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Friday, December 28, 2007

Mama, Erin, and Darby

These two pictures are the only two I took at Christmas. I really don't know why. I am a very avid picture taker. I think I was just caught up in visiting and everything going on. I should try to capture moments better from now on.

Darby is only three months old. As you can see he won't be a lap dog for very much longer but he is just as sweet and cuddly as you can possibly dream to imagine. He is an Irish Wolfhound. Cristi had to bring him with John (Ians Dad) and her because he is not used to being left alone and is recovering from what they think might have been a stroke at five weeks old. He is from the litter of 12 that were all lost but him, along with his mother.

John and Cristi had both asked Ian and I if it was okay to bring him. You know us. Any animal is welcome here. We are very accommodating when it comes to animals. We had every comfort for him even though they brought a kennel and his blankets. They ended up not even needing the kennel as he enjoyed the coolness out on the screened in porch.

Different breeds have such different temperaments. This breed is so layed back, even as a pup. He was fun to have around that day, even if Tip was a bit jealous and didnt like having him on her turf. She was just reacting like any dog would. This is her territory, period. I understand, and everything is back to normal now, thank goodness.


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malagutigrrl said...

I love Irish Wolfhounds!  You don't see them very often.  He's gonna be big but not in a Marmaduke kind of way.  I hear that Irish Wolfhoungs always stay laid back.  A good trait in a big dog, eh?

madcobug said...

He is sure going to be big, what a long tail. Those are good picturres. Helen

wwfbison said...

Oh he is a cutie, what a long tail he has!  You are so nice to let them bring him, if I come to see you can I bring ALL of my gang?  LOL    ~ No one could be THAT nice! ~

breakaway1968 said...

Oh so adorable WOW do those dogs get big lol  Hope to see a full grow pic later on.