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Friday, December 28, 2007

Peanut Arrived


Yes, he is here. That doll that was long awaited for. Here he is with Shelby asleep on the couch this morning. He has the privilege of being the latest bed buddy.

Shelbys bedroom is upstairs. We had a terrible downpour with a lot of lightning and thunder come through this morning. When this happens Shelby always transfers down to the couch. That is why you see her asleep there on the couch, but not without Peanut, oh no.

We got it the day after Christmas.

Remember the mailman in that movie with Chevy Chase? Where his wife and him bought the house out in the country, it was going to be so peaceful and nice, but the town was terrible and the mailman would chunk the mail out everywhere all the while laughing and weaving all over the road?

Well our mail person is not THAT bad, but close.

Everytime we get a delivery that entails her coming up to the house...we get a notice that says she tried to delivery it, then a second notice saying delivered...as in stuffed in the mailbox, whether it fits or not. She really never does try to deliver it.

Mamas brother Paul, his wife Kay, their son Patrick and I were all hanging out in the sun on the front porch when she drove up to the mailbox. She HAD to deliver the package. I mean, she saw us standing right there, so she had to.

Right before she had showed up I was telling the three of them that I believe our mail woman must be on something because the neighbors and I are always exchanging each others mail as she can't seem to get the right letters in the right boxes, and proceeded to tell them the tale of the last two box deliveries where I just about had to pull the entire mailbox off of the post to get the package out as it was wedged in there as a permanent fixture.

Here she comes, swinging into the driveway as we all turn and watch, she runs off the paved drive slushing along the sidein the grass, one wheel off, one on the pavement.

Overcorrecting, popping back up onto the driveway then onto the other side, one wheel on, one wheel off the pavement, driving on up, and finally correcting and staying all four tires on the pavement she made it up to the house...scary as it was I walked out to the truck to get the package.

I told her to please not try to back up and just take the side parking pad off into the yard and swing around and go through the space in between the trees that lined the drive..as it would be easier for her..for sure..lol.

Bringing in the box I handed it to Shelby. The label gave it away as it said it had been shipped from JeffDunham.com...nevertheless she was excited and promptly began ripping into it with gusto!

Now Peanut is supposed to talk. We immediately started pressing his hand, and there was nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. Crap, it doesnt work, its broken. Maybe there is an opening, a place for batteries? Searching...searching..cant find an opening. Well wasnt that a fine how do ya do.

If I had had half a brain I would have looked in the box and pulled out the instructions. But I guess that is asking for too much.

Kay went to searching and under the fur lined up ever so perfectly was the velcro closed opening with the talking and battery box, with batteries already in it, just had to pull out one of those little plastic tabs to make it activate.





Okay, so we just got over excited. We would have eventually figured it out...and even if we didnt, when Ian got home from work he would have known exactly what to do. DUHHHH...lol.

Anyway, she has her doll and we are all so happy about it.


malagutigrrl said...

HOORAY!  I was wondering how that turned out!

madcobug said...

Glad that her doll finally made it there. Sounds as if the mail person needs to learn how to drive better. We had some storms come through here early this morning and much of the state is under a tornado watch now. Helen

mumma4evr said...

he is so cute!!!

nelishianatl said...

YAY!!!  She finally got him!  I think I'd video tape her secretly and show her supervisor.  That mail lady is tripping on something definitely.  Wondering if she has a drivers license.


wwfbison said...

Your mail person sounds like a lunatic - our UPS hit our fence post and knocked it out of the ground.  I asked him, he said no, I said...ummmm ~ did you forget we have cameras???  He said yes he did hit it and not to tell his supervisor. LOL
The doll looks cute, I'm glad he is talking now!

breakaway1968 said...

That is a really cute doll!  Glad you got it even if it was a day late.

plieck30 said...

I could just see your mail woman the way you described it. Reminded me of a classmate of mine who was a mail lady and she was telling me about one of the men on her route would leave her a watermelon in the box and it was sooo big she could hardly get it out. So I guess it can work both ways. lol Paula