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Monday, September 29, 2008

Gas Found

I went round the world so to speak and ended up right by the house to get gas...go figure. But let me explain.

I headed out, checking Burtons store first. No numbers on the signs. That means no gas. I saw one or two lingering vehicles...but figured they were just out of luck, but looking anyway.

As I headed south on 101 I had some @ss decide I needed to do at LEAST 70. Um, to save gas, you dont speed, thats for sure. I continued to go the speed limit, which was 55, feeling the burn in the back of my head as he stared holes through me I am sure.

I dropped the trash at the local dump while I was out and headed back south on 101. Pinions was out of gas. Shell...out of gas. Going into Rockmart I passed by two small gas stations. Each had lines at least ten cars long going both ways into the little parking lots to the little island of two or four pumps.

I kept going, heading out 278 west...passing a Cowboys and a Citgo...completely out of gas.

Back up Hwy 27 to Collard Valley Road, I cut through back to where I started...at Burtons.

Well looky there, there is a line forming. I pulled in and got in line, being the next in line. As I sat there and watched more people pulling in one of the ladies that works there came out and put bags over both sides of one of the two pumps they have. Out of gas on the first one she says. I pull to the next one after the man in front of me has finished.

It was all in an orderly fashion. The lady that works there took peoples money or credit card, one at a time, taking it to the other lady at the counter in the store. By the time you got done pumping your gas, you pulled off to the side so the next person could start fueling while you went in and got your reciept. Very efficient.

I filled up the old truck and a five gallon container for 92.00 thereabouts.

The news keeps saying...don't get more than you need. Blah blah blah, that we are part of the reason everyone is running out, everyone is filling up. Well you know what..when the news tells you there may not be any gas consistantly delivered to the Atlanta metro area and beyond until October 13...you get ALL YOU CAN. Because what I got, will only last til Friday for Ian going back and forth to work. If you are lucky enough to find it, get all that you can, cause you WILL need it all.

I am sure by now Burtons is bone dry. I feel fortunate to have gotten the gas. Now I got to go out and wash the poor old girl so she will be presentable for use all this coming week, and possibly the next.

I did think of taking the camera Chrissie, but I just didnt. It was one of those times where you know, you just dont feel like it.

I wonder what is going to happen next week. How far will this go? I wonder if we will be able to get gas for Ian to get back and forth to work next week, much less go to the Fair.

I just don't understand why there arent tankers coming in from other parts of the country. Its not like the southeast lives on an island and we are hard to get to.

What about the stock markets today eh? It doesnt look good folks. No gas, no money. Are we destined for horse and buggy and bartering? We will see....yes, we will see.


luvrte66 said...

Glad you were able to find some, Kelly. I just don't know what is going on with the gas shortages in the south...craziness. The whole day was crazy, with the stock market, etc.

Hugs, Beth

geocachelinda66 said...

Government claims gas is coming.  Haven't had a problem up here in NY yet.  Linda

wwfbison said...

How crazy is that, driving all over and not finding anything.  Is this all because of Ike?  I feel bad for you guys down there - you are right, it would seem like you are living on an island somewhere that gas had to be shipped to.  I hope the supply comes soon for the South.  I should rent a tanker and bring some down...there ya go...Lisa's Bootleg Gas!  Just trying to make you smile a little!!!

mosie1944 said...

I don't get it either.  Hereabouts, gas is $3.16 a gallon.  Cheapest it's been in a long time.

gen0507 said...

The whole situation is just crazy!  I'm just trusting the Lord to get us through!


plieck30 said...

Everything is just crazy. Glad you were able to get your gas and hope it straightens out by time you need it again. Paula

deshelestraci said...

Great fun.  We have more gas now but it was rough for a while.

nay0114 said...

Well if we are going back to the old days then you are ahead of the game.
I hope that your husband will be able to continue going to work. It is really bad for some.
I don't even wanna talk about the stock market as I have lost most of what I had. Just sickening. But I wasn't for that buyout I don't care what happens to the rest of us. No one comes to take care of the everyday person when they need help so screw the corporate leaders.
Take care, Chrissie

bojgill4375 said...

Things sure don't look good at all. Janie

solace223 said...

If you decide to head to another journaling/blogging place, please let me know so I can follow you.  My new home will be at blogger.  http://animalrescuerslife.blogspot.com/  Hope the gas shortage lets up some down there soon.

nay0114 said...

Since AOL is closing jounrals at the end of the month, I have already moved and made a new one. Here's where I'm at
IF you decide to keep journaling please let me know where you went to.
Take care, Chrissie

howiseeit101 said...

Don't forget me....you can find me at nwm64@aol.com   from now on.
Karen from  How I See It

kristijohnson72 said...

You asked why there aren't tankers coming in from around the country....It would cost more to truck the fuel in than what they could sell it for.  At least what they could sell it for without having the folks breathing down their necks for 'gouging'.  Mind you it's not gouging if it is to cover legitmate costs like transportation.  

Here is a link to diesel prices at Petro truck stops.  


Keep in mind semis get crappy milage compared to a car or passenger truck and look at the fuel costs and it starts to make sense.

Hope this helps somehow.