Your Saturday night sounds great, how nice just you & the family all quiet & settled.  It paints a very nice picture.  I never heard of anyone to paint a stovetop.  I am reverse reading so I now I know the story behind the bugs in the latest entry.  Wheat bread & apple juice...and people say my cats are spoiled  :)
it is great how well you treat your chickens.  Bonnie & Clyde are sweet, they are so cute!!!