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Monday, February 18, 2008

Next Is Rods Show Results


Here is Rod in his show pen.

Don't you think he is a bit BIG to be put in the BANTAM section??? Can you see that little door I had to put him through to get him IN the cage? Remember, I had to get him OUT of that hole too!

When I went to coop him in...I couldnt find his hole. I looked and looked. I was looking in the STANDARD and Large Fowl Section. He is not bantam as far as I know. Finally I asked a judge...and he recognized the breed right away as I was the only one there out of over 1500 birds...with a Sultan. He says my hole was at the end of that row...as he pointed, in bantams.


Okay...well, what can you do...its done now.

He got a lot of attention and I got asked a lot of times what he was..that they had never seen this type before.

He got good marks...he got Best In Breed and Best Variety and a number one on the card. Even though he was the only one...the judges dont have to put anything on there other than the number one, so apparently they thought he was worthy and was a nice specimen of the breed, which was good to know, so now I can start up a breeding program with my two pairs of Sultans this Spring also.

He was a good sport about being in that small area...he really is an easy going sweet bird. Being in the small area his tail feathers got jammed up a lot in the wire of the cage. I wasnt too happy about that, but what could I do, there we were...and they dont have any extra coops. They have just enough for the ones entered.

I would have taken pictures of him indoors like I did with Kuckoo and Coco..but you already know the ones I took outdoors were the best..so I didnt even try.

Outdoors photos..


P1070052 P1070054 P1070065 P1070058

I have to say, he was very well behaved the whole time before, during and after the show.

When I put him back with the other three Sultans I could tell he was glad to be home though!

He let them know that the KING was home! He was trying to ummm well..you know...both the girls right away.

The other Sultan male tried dancing at him like he was the new appointed king since Rod had been gone a few days from the pen, but Rod danced right back and let him know the BOSS was home..lol.

One good thing I have noticed about Sultans, and Polish too for that matter. They are not aggressive birds at all...they seem to settle their differences without a lot of fuss. No feathers pulled out, no flogging each other. I like that a lot about them.


I am sitting here with over 300 emails and alerts...mostly alerts...so that this is my last post for today...I will finish results on the other three tomorrow...and then will start to post some of the pictures of other birds that were some of my favorites at the show as the week goes on. There was no way I could take pictures of all of them...there were over 1500 birds there including turkeys, all breeds of geese and ducks...so many newcategories of fowl...I was glad to see this show expand into other types of fowl.


breakaway1968 said...

So funny that he danced back.  Love the pics!  

robinngabster said...

Those pics outdoors are amazing!  Rod is gorgeous!

madcobug said...

He really is a beautiful bird with the sun shining through his tail feathers. Good for him getting a good grade. Helen

wwfbison said...

Congratulations on his good marks!  He is stunning, he looks as though he is actually modeling for you - he knows he is hot doesn't he!!!  Do you worry about your chickens at the shows if you aren't right with them the whole time?  With everyone being so intrigued with Rod I would have worried about someone stealing him.  Good job!!!

justplainbill said...

Rod is a beautiful bird. congrats to you and him for his awards they are well deserved.
1.500 birds in the show. That is a lot of birds in my opinion. Where is the show held, in PA, I believe. Some year i would like to go and see it. Congrats again, Bill

myrdog said...

His tail feathers look like angel wings. Beautiful

plieck30 said...

Cute entry about his arrival home. If you got it flaunt it he was probably saying. Paula

gen0507 said...

Rod is something else!


rdautumnsage said...

Rod is definitely a noble bird. Loved the outside shots, they let us see him in full glory. That little pen didn't do him justice at the judging. (Hugs) Indigo

browney44 said...

Rod is my favorite.  He looks like he has character, maybe he has a bit of the King in him!!  LOL


nay0114 said...

Love those pictures. He is modeling.
Take care, Chrissie