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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Buzzbomb...and..maybe some babies?


Good Tuesday mornin'. :) This morning I thought I would do an entry on the first of five new birds I have had for several weeks now. They are not very handleable so I will be working with them a lot over the next few months to get them accustomed to it and not be so afraid of people. The ones I have chosen to show in February will get special attention so if the judges want to handle them it won't be a problem.

I must have taken over fifty pictures yesterday afternoon trying to get a good shot of this little man posing in the classic Serama position. It took some doing, but we finally managed to work together and get it done. I still think he can puff that chest out more than he is showing, I know he can. I have seen him do it.

I held him for a while and scratched all a chickens favorite spots, talking to him soothingly. Petting and stroking him, touching around his face slightly getting him used to being handled. It will take awhile, he is a wild one. That is one reason his name is so appropriate. He is the smallest of the three roosters I got from the older gentleman (you remember the story, what a time I had getting those birds).

I have discovered something. If I am not careful I am going to have a house full of "house chickens" that are all vying for my attention. I know that I need to tame down these new birds, but I really need to be careful. You see, these little ones, they sneak their way into my heart and then BAM it hits me, I have another little clingy cuddly bird. That makes it very very hard to keep them out in a pen and not closer to me, like the way Phoenix, Bonnie and Clyde are, being on the porch during the day and coming in at night. Yes, yes. Bonnie and Clyde are coming in at night too. I don't go as far as putting them in a pillow tent with covers like Phoenix though. Only Phoenix gets that special treatment. Bonnie and Clyde have indeed found their way into my heart almost as deep as Phoenix is. I will sit in the rocking chair in the evening and all three will end up on me at times. All three lined up in a bundle on my chest, snuggled down. I just smile and tell them they are my little babies.

I am so excited that I will be able to show video of their evening antics when they come in at dark for their wheat bread and juice or water. I can show so much more now, so you can really get a feel for their personalities.

I have a little surprise. The two new Serama hens have been laying regularly. One went broody. Now I ordinarily don't do any hatching or buying in the winter. I have to have some down time for the holidays. There is plenty to do for the holidays. Well...I am letting that hen set on those eggs. I am going to see if the old tale of hatching in winter will breed smaller birds. I will probably be bringing the babies in once they are hatched because even with the heat lamps I don't know if it would be warm enough. I put an enclosed rectangular nesting box in yesterday with fresh hay and put all the eggs into the cubby hole and showed the MAD hen where her eggs were now. I closed her up in there for the night to make sure she gets settled back down on those eggs. I believe she is setting on about 7 or so eggs.

The others have not been named, but his stuck out in my mind right away.

He is so hyper and so quick...so I named him Buzzbomb...BB for short.

Here in the picture above you see him in a classic Serama pose.

(Please excuse the porch floor, the carpet had not been vacuumed yesterday)

 Okay Andy...now you know I did this entry first this morning just for you since you got onto me for not doing enough chicken entries...;)

Here is one more of BB in a pretty good pose...





geocachelinda66 said...

BB is a nice looking rooster!  Linda

madcobug said...

He is such a pretty One. I am excited about you getting fast internet and looking forward to seeing some videos. Helen

wwfbison said...

They are neat pictures, he is handsome!  I think it's neat that they vie for your attention and all sit on you at one time, how cool. You need to get someone to take a picture of that for us.  I thought of you this morning when tending to the chickens.  I've been trying to get them tamer but evidently one rooster wants nothing to do with me, he flew right into my head off the perch!!  He was out for blood!   I don't even know where to start with these guys.  I'll never have them like yours.  

plieck30 said...

Yes that would be neat to see a picture of the chickens sitting on you the chicken lady. We use to have a neighbor in San Antonio we called the dog lady. I don't think she knew it though. lol Paula

acoward15 said...

That's more like it!

gen0507 said...

Kelly I'm excited about you doing videos too.  I'm looking forward to them.  Your chickens are beautiful.

mcknansmom said...

love the pics, and i bet that hen was mad at you!!! making off with her eggs and all htat.lol
take care