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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Think I Am Obsessing

Since getting DSL we have watched many clips, movies, what have you...online.

Ian introduced Shelby to the comedy of a ventriloquist named Jeff Dunham. Some may have seen him on Comedy Central.

Granted, some of his skits are kid appropriate, some not as much, but nothing TOO bad. We think Shelby can handle it and not be permanently scarred for life...  ;)

Anyway...on his site http://jeffdunham.com he sells stuff that relates back to his puppets, dolls, keychains, hats, things like that.

Shelby loves Peanut. There is in fact a talking Peanut doll that was for sale. It is sold out now and I waited too long before ordering it. I did order it, but it is back ordered and won't get here for Christmas. This was going to be a BIG surprise for her. You know how kids pretty much know what they are getting at 13, but she had no idea about this.

I had to burst my bubble yesterday and tell her what I was doing. I didnt want her to be disappointed on Christmas day, and I wanted her to know I was getting her something really special, the doll.

She about fainted away (just play acting of course) with delight.


Here is another link to tell about Jeff and his puppets, this one links to Comedy Central.  http://www.comedycentral.com/comedians/browse/d/jeff_dunham.jhtml



The doll...




Now you may ask...why do I think I am obsessing? Well I had dreams all morning this morning about obtaining this doll, apparently by whatever means necessary.

I dreamed I was at a kids type party place, games, tables, pizza..that kind of thing.

A truck pulled INTO the room (???) and kids were all over it trying to see inside. It had Jeff Dunham's picture on the side with his puppets. I was searching for someone to find out what was going on. Someone told me that they were selling stuffed dolls of Jeffs puppets out of the truck!

Of course these things are never easy in a dream...frustratingly enough I couldnt seem to find someone to BUY the doll from...

finally I found a GEORGE (???) Dunham. Dont know where that came from, but guessing a relative? I was freaking out and trying desperately to get him to understand I HAD to have one of those Peanut dolls NOW!

He calmed me down and went into the truck. All they had left was a Peanut doll puppet, on strings...

I told him I didnt care...I WOULD TAKE IT.

When I looked in the truck there were mountains of stuffed dolls, but no Peanut, except for the one he mentioned, hanging from the ceiling of the truck.

I was just happy to get anything at that point.

Talk about frustrating dreams...man I must really be obsessed with getting this doll.

Ian said to me last night that she can wait, it wont kill her to wait.

He said, remember the craze of the Tickle Me Elmo? Remember how everyone HAD to have one for their kid for Christmas? How about now...nobody even remembers Tickle Me Elmo.

He is right, I just for some reason didnt think that the Peanut doll would turn out to be such a hot item.

If you go to http://Ebay.com and put in Jeff Dunham Peanut doll you will see just how hot. One sold for around 250 dollars that ended yesterday.

I just wanted to get a simple stupid Peanut doll...something I thought would be obscure and wouldnt be bought up.


Oh well, she knows, and she will get it. She is a very understanding kid.



breakaway1968 said...

Funny dream!  Sometimes I wonder about mine as well lol.  Hope you receive that doll close after Christmas!

plieck30 said...

Every year its something. I remember back to when it was Chatty Cathy. Seems your dream was an indication of how bad you want that doll for your sweet daughter. I can relate, Paula

wwfbison said...

I was waiting for you to say you are bidding on the Ebay auction for the doll.  Your dream is funny, making up relatives of Jeff and so on ~ I would say perhaps you are a little obsessed.  You never know, maybe you will find one somewhere ~ keep the Peanut Doll faith!  :)

deshelestraci said...

How funny!  Isn't it weird what gets bought up right away?

solace223 said...

My daughter is only two and she is OBSESSED with the world of youtube.com.  She watches dolphin shows and seal lion shows on there.  There are some days I wish I'd never shown it to her! ;)

cvgflydis said...

I've been wanting a Caillou Doll for my youngest.....only can find them on ebay~

We hired a ventriloquist to entertain the guests at our wedding; he was hilarious! People told us it was the best wedding they'd ever been to. I became the same way right after, because my oldest was fascinated by the ventriloquist, and I wanted to find him a puppet. Never did find what I was looking for except Howdy Doodie puppets......