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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sherrys Visit on Saturday

I didnt think that Sherry and I were going to be able to get together this past weekend. I was already set for disappointment. She has waited until the last minute to tell Kelly what she had planned. When she did finally tell him it was right before bed Thursday night and I guess he didnt have time to give it a lot of thought and just said okay. The next morning he was asking questions.

Why does Kelly want you to come up so bad? (well, she wants to come up BAD too! Duh.)

When are you going to come back?

I wanted to go hunting on Sunday too (I dont THINK so buddy)

Guess I will just eat Fruity Pebbles all weekend. (Sherry said OKAY, if thats what you want to do...lol.)

You get the idea...poor pitiful him.

Sherry even arranged for Kelsey to spend the night with Patsy (Sherrys aunt) on Friday night so that Kelly could get up on Saturday morning and go hunting. But he is just pitiful. Doesnt want her to ever go anywhere. She really really needed the break. By the time it was time to take her back home you could have poured her into a glass like molasses she was so relaxed!


I have had the same cell phone number for 8 years now. Sherry still doesnt know it. She was supposed to call me Thursday night late and tell me it was all a "GO". I got no phone call and was disappointed. I waited until about noon on Friday and finally couldnt stand it anymore. I called her. She answered the phone like nothing was going on out of the ordinary. I couldnt understand it! So I just came out and asked her why she never called me last night.

Well...long story short...she left SOMEBODY a message that everything was planned and she was ready to go for the next day. Wasnt me, cause she dialed a three instead of a four as the third digit. Oooopps.

Being as it was already noon and I was going to have to drive Ians little car down there and I didnt want to get caught out in the dark we opted for me to come and get her early Saturday morning. I am sure Kelly was happy to see she was not already gone Friday night when he got home.


Saturday morning I got up at 4 am and headed out on the road by six. I was cussing that little car. I felt like a sardine in a go cart! I can't remember if I said what he drove, but he has a Mazdaspeed...its an MX5, a souped up Miata. I dont care, it is so cramped. I hated it. I was a nervous wreck for about the first hour of the drive until it got light out then I started to get used to the car and relax.

I got to her house around nine...we took off and stopped for lunch in LaGrange. Did a lot of talking, catching up. 

Erin called me while we were on the road.Mike and her were about to eat at the Waffle House in Powder Springs...that is about an hour from my house. She wanted to know what I was doing because they wanted to come visit. Remember now, I have never actually met Mike, only talked to him on the phone a couple of times.

I told her I was still at least an hour and a half from home. Long story short I called Shelby and told her to be listening and looking out for them because more than likely they would get there before Sherry and I.

We got there about twenty minutes after they did.

LOL..he is NOTHING like I expected. I wish I had thought to get a picture of the two of them. I will make a point of that at Thanksgiving dinner.

So we talked and hung out. Sherry was tuckered out and went upstairs and took a nap. That being pregnant takes its toll on a body.

Ian got home around four thirty and to my amazement they were still hanging out at my house. Guess I am not so boring after all..lol.

We had plans to take Sherry out to Catfish Den over in Hiram..and Erin and Mike seemed to be getting hungry for supper so I invited them to go with us.

It was actually very NICE! We all sat around talking and joking, eating, having a good ole time. After supper they headed out for home and we did the same.


After visiting for the day with Sherry, I noticed that she has changed a lot. She had her some fake nails on. A new hairdo. Always with the make up. Dressier clothes. Kind of girly now I guess you could say. Nothing wrong with that. Just different.

When I took Erin, Mike, and Sherry out to give them a tour of all the animals Sherry turned up her nose and said, "Ewwww...shoooeeeee it smells out here!"

:( Ummmmm its a farm. We have over a hundred chickens, two pigs and a horse. What goes in, must come out, and it is going to smell like poop. Especially if that poop has become damp from the morning dew and not dried out yet. Just the way it is. I do try to hay down areas of dirt. I put shavings down in the chicken house..but there is going to be some smell...its a FARM.

She couldnt take it and went inside. I was kind of disappointed at this. She used to not be so girly. Erin and Mike took it all in stride and enjoyed seeing all the animals. They went out front afterwards and wiped a poop or two that got stuck on the bottom of their shoes without any complaints.

Derby tested Erins pockets. He knows we dont carry treats. He gave up on that a long time back. A new person though, they might have something! She had on some tight jeans and couldnt shuffle her pants with his lip so he ended up nipping her. I told her if he does that she needed to whack him on the nose and tell him no. He is not allowed to mouth anyone. Its just not safe, it leads to nipping and biting. NO mouthing. She said she wasnt going to do that. I said Well, your gonna get bit then.


Thats about it for Saturday..I will do an entry about Sunday seperate from this one.

Here is a picture of Sherry holding Bonnie. You can see Bonnie is enjoying it very much as she lays her neck and head out on Sherrys arm. Sherry was just so surprised that chickens love to be held and petted. We all love to be loved. :)





nelishianatl said...

I"m surprised that she did that on the farm.  Maybe her nose is more sensitive now that she's pregnant.  I was controlled by someone like that for a long, long time, once, a long time ago, where I couldn't go anywhere, ever without the guilt trip.  It's horrible being married to big old babies.  The dinner out sounded like so much fun!  I'm glad to hear more about this.  Between Sherry, Erin, and your chickens, your journal is never boring!


madcobug said...

Sounds like you all had a good Saturday. Guess Sherry being expecting made a difference in her smells. That is a cute picture of her and Bonnie. Helen

wwfbison said...

Sherry's guy certainly sounds needy or controlling - either way not good!  I'm glad you had a nice time with your Erin.  I bet you were shocked to see the changes in Sherry.  I've had people turn their noses up at the manure smell, I just ask them what they expected...roses!  It sounds like you had a nice (busy) day & evening with friends & family.

plieck30 said...

Wouldn't you like to just whack Sherry's whoever? My Mel always said he had to clean the chicken houses when he was young and he hated the odor of damp chicken poop. lol Sounds like you had lots of fun. Paula

ally123130585918 said...

Lovely picture of Sherry holding Bonnie ~ didn't get an alert for this one ~ Sounds like you had a good visit ~ Ally x

gen0507 said...

Kelly I'm glad that you 2 had a good visit.  Sounds like things are better with your sister also.  Hollie

mcknansmom said...

i know when I was pg, especially with my first chld, certain smells bothered me that had never bothered me before...and that might be what happened with Sherry.  She probably didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
take care