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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

Oh yes, we did sleep late Sunday morning. We didnt get up til 8:30 am! That is good for us. You know how your body gets preprogrammed to get up all week long and it carries over to the weekend. Not this weekend. We were beat from staying up late and moving stuff.


John Kell called...and asked if he could bring their new dog...a border collie. (Well, at least he asked first).

I had to tell him no.

At Christmas time Ians dad and his new wife brought their new puppy Darby remember. Tip was not very receptive. She spot marked for two days afterwards. Snarling at the pup, she wasnt warming up to him.

I do understand this line of thinking.

You see, this is Tips territory. So is Mama and Daddys house. You bring a dog in on her territory...she is going to react badly and protect her turf.

I would expect the same if we were to take Tip to another persons house and there was an established dog there.

I explained this to John. I told him I thought it would be best for the two dogs to meet on neutral ground, such as the Silver Comet Trail. When we see other people and especially other dogs Tip gets very excited and wants to make friends. There is no territorial ground there you see. I told them to call us when it was a good time for them and we would meet up so the dogs could meet. After several times of this I suspect it would be alright between the two dogs. John said he understood.


So John, Donna, and Josh (Donnas 14 year old son) showed up around 2 and she brought the yummiest stuff. She brought this dip...it was shredded chicken breast soaked in wing sauce with sour cream and melted cheese...with fritos to dip with. It was delicious! She also brought stuffed tomatillos...those were great too. I made hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and potato salad...and we had chips available too.


Now the funny part. Josh it was discovered...is terrified of chickens!!!! LOLLLL!!!!

When they first came up the back steps...one of my friendlier girls came running up to him and he dodged her. I didnt think too much about it...there are a lot of folks that have never been around chickens.

As the evening wore on I got Phoenix out for his afternoon/evening dinner and drink. He walked around checking out all the new people. He seemed particularly interested in Joshes checkerboard Vans. When you aren't paying attention to Phoenix, and he wants your attention he will scratch gently at your feet, on your shoe. I told Josh he just wanted his attention. Josh nervously waved and said "Hello chicken".

Later I got Speckles out, let him wander about for a few minutes while I got him fresh food and water. I held him for a little while. Yeah, I was bored...like I said, football is not my thing.

Later still I let Bonnie and Clyde in. You know Clyde, he hops out of their outdoor porch enclosure and comes a runnin helter skelter through the kitchen and into the living room. I got Bonnie and we came on in. Donna was laughing at how Clyde runs...it is pretty funny as he looks like one of those little wind up toys where they feet rotate up into the body and come back out for the toy to walk.

Now usually...I get a big reaction out of kids with the chickens. They all want to hold them, pet them, want to see more.

After Bonnie and Clyde got done with their little dinner and drink they came on up to sit with me. Bonnie sat down next to me, in between Josh and I. Clyde followed suite.

Finally Josh could stand it no more. LOL

I saw him squirming...trying to ease away from my two tiny chickens.

I looked over at him...picked up Bonnie and said "Here, would you like to hold one?"

It was at this point he came completely unglued and started to try to meld into the couch by pushing backwards.

"Are you scared of chickens Josh???"

YES!!!!! He cries in his young now girlish voice.

His mom was astonished at this development and asked him why he was afraid of these cute little chickens.

"Because they are ugly! And I eat chicken...and they know it! So they want to attack me!"


Thats a 14 year old boy for you.


Anyway...the night wore on, people ate, napped and talked. The highlights for me were the commercials and Tom Petty at half time.


breakaway1968 said...

Oh Tom Petty at Half time was the highlite for me too!  Well that and seeing the end results of the game!  That was a funny story.  I wouldn't think a 14 yr old boy would be scared of chickens.  

deshelestraci said...

That is hilarious!  Poor kid!

nelishianatl said...

That poor boy!  It wasn't funny to him but I bet everyone else got a great laugh out of it.  I can't imagine being scared of a chicken.  He's probably never been around an uncooked one before.  LOL



gen0507 said...

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone being afraid of chickens....& tiny ones at that.  LOL  That chicken dip sounds great.  I'd like to have that recipe.  What are tomatillos?


plieck30 said...

Boy! Did Josh come to the wrong place if he doesn't like chickens. Maybe next time he will make friends with them. Paula

solace223 said...

RFLMAO... I could see if these were mean chickens.  Mean chickens, particularly roosters can be intimidating but nice chickens??  I would've paid to see the look on that kids face when you asked if he wanted to hold one.  lol

wwfbison said...

LOL, that is so funny he is afraid of chickens!!!  I can't imagine anyone being afraid of them let alone a 14 year old boy!!!  Wonder if he is afraid of cows & pigs and all the other animals he eats as well.  I bet that was funny, I would love to visit you and see everyone running about.  I would hold them as long as you would allow it!!!!

bojgill4375 said...

I didn't realize that chickens are that friendly. I had a pet rooster when 9 and he was friendly when little, but then he got big. :) I am not afraid of chickens but remember going to a ladies house south of us and she had a turkey.  The turkey kept getting close to me.. making a noise and ruffling his wings and feathers... he kind of had me wondering what he was up to. The lady said that he was being friendly to me and wanted me to bet him. lol  Too funny. Maybe the boy will get use to the chickens over time. Have a wonderful weekend.. it is almost here. Janie