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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Choosing My Words Carefully Here

I am going to make this entry carefully. I want to express myself without coming off as a racist. I hope I can accomplish that, but I have recieved some information. I have found out a lot more since then.


Let me begin by asking, why does a white person have to be so ashamed of being white, that they convert to acting black. The lingo, the bad English, the foul language.

I will tell you why. Because when a 13 year old girl is thrown into a situation where she is a minority there is pressure to 'fit in'. It is either fit in or become an outcast. That is still no excuse.

What is so wrong and uncool about being white? What is wrong with being proud of YOUR heritage, YOUR culture. Why do whites have to pick up black peoples 'culture'. I say culture, but I dont consider saggy pants, gangsta talk, and foul mouth rap music to be a culture, nor calling yourself ghetto and your friends your hoes, and I dont mean garden hoes.


So where am I going with all this you ask. Well, I will tell you now that I have set a scene. What I am about to tell you is a very BIG reason we moved. I didnt want this to happen to Shelby.

Yesterday my daughter came to me with some news, and little by little more came out.

The first thing she told me was that Tiffany had a boyfriend and they had gone online to her MySpace site and she showed her a picture of him. Well, he is black.

You see, she is surrounded by blacks, in school, at the skating rink, the whole damn county is black, and it ain't the good kind. There are an estimated 50 gangs in Clayton County alone. Nice huh. I guess when you are in an element, you either adapt or get run over. She is adapting, and it is not looking good.

I went to her site. I was so shocked and disappointed. I called her mother. Sent her the site through her work email. As I dove in deeper I read permiscuous behavior, hinted drug use, and a lot more. It just about killed me to read it all. This girl has grown up with Shelby. But since they moved back to Clayton County, she has changed.

Over the weekend Mikes daughter told Tiffany that she sounded and acted black. That made her mad. Well...if the shoe fits. Apparently Tiffany only acts and talks black when she is not around her mother, and she knows better with me.

Her mother said she would look at the site when she got home last night.

I told her, if I saw that kind of trash and it was my daughter, the internet would be GONE.

I went this morning to see if the site was gone. It is in fact NOT gone. She evidently had her heart broken by the one black guy as he asked another girl out to a dance? So she has already moved on to asking another black guy out herself. Her friend that she was talking to about this was saying they would be so perfect for each other and maybe they would kiss and hug and maybe even more. :(

This is not the child that I know. I told Karen she needed to get back out of that county as soon as possible. Because this would happen. No child that has just turned thirteen has any business talking like this, or acting like this.

Shelby is very concerned, very worried for her friend. That is why she told me.

I have done all I can do. If her mother chooses to let these things slide then I dont want to even think about what will happen later on.

I know plenty of black people that are good people. For some reason most of the ones that have gravitated to Clayton County are of the mentality that they must act and be ghetto and gangsta. Makes me sick.

In part of her profile she says she may look white on the outside but she is not on the inside, implying she is black.

Would someone please tell me why it is so cool to try to be black?

I am just so sad about this. I really hope and pray that things will get better, not worse.

That is all I have to say really. I could go into detail about all that I read and saw, but its just not necessary, you get the point.



mosie1944 said...

The scariest part of all this is that the girl is only 13.  She shouldn't even be on the Internet without close supervision.  Very sad.

ally123130585918 said...

Kelly that is so very sad ~ you have done all you can to help ~ it is now up to her Mother to put her right ~ lets hope she don't leave it too late ~ Ally x

geocachelinda66 said...

I think alot of this has to do with reverse discrimination.  Whites are the "evil" ones, the oppressors, I think white teens feel they need to "act black" so that they will not be discriminated against by blacks.  There isn't much gang activity in our schools yet, but there are some kids who like to dress "ghetto".  There is alot of problems down in Albany and the cities to the south of us.  Alot of that is coming up here too.  Thats too bad about Tiffany.  She is way too young to be acting or thinking like that.  Linda

bhbner2him said...

I suppose it is the new way of being a rebel....James Dean sort of thing.  The outcast hero.  I don't know.  

madcobug said...

You have warned her and now it's up to her. Thirteen is way to young to be in that position. The mom needs to listen to you else her daugher will go too far to come back to her. Helen

wwfbison said...

This is a disturbing entry, I worry Tiffany may find herself in a boat load of trouble one day.  I don't know if it is that they think it is necessarily "cool" to be black or act black but more of the fact that this is what she is exposed to day in & day out.  13 is such an impressionable age, kids that age will fall for anything and if her only environment is that ~ cool or not she will become what she is living.  It is considered "chic" in the town I work in to date black or hispanic boys, all the young girls are doing it.  I know one thing, I sure as heck would keep Shelby FAR away from her!  (I know I don't need to tell you that!)

breakaway1968 said...

My daughter accused me of being racist once when I told her to stay away from a few of the black boys she was hanging with ONLY because of what life style they were choosing NOT because they were black.  One of my best friends was black and he NEVER acted like they did.  He was an A student and a pianist!  He was  just a plain ol nice person.  If those guys were "true" and  plain nice guys I would have had no problem with them.  I know exactly what you mean and how needing to be careful how you word it comes in.  You did good tho and I went through this too but  thank goodness my daughter got her head on straight and got rid of them!  I hope hers does too!  My daughter was also 18 at this time so there is a big maturity difference in those ages.  I guess I can be thankful this didn't happen when she was 13~!  Tell your daughter to stay strong and do what she knows is right...eventually her friend may follow!  

plieck30 said...

This entry makes me glad I'm done raising children. I sure hope Tiffany doesn't get into any trouble. I'm sure  this incident makes you happy you are home schooling. Paula

mcknansmom said...

eveyrone has a right to be proud of their heritage.  As for Tiffany, you have done all you can.  
I agree, that gangsta crap is just that, crap. a nd I wouldn't want my daughter acting like that either.  

nelishianatl said...

You're a good Mom and a better friend to that lady than she realizes.  I'm so sorry about Tiffany.  I hope she is as wise as Shelby one day.  Before it's too late.  You worded it so well.  I don't think the Politically Correct Police will be knocking on your door.  That lady has no idea the consequences her daughter may reap.  Do you know the statistics on teenage sex.  Atlanta and surrounding areas has a higher rate for HIV diagnosis than NYC!!! And according to the CDC the black community is the highest population second to Hispanics.  The largest age group catching it is 13-25.  She needs to be careful.  She could end up with more than just a baby.  Now, I must go there's a knock on my door.  OH look, the PC police are here.  Because I stated the truth. Google it though.  You'll see.


breakaway1968 said...

I remember this one...and I found a comment from me lol I must have found your journal somehow ;)  I'm still looking for pics of those NEW birds!  LOL