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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Babble

What a change in the weather from the past weeks. It is getting light out, barely...but I can see that it is clear skies. I heard THUNDER last night. I think we may have gotten a little rain sometime in the night too. I loved the sound of the rolling thunder...it was soothing to me as I drifted off to sleep last night.

I talked to Sherry yesterday for a little while. She still didn't talk to Kelly about coming up. She said she had to go into work as he was coming home on Tuesday so there was no time to really get into it. She did say she called Patsy (her aunt) to see if maybe she would keep Kelsey on Friday night and that way Kelly could still go hunting on Saturday morning. (I say this as I roll my eyes) After he gets done with his fun he will go and pick Kelsey up from Patsy and take care of her Saturday night. I personally think Kelly should keep her both nights. I dont care if she is a pain to keep or not, it IS his daughter.

A little friend of Kelseys was telling Sherry something to the effect that her daddy spent a lot of time with her and took her places to do stuff together a lot. Kelsey replied that her daddy never spent time with her, that he was always spending his time with his friends and didnt take her anywhere. How sad huh.

Sherry was beside herself yesterday. She is not getting good rest. Kelsey is constantly wanting to go here or do this. Sherry described her as never being STILL. Makes me so thankful that Shelby was always a calm easy going child...still is.

I am supposed to call her again today and we will see if everything is going to go through and I will be able to go down on Friday morning and get her. I sure hope so, she really needs to get away for a couple of days and refresh herself. I told her to be thinking about what she wanted for supper on Friday and Saturday. I said whatever you want, I will cook it, you just tell me what you want. She got pretty excited about that. I told her to think about it and let me know today seeing as I will be making out the grocery list for today.

Okay, enough about all that...I want to talk about chickens. I want to...but I dont really have any new material! LOL. I have really got to get out there and bring each new Serama in for a good picture of each, but I reckon it wont be today. The only thing that happened new was one ofmy newer waterers has a leak so I replaced it with an old one, a design I dont like much, til I can get a new one at Tractor Supply today.

You know how it is. Sherry could care less if my house is clean and the yard is picked up, but I still want to do it. I want her to have fresh clean sheets on the bed upstairs for her. I want the porch to be all nice and neat and vacuumed of hay and shavings dragged in so we can sit out there and have coffee and talk and relax. So, I still have some things to do today before I go out this evening with Ian and Shelby. We havent gone out to eat before going to Walmart for groceries in a while now. Ian suggested we go to Red Lobster where they were having the Endless Shrimp, but of course that ended a couple of days ago..so that is out. I told Shelby I dont care where we go, I just want to get out of cooking...;)

Well its daylight now...time to get crackin'! I hope everyone is having a nice morning. I am so far. I think I will do that meme that is going around about your significant other.


mumma4evr said...

it is rainy and dreary here!

madcobug said...

Me thinks it's gonna be to cold to sit outside much this weekend especially in the mornings. We got some thunder and rain last night but I don't know how much rain. Hope your weekend turns out well. Huggies, Helen

deshelestraci said...

Hope you guys get to have a nice visit.

wwfbison said...

Isn't it great to have a friend who doesn't care about how clean your house is or all the other bull.  That is what being a friend is all about.  I feel bad for her - what a tough time she is going through.  

plieck30 said...

You are one good friend. Hope Sherry gets to come visit. Paula

nelishianatl said...

Please do the meme so we can all get to know you better.
You cracked me up about wanting to do an entry about the chickens but couldn't think of anything to say.  
We got some thunder and rain last night up this way.  It was so nice to hear.
That Sherry!  I think this is going to make for some VERY INTERESTING journal entries in the days to come.  I'm staying closely tuned in.  


gen0507 said...

Kelly you are a wonderful friend to Sherry.  She is so lucky to have you.  How sweet of you talking about clean sheets, House being nice for you two to talk & relax, & on top of that YOU COOKING ANYTHING SHE WANTS FOR TWO NIGHTS!!!!
That sounds absolutely wonderful!!!!  I tell you what....if she can't come.....I'll come in her place.  LOL  Just kidding...I hope she does come to visit & you two have a wonderful time.  I think Kelsey's daddy should keep her too.  He needs to spend time with her.  I feel sorry for Sherry & Kelsey.  Have a good evening.

mcknansmom said...

you are a wonderful friend!  her husband sounds just like Rob.  truly.  it was always like that.  
I hope you enjoyed your dinner.  Red Lobster sounds really good!