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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Welcome to the World, Ruby

Shelby has already named this chick. Hope it is a girl..she named it Ruby.

I had to help Ruby out of the shell. Shelby said the chick had been trying to get out since last night and that is long enough.

Not to mention Ruby was in the egg upside down. So that would have made it harder for her to get out.

She is going to be white. She is all yellow now. That will change when she grows older, she may get some more distinctive markings as her feathers come in.

We do have one problem. When chicks hatch, their legs are drawn up and their toes are closed together next to each other. Rubys right leg was out, and the toes were splayed. That is not good. We will have to do everything we can to correct that leg so she can stand normally or she wont survive.

Here is Ruby...


PC060004 PC060005

Don't be alarmed at that little blood spot. This happens sometimes when they come out of the shell and their bellybutton may bleed just a little tiny bit from the seperation of it from the yolk sac it got its nutrition from as it grew.


madcobug said...

Awww, how cute she is. I hope it's leg gets ok. Guess if it's a he you can call him Rudy. Helen

breakaway1968 said...

AWWW so can you hold him at this stage or is that to damaging to it?  I have wanted chickens for a long time but my hubby says they smell to bad!  I know we used to have them as a kid and I never remember them really smelling that bad but maybe kids don't notice that lol.  He/she is adorable!  i sure hope it's leg is ok.  What do you have to do to correct that?  

breakaway1968 said...

Thanks for the idea on Funniest home Videos!  I think I may just try that!  I will let you know if I do and how it turns out.

robinngabster said...

Oh man...now I want a chick!  Ruby is a cute name, I hope she grows strong and lives long!  Cheep cheep cheep

blazensun said...

AWWWW how cute. Hope his left leg will be alright.


ally123130585918 said...

Kelly I hope Ruby will be OK and you can sort that leg out ~ she is so cute ~ Ally x

plieck30 said...

Welcome Ruby! You just don't know what a good home you have come into. Paula

gen0507 said...

Awww, isn't she precious?  If anyone can help this chick....it's you Kelly.


tampa0503 said...

Aww..what a little thing!  Is the reason her leg is deformed is because she was upside down?  And just wondering..how can you tell a chick is upsidde down?


acoward15 said...

Congratulations, and as always, great pictures.

wwfbison said...

OMG, this is awesome, she is just wonderful!!!!  Awe, the miracle of life.....awesome - THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this with us!!!!!

nelishianatl said...

If it's a boy she should name it Jack Ruby. Just a thought.  How come it's leg is deformed already?  This is such a precious little picture.  I so love it.