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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Better Morning, Sherry, Lamp

Good Thursday morning. :) See that smile? I am rested and better this morning. It is SO cold...24 outside now. That is just brutal cold to me.

I was going to talk about Sherry. We had a long talk on the phone Saturday night. She is pregnant you know, at 39. I personally would not want that for myself at this age. I want to have some time left after I raise my child to be with Ian full time again...and have some me time. That is just me personal choice. Her pregnancy was an "accident" as they were in the heat of the moment and no protection close by, and well, it only takes once.

When my best friend of 26 years told me...I didnt know what to say because in my eyes that is a disaster. She seemed positive and happy about it so I congratulated her and was happy for her if she was happy.

Anyway, back to our talk on the phone. She is really getting down now about the pregnancy. I think reality is sinking in. The time and work that is involved in preparing for this baby...she has to get baby stuff now, clothes, socks, shoes, diapers, formula, a crib, sheets, bottles, nipples, a car seat. All of that and more.

Some people can really be mean too, that hasnt helped. A professor she works with at the school she works at said in passing "You do know what causes THAT dont you?" He said it again a couple of days later.

Other people have said negative things to her...about being pregnant later in life like this. It has all taken its toll on her demeanor. It doesnt help that while being pregnant she has had to come off some of her medications that help with her moods. I feel for her, without mine I am one angry pissy person...no lie.

I honestly dont know how her and her boyfriend of 15 years will make it this time around. They have a seven year old too. They rent a house, bad credit, no way out. No money put back. I dont know, it will be hard.

As we talked that night she told me that she feels like the walls are falling down around her. There is so much that needs fixing in that old house that they rent and Kelly (her boyfriend) isnt getting around to it like he needs to. Her car is not in the best of shape, it is shimmying in the front. Kelly was supposed to look at it this week. She says she just wants to get out of that house. They tried to get a loan to buy a house in the country but neither one could get the credit, so there they sit.

She wants to come up and visit for a couple of days. That is a big change from her attitude last time. If you remember she just wanted to meet halfway in Franklin and visit there for the day...which we did and it was wonderful. Now she wants to "get away from it all" for a few days. Our place has that affect on people. I have had so many tell us our home is like a vacation away from home when they come. I am flattered that some think of it as that. So I guess I am on permanent vacation huh? ;) Anyway, we are trying to work it out but with Shelby being sick I dont think it will be this weekend.

I really do hope things get better for her. I want her to be happy. If having lots of kids makes her happy...then that is fine. I wonder sometimes if she thinks about how old she will be when this baby, or Kelsey for that matter...will be grown and out on their own. She will be 60. When Shelby is grown...when she is about 20 years old...I will only be 45. That is a BIG difference. That is the way I want it to be though. Others choose their paths. I just hope they are happy with it. To each his own as they say.

Do you remember all those wonderful finds at thrift stores that Sherry gave me on our last visit? I mentioned a lamp she had found for a dollar. The lamp socket wouldnt stay on the stem of the lamp, but she figured I could fix it. Ian ended up fixing it for me. It needed a lampshade so I made a trip to Lowes. They had so many to choose from but all of them were new fashioned, contemporary, you know what I mean. I was looking for something with some personality, country personality. Stuck in the back, jammed up against the wall was a little plaid lampshade. I pulled it out and low and behold it was on clearance and it was only a dollar and seventy cents. It was perfect for my little lamp. I got it home and put it on and it was just perfect. Here it is now. I know I know, I see the seam of the lampshade NOW that I have taken the picture. I got it turned around to the backside now.

Isnt it just the cutest? It is also a little fountain...and I do have an extra little pump I could use to do that, but I dont want to fool with it really...so I just left it like it is.




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wwfbison said...

That lamp is so cute, it is just perfect for you.  Too bad Sherry is feeling so low and overwhelmed.  Maybe she should adopt the baby to someone who can give him/her a great future.  People always say our place is like a vacation too - funny, it doesn't feel like a vacation to me when I am working all the time. LOL  It was 25 here this morning.........brrrrr.... much too cold for me!!!

deshelestraci said...

I think at this time you need to support your friend like no other time.  I can't think of when a baby wasn't a blessing.  It happened that she got pregnant, now it is time to surround her with as much love as you can.  I didn't have my kids until I was 35 and 39.  They are the joy of my life.  I may not be around to see them become older adults but I enjoy every single moment I have with them.  Remember God does the judging, not us.

madcobug said...

Glad that you got some rest last night and feel better this morning. It was a few degrees colder at your place this morning. Ours was 27ยบ when I got up but is warming up some now. I feel sorry for Sherry being in that condition at her age with young children already. That is not a very professional way for the professor to talk to her. The lamp is very pretty and just right for you. Hugs, Helen

plieck30 said...

I'm glad Sherry has you as  a friend. The lamp is sooo cute. Glad it isn't that cold here. Paula

hestiahomeschool said...

I had an unexpected (but very welcome) pregnancy when I was forty three.  Shelby is such a joy and delight. Maybe things will work out for her this time around.  I know I have less energy thana younger parent but I am also so much calmer, more accepting, and less worried than they are (will this child ever toilet train???? Do I need to go to the ER?  Does his masturbating mean he will be sex obsessed?)  I can just relax now with Shelby and enjoy her more than when I was younger.

All babies are a gift from God.

I adopted my oldest. She was very brave and wise to let her first baby go to a family that wanted a baby so badly. She gave them a priceless gift.

People need to not judge so much.

gen0507 said...

Kelly just try to be there for Sherry.  My brother & sister-in-law are expecting their 4thin March.  Their oldest, Jessica will be 20 in Dec., Hannah 16 in Dec., Riley 2 this month,...ALL GIRLS.  The new baby is supposed to be a BOY...LANDON!!!!  All of these were PLANNED.  My brother will be 41 in Dec. & My sister-in-law will be 38 in Dec.  They are just TICKLED!!!!!  I'm like you I want to raise mine & still be young enough to enjoy a life with my husband after my son is grown.  

gen0507 said...

Kelly I forgot to tell you that I LOVE THAT LAMP!!!!!  You know it would look gorgeous in my kitchen!!!  

geocachelinda66 said...

Your friend has a tough row to hoe, thats for sure... I love the lamp.  Linda

blazensun said...

Kell love the lamp it would go perfect in my kitchen with all my other rooster and chickens.


mcknansmom said...

very cute!!!!!!

nelishianatl said...

If that isn't the most perfect match, you hit it right on the head with that shade!  It's way too cold.  I've been counting how old I'm going to be when Katie finishes high school and starts college. 60!!!!  We are going to retire and go on the road then I think.  I do so love that lamp.  I like anything with chickens in it and have a few in my kitchen, space is too small to do it the way I'd like though.