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Thursday, November 15, 2007

One of Shelbys Talents

I want to talk about cartoons. I want to tell you about Shelby and cartoons. Some cartoons today are not worth a dime, but some are entertaining...maybe that is the way it always was. Todays cartoons are nothing like the ones I grew up with. Bugs Bunny, Popeye, all those Saturday morning cartoons.

Shelby has a favorite cartoon called Ying Yang Yo. You wouldnt believe it. There are websites for any and all television shows. You can write your own stories and post them chapter by chapter on one site. This could be any show from Heroes, to Smallville, to a cartoon series you like. Shelby has frequented this site for a while now. She was not old enough to be a member of DeviantArt at the time. You have to be thirteen. She is now, so she has made a lot of friends on that site. Kids draw and show their art off on the site. There is a message board, all that.

I have been thinking about something. I think Shelby has a talent. I think we should submit these ideas to someone qualified to do something with what she has done.

She has made characters...based on the way Ying Yang Yo characters are drawn. These are totally new, just with the idea of the style of drawing. She has made up totally fictitious characters...she has taken real people and made them into a cartoon character of this style of drawing. She made an awesome one of her friend Tiffany, but gave it to her before we had a copied picture of it. I hate that, as it was really good. She can draw and redraw these characters so it is not a one time shot kind of thing. Now this is the neat part. She has made up whole scripts of these characters interacting, a story if you will. She has also written a book, chapter by chapter of one of her first characters, first manifesting in her mind, then onto paper later as a drawing.

What do you think about that. My side of the family has always been very artistic. My own Mama writes stories. I was never good at anything like poems or stories, although the talent of drawing was prominent.

Shelby has her own style of drawing talent. If you asked her to draw a scene, or draw a horse, to look 'real', she may have trouble with that. But cartoon characters..well she is really something else. Even before all of this she made puppets of made up and real characters from this cartoon. She took small brown paper sacks, like lunch bags. She cut out all the features, like ears, legs, arms, etc and pasted them onto thesack...she drew their face features and pasted them on there.

Shelby is an only child. Being an only child has made her fiercely independent. She likes company from time to time, but prefers her own company most of the time. When she was a toddler I would play with her a lot...but as time went on, I felt like I was more and more in the way of her wanting to play her way. So I backed off and let her come to me when she felt like she wanted someone to play with her. I think being left to her own devices, left to think without interruption, to create without outside influence, has been good for her, she has other talents besides this. I think she has the potential to be a real singer. She has a strong beautiful voice when she is belting out the tunes alongside Miley Cyrus AKA Hanna Montana playing on her stereo. But for today...I am talking about this talent.

Take a look at what has come from her imagination.


Shelby 055

Above you see some of her favorite pop singers she has transformed into cartoon characters from her own imagination.

Below you see herself transformed...


Shelby 047

Below you see she has taken the characters from High School Musical and turned them into her version of them as cartoon characters...


Shelby 054

Next here below we have her three totally made up characters that she has written an actual book, with chapters...and adventure book...



She admits that she mostly likes to draw cats and foxes as her characters...but here she strayed from that and made an alligator charactor...


Shelby 045

Below is another totally made up wolf character. Notice most of her previous drawings are of girls...this one is a boy.



Shelby 046


madcobug said...

Those are really good. I wish you knew how to get them published in a book. I hope no one steals her characters. Some people would you know. Helen

deshelestraci said...

They are quite cute~

wwfbison said...

My personal opinion is this is excellent - her drawing are quite good and given her youth she will most likely get better & better.  I would encourage this!!!  With talent such as this the world is open to so many different careers.  Neat entry, thanks for putting her drawings up.  She's a neat girl.

plieck30 said...

Oh I like these so much. I hope she gets to do something great with it. I favor cats too. She is quite a girl. Thanks for showing us some of her work. Paula

ally123130585918 said...

Kelly looks like you have a very talented budding Artist on your hands ~ Her drawings are so good ~ Ally x

nelishianatl said...

She is very gifted there is no doubt.  Now finding a place to direct it.  EARLY.  I am an artist and so is most of my family. My brother is the ONLY cartoonist.  I do portraits.  She has a big marketing nitch and can be financially set for life.  I have only written three books in my lifetime.  Look into publishing online for her too.  She's already very good.  I honestly think she's going to be awesome.  Just get her work copywritten before putting it out there online.  I'd hate to see someone snag it as their own.  I'm so impressed.


gen0507 said...

Shelby is very talented.  Her drawings are great.  I would definitely encourage this.  I adore cats......  She's really good Kelly.


mcknansmom said...

yes, she def has a lot of talent!  I would def explore that more!
take care

emcat166 said...

About 5 years ago my friend and I made a whole series of what we called "Cat Comics" (I was 11) and my drawings at the time looked alot like hers- in the aspect that all my characters were animal/people. They had cat heads, cat tails, but the bodies were human. I think that Shelby should definetly continue drawing, and sharpen her skills. This is really cool, I never knew that anyone would think to make the same kind of drawings that i did. Thanks for sharing this :)