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Thursday, November 8, 2007

After Some Thought

After Lisas comment on adoption and Tracis comment on judging someone...I thought I would elaborate a little more on why so many think the way they do about Sherry being pregnant. I want to make it clear that it doesnt really matter what other people think, it is her life and she can do whatever she wants. It is not up to others to decide what is best for her. She is a wonderful, giving big hearted person and I just want her to be happy.


With that said...when she was 19 she had Cory...she was single and had no money.

She got pregnant before Cory was a twinkle in her eye...and went to term, gave the baby up for adoption for a better future.

There was a couple of abortions after Cory...

Then came Kelsey.

Last year she had a miscarriage.

Now there is this baby on the way.

Her boyfriend Kelly does not make it a habit of keeping a job for very long. She only works part time. They live in a run down old house with bad credit and no way out. Their phone gets cut off a lot and they live precariously on the edge with little money.

With no secure future and almost fourty years old, that is just downright scary for anyone.

Every pregnancy she has had has been an accident. None were ever planned. I realize sometimes these things happen, but not over and over and over.

So I feel for her, and I will be there for her to listen and lend a shoulder to cry on and an ear to bend.

My days of helping her monetarily are over you see. Back when Cory was two they came to live with Ian and I in a little bity apartment we had. I gave her a job as a manager in training at Dominoes. I was a manager. I did everything I could, but she only wanted to party. It was a bad time and it was a long time ago...and we have put it behind us.

Some people cannot be helped. They have to do things the hard way, and you just have to hope they get by and make it.


So there is...as Paul Harvey says...The Rest of the Story


deshelestraci said...

She really doesn't sound like a responsible person.  Such a shame.  Hopefully she will get her act together.  Not holding my breath.

madcobug said...

She really needs her tubes fixed doesn't she. Helen

acoward15 said...

I think you are doing the right thing. Although I hope it all turns out ok.

wwfbison said...

You are a dear friend...she's so lucky to have you.

gen0507 said...

You're a very good friend, but I don't blame you either.  I just hope that everything turns out for her.

Thanks for clearing that up about the e-mail I sent you.


mcknansmom said...

you know, i just assumed you had good reason for your earlier comments and didn't even think to question you...BUT, it sounds like you have very good reason for feeling as you do....
take care

nelishianatl said...

I so see my daughter Brandy in her.  She considered giving Katie up for adoption until she was about six months along and just couldn't go through with it.  I have a horrible terrible fear that she will procreate again and come to me with it.  I wish I could get her sterilized.  People who can't afford kids shouldn't be having them.  I know as I was one of the poorest kids I've ever heard of.  I was a teenage mother TWICE so I know the hardships of being a mother who is poor too.  It's heartbreaking.  I never aborted or gave up.  I kept all four but wow life was hard.  Nobody died, we just are tough people.

Hugs to her and if you want me to crochet a blanket for the new one, let me know as I kinda do that on the side for a little extra sometimes.  She needs to keep her attitude a little more positive though if possible as the baby can feel a sense of being wanted or not and is born with an attitude of rejection or acceptance.