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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Listen, Watch

Yes, what IF everyone CARED? What a world this could be.



kellygib1@hotmail.com said...

If it were only that easy... too bad we just couldn't hit ctrl., alt., delete to start some things all over again...
hope you have a great day...

nelishianatl said...

In my life, I've seen so many things happen in this world that I cannot just stand and do nothing ever again.  I was so moved by my two solitary trips to Kenya that I can never be silent again.  I'm radical in my beliefs and hopefully inspiriing in my convictions.

I CARE.  This video I had never ever seen before.  I am moved again today.  It has me thinking.  Thank you thank you thank you for stirring up that part of me that likes to speak up and speak out for injustice.


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luvrte66 said...

Love the band, and what a great song and video. It choked me up.


wwfbison said...

This is an excellent song & video as well.  I remember when I first saw the video I was just so moved by it and the words to the song.  I see someone is becoming a Nickelback groupie....wonder who that could be?????  ;)  JK!

gen0507 said...

I love this too!!!