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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve...2007

What will y'all be doing this evening?

I can tell you over the years we have toned down our New Years Eve. Last year I don't believe we had anyone over? I can't remember for sure...but I remember right after the ball dropped on TV we headed for bed.

After all the company we had on Christmas day and the day after Christmas I really was ready for some solitude. I try to be flexible though...especially when my husband goes and breaks the rules of solitude.

We had both agreed, no company for a WHILE. Maybe even for two months or so.

Brian called Ian a few days ago...you know how guys are...ho humming...might come over...might not, just have to see...you know how guys are, nothing confirming anything. I didnt know of this...not right away.

Karen called and wanted to know what we were doing for New Years eve. I told her not a thing. I told her after all that company we were hiding out. She understood...

Then I called Ian at work to chat while he was on break. This is when I tell him that I talked to Karen and begged off having company...and this is when he told me that Brian MIGHT be coming by...on New Years Eve...SIGHHH.....

I told him he broke the rules and now I look like a dumb a$$ telling Karen we arent having any company.

I tell him now I am going to have to call her back as she will talk to Brian and know he is coming and wonder why I didnt have her and Tiffany over...which if I had KNOWN that Brian might be coming I would have never told her THAT. Blahhhhhh...

So I called her back, told her what was going on, to come on.

SO not having any company was out the door.


Last night I was at Walmart getting groceries and my phone rang. It was Brian...and so I asked him if he was still coming over. He said, yeah, if that was alright. I asked him if he had talked to Karen yet...No..so I told him they were coming too.

Then he tells me the twins usually go back to their mom on Sunday night, which was last night of course, but he didnt know if this was going to be the case as it was a holiday. Then he asks if it is okay to bring them.

What am I supposed to say...NO???

They really are sweet, but they are loud and noisy and giggly and screechy and squeally and heavy footed upstairs...and down the stairs and through the house...did I mention they are loud?

I feel like that cartoon where the old bear is in his den trying to get some sleep..and I think it is a Droopy cartoon.

"What are ya DEEF or sumpin'? Can't you see I am trying to get some sleep???" On and on...funny cartoon.

We are more or less a quiet family. We have our moments of cutting up, barking with the dog, laughing and stomping..but they dont go on...and on...and on...and on...for hours and hours...you get what I am saying?

When it is just Tiffany and Shelby they are quiet. You add the twins in and OMG it is like a HERD OF BUFFALO (Lisa, you would know what this sounds like, lol) are trampling upstairs, and down the stairs...and through the house...all day.


So I dont know if they will be coming in addition to Brian or not. We will have to see, but I can tell you, my threshold of tolerance is very thin right now so those buffalo are going to have to be turned into MICE if they show up.

I also plan on making them go walking with us this evening. Oh yes, we are still going walking, with or without company. It is our routine, period. How would that be to NOT go on New Years Eve...the eve of new resolutions and all. Going to to tomorrow too...wonder if they will all go or stay here...we will see!

The good thing is...Brian and Karen, and the kids...are not really 'company' in the way that if you are having company you have to clean and cook special. That is one plus...so other than the noise...we will probably be alright.

Just no buffalo...please...no buffalo running through the house.









geocachelinda66 said...

I know what you mean about buffalo, I hate Sarah having friends over, the noise and squealing etc...  Linda

madcobug said...

Happy New Year reguardless of the company and noise. Helen

bhbner2him said...

Gee, I think I've found someone crankier than I am!  ;o)  LOL  One good thing about most of our family gatherings, they tend to happen outdoors and stay outdoors.  So if you get tired of the blather you can retreat indoors.  My New Years Eve will be spent here at the house nursing a very sick little Hannah Bug.  Shotgun is loaded, in case of trespassers.  ;o)  -  Barbara

malagutigrrl said...

I don't usually go anywhere on NYE only because I think it's the most dangerous night of the year to be on the road.  But we're going to a close by afternoon get together with some close friends of mine.  Me AND Ma.  Which is good.  

plieck30 said...

I can just hear Brian ho humming in this entry and the buffaloes up stairs too. Hope it won't be too stressful for you. Happy New Year, Paula

nelishianatl said...

I think  I would have stood my ground because I can't deal with other people ignoring their out of control loud inconsiderate brats, laughing hehe, kids will be kids crapola as an excuse not to be an active involved parent.  But when they're your friends it's a hard judgement call to make.  Good for you  for still keeping your routine.

I'm hoping you have a wonderful 2008 you and your whole family,


ally123130585918 said...

Kelly I hope the day goes well for you and there isn't too much noise :o)   Happy and Peaceful new year to you and yours ~ Ally x

wwfbison said...

Too bad your plans for a quiet new years got busted ~ I hate when that happens.  I know what a herd of buffalo sound like....yeppers!!  I would like to wish you a happy new year, may 2008 prove to be a great year for you, Ian & Shelby.  

mcknansmom said...

good luck with the Buffalos.....but company that you can be completely relaxed around is the best if you just have to have company....you will have fun!

gen0507 said...

I know what you mean....I don't like a whole lot of company either.  ESPECIALLY company that spends the night.   Arrrrrrrr


breakaway1968 said...

I so agree with you on this one!  I am behind on alerts so I'm curious as to how your night turned out...buffalo or mice!?