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Friday, February 8, 2008

Chicken Show Prep (Johnny)



Thanks to Gayla for this pretty graphic. :)


I will tell you now, there were no pictures taken while all this chaos went on. I am afraid my camera would have ended up broken at some point with all the wrestling and pinning down of chicken to get done what needed to be done. You will just have to use your imagination and I will tell you in the most colorful way how it all went down. ;)

I figured I would go ahead and get the worst one out of the way...no since in putting it off. Go ahead and start with Johnny while I still had the strength and determination.

I went out to the pens...uncovered them all and opened up Johnnys pen. He immediately started pacing and trying his best to get away from me by going to the far corner of the pen. I didnt want to grab his tail feathers as I was afraid some may come out and damage his good looks for the show. So I had to clambor on my hands and knees further into his pen. Flapping wildly and kicking up dirt into my face I decided this was not going to be the way to get him. I was already anxious about him trying to bite me when I did manage to get a hold of him. Out comes the net. It is a small net. I think today when I make a trip out and about I will buy a better net. I managed to get the net over his head and neck. This served two purposes. One, he couldnt bite me, and two, I could get a hold of him around his body.

Dragging him and me out of the pen on my knees I backed out and put him in a holding cage. This bird is HEAVY. I didnt want to carry the cage and him all the way back over to the patio so I used my little cart I bought a while back. Curious chickens came crowding around to see what or who I was hauling...following behind to see what excitement was happening. Tiny wanted to pick a fight with Johnny as usual, through the safety of the cage. I shooed Tiny away. In truth without bars to seperate them Johnny would kill Tiny.

Around to the old picnic table we rolled onto the patio. I set him in the cage up on the table and got out my sevin dust. I use one of those little parmesan cheese shakers to distribute the powder under the chickens wings and butt and neck. It helps control the amount I use and less gets all over me in the process. I use this in case the birds have any mites on them. In a few more days I will give any birds a bath that need it after the powder has taken its effect fully.

So here I go. I am going to pull this enormous bird out of the cage. I stick my hand in and he immediately starts freaking out. Jumping up in the small cage, braining himself repeatedly...all the while hitting it so hard it is making the whole cage bump and move over further and further. This wasnt going to work. I got in there and grabbed him, pulled him out.




Much scrabbling around on the table, feet flying...

Scraaaape, bleed, bruise

This would be the inside of my arm right above my wrist as his toe and spur dug into me...

Okay, that was way too much fun...as I grab the little net and put it over his head so he cant bite me anymore.

Finally I was able to get that powder in the desired places. By this time we were both huffing and puffing and getting tired.

I went on to the next step. He had managed to get some mud clumped and dried on the very tips of his longest tail feathers so I had a damp cloth ready to loosen and wipe those clean, all the while holding him in place.

I had a little bowl of mineral oil ready with a small paintbrush to go over his legs with. This will help moisturize and condition his scales that may be somewhat dry and not so attractive on his legs. I will be putting this on again for the show.

Back in the cage.

Got some hay...good bermuda hay...to spread thick on the floor of his pen so he wouldnt get any dirt or mud on him.

Back around to the pen. Took some of the sevin dust and sprinkled it on the dirt floor, just to be sure of no buggies. Spreading lots of good hay, fluffing it up. Looks real good and clean. 

Okay, time to get him out of the cage...again. This time, thankfully, he was less resistant. I think he was a bit tired. I pulled him out and put him back in his pen. Fresh food and water...he got up and started to eat some dinner.


Well I had blood, bruises, scratches and poison all over me, but I got the worst over with! Now onto Kuckoo and Coco...

To be continued





wwfbison said...

Oh my gosh, I wish you could have set your video camera up to record this.  It sounds like you had your hands full.  I guess it is wise to start with the worst one first since it can only go uphill after that.  LOL.  Will he stay ready for the show or will you have to do this again?  This is so intersting, I can't wait to hear more!

madcobug said...

I really would have loved to have seen all of that hee hee. Helen

breakaway1968 said...

Sorry you had to get beat up over all that!  But at least you got done what needed to be done.  Hope your day went well.

schoolgal040 said...

OMY Gosh!!! I can't believe what you go through....LOL. I know it's not funny Kelly but I'm picturing your little blonde self with these beautiful chickens and I'm covering my mouth in horror and laughter! I have got to see this process sometime in my life. As I've said, when I was younger I was around chickens and they can be-----uhh difficutl? That's putting it midly I think.
Good luck during the weekend on the rest of your prep. I will keeping a close look on your journal.
The graphic looks perfect!!!!


nelishianatl said...

I'm so glad you used Gayla's graphics as she finds the prettiest stuff!

It's sometimes better to do the hardest thing first.  It sounds like you did a fine job of wearing that chicken out.  Tiny humiliated him I think.

Can't wait to read more about the show.


gen0507 said...

I'm wore out now...I know you are.  I guess I didn't realize what all was involved.  A lot of work goes into this....


plieck30 said...

You go through a lot to get those chickens ready and I bet you wouldn't take anything  for the fun. They must be looking really pretty by now. Paula

bojgill4375 said...

That graphic is pretty too. Oh my! lol I thought it would be easy raising chickens (lol) I think I have changed my mind. lol I don't like the sight of blood...  especially my own! lol Bet you were glad to have that over with. Janie

solace223 said...

BAD BIRD, BAD, SIT.  ;)  Who knew a tiny little ole chicken could do so much damage.  *wink*  Curious, is there any way to trim a chickens spur without hurting them?  I never paid much attention to them when I was around chickens.  Most of the ones we had either ran the hell away from you or let you pick them up with no problem.  (except for two roosters that we had to keep large sticks with us to keep them from beating us to death)