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Friday, December 14, 2007

Feeling Pressed, Hockey Pictures

Things are starting to get hectic around here and I don't like hectic. I like a nice slow snail's pace. Seems everyday something is going on.

Today I have to get to the grocery store and feed store because we didnt get there yesterday, because Ian had to work over, because he didnt work over like he usually does on Wednesday, because we went to the hockey game. So now I am going to the store alone, again.


I havent finished my decorating for Christmas, we are going Saturday afternoon FINALLY to get a tree. By the time I get it all up it will all be over. :(

When am I supposed to do the planner for school next week? I usually do it on Sunday. It takes about three hours to do...not a short task.

Know what, I was only going to take the week of Christmas off, but now I am thinking I really NEED the week before the weekend before Christmas OFF so I can get my LIFE in order.

I am not feeling very Christmasy. Oh we havent even gone shopping at all for Shelby.

We will, but good grief.

I am sorry, just not in a good mood this morning, was up half the night with a burning stomach to boot. I sure hope today gets better.

I loaded some pictures of the hockey game, and I have some video to share.

I will put those on a seperate entry...this is just a whine and moan rant..sometimes you got to let it out.


breakaway1968 said...

It's always stressful before and after Christmas..SO much to do!  I hope everything slows down for you soon.  Do you know what your getting Shelby besides the doll...were you the one getting that doll??  Sometimes I get my journals mixed up! lol  Have a great day!  

wwfbison said...

I am feeling like you are, nothing is getting done and there is a pile of things to do!!  I have to go to the feed store too, horse & litter!!  You said it best, by the time things get in order and done it will be over.  It is a hectic time of year, take a long, deep breath and know you aren't alone in your feelings!

madcobug said...

I have done very little shopping myself. No decorations have I put up yet. I will try to do that this weekend-hopefully. I usually have everything done by this time except the Christmas cooking of course. Have a safe trip going to see your Grandmama. I hope your tummy eases up soon. Hugs, Helen

plieck30 said...

Hope you are feeling better today. Glad you had a nice time at the game. Paula

geocachelinda66 said...

You sound as if you have been very busy!  Linda

mumma4evr said...

oh..I hate burning tummy

bhbner2him said...

Too much to do and no time to think!  I tend to get a little crazed myself when things get that way.  So far, so good here.  Praying your days slow down enough you can enjoy them.  -  Barbara

mcknansmom said...

i think two weeks off would be a great idea!  take caretina

gen0507 said...

We just put our tree up on Wed. night.  It's very hectic here too.  I don't have time to sneeze.


malagutigrrl said...

You know, I've discovered that when things don't get done, the world doesn't end. ;)

hestiahomeschool said...

We haven't gotten a tree yet, either, with moving and all. It does not really feel like Christmas at all...but we are going to be happy once we move in.

I have two chicken questions for you:

I was going to order my from mcmurrays (?)  My husband thinks 25 chickens for a 5-8 member family is too much. Since they are mixed sexes, I was thinking we would probably have about twelve chickens that lay...but we won't kill and eat the roosters, so what do you do? Can you get just females? Is twelve enough?

love, Kas