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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Freecycle Find!


I love old furniture. I have two end tables I got at a yard sale for fourteen dollars that had burn marks and scratches all on the tops of them. But it was REAL wood. It was made sturdy. The date it was made is still on a little piece of cardboard stapled to the bottom of one of the tables. 1954 I think it says(Yes I left it there). I sanded down the tops of those two tables, stained it and varnished the tops. Good as new, maybe even better.

I didn't know what to expect today when I answered a Freecycle ad from a neighboring town here in my county. The ad said it was a China cabinet in real good condition. I thought, okay, probably a pressed board one or something. There was no picture of it posted. I got first dibs on the cabinet. I went out there to Cedartown and got it. This is what I picked up!




This young man looking to be in his late 20s came out of what I believe used to be his grandmothers house. I say this because it was packed with his grandmothers old furniture along with his and his girlfriends current furniture. He says his girlfriend likes the new looking furniture and doesnt want them to keep the old stuff. Fine by me, I will take it! He also has another piece, a hutch that matches. A lady is supposed to come and get it this afternoon, but if it turns out she doesnt find what she is expecting and doesnt want it, I WANT IT. He also has a big bookcase, desk cabinet thing that he is getting rid of too. Yes, I sure will take it. Freecycle is a wonderful thing. I did take him a dozen of my wonderful free range eggs as a token of my appreciation for giving away such a wonderful piece of furniture. He said he could probably sell the furniture, but he just doesnt want to fool with it.

It was his grandmothers furniture. So this stuff is probably pretty old. I like it. :)

Now there is some work to be done. If I do receive the other piece (which I will know by tonight) I will probably try to take off the dark varnish and put on some lighter color, like oak. Or, I might go with that whitewash color type painting technique, is that what its called? Do you know what I mean? If it was a whitewashed type white color it would match the kitchen cabinets. I don't know. I havent decided yet. Here are two more pictures of it opened up. You can see on the feet the laminate has started to chip away. That will have to be dealt with also.


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sharonna1955 said...

wow what a find its beautiful .i dont know what free cycle is here in massachusetts ive never heard of it good luck on getting the other pieces .

bjm125b said...

Oh Kelly how lucky you are, my oldest daughter Teresa, you know your chicken twin, would love that, her house is filled with antiques furtinure, lamps everything beds , from her great granmothers she also goes to autions an has bought some  that matches some pieces that she has. She is having trouble with a chicken kicking her babies out of the nest she has lost 2 an the rest she put under another chicken. It was not too happy to have extra babies but she has excepted them ok. She is going to sell the bad chicken, says she is a worthless mother..LOL I do have to laugh at you and her because you are so much alike when it comes to your animals. Have a good day and good luck getting the other things. ..B.J.

deshelestraci said...

What a deal!  Good for you!

luvrte66 said...

Holy moley, what a great find! I've heard of FreeCycle, but have never tried it. It's a great way to reduce, reuse, recycle!!

Is this piece solid wood? If so, I think I'd want to strip and refinish it. My Mom has done that with many pieces over the years, and the results are beautiful. If it's laminate, it seems like it would do better with the whitewash you mentioned. Good luck on getting the matching piece--it really is a nice one!


gen0507 said...

Wow ~ what a find!!!  I've never heard of Freecycle either.  Maybe I need to find out more about it though.  I hope you get the other piece too.


madcobug said...

He could have got a good bit for that if he sold it. I have one similiar to that, that we bought at an estate sale probably close to 30 years ago. Mine sits on taller legs and doesn't have as much storage space. It has the decoration on the top like that but has a good bit of curlicules carved into the wood. My daughter is to get it when I am no longer living. I have my china in it that I never use LOL. I don't know if there is a freecyle going on around here or not.  Hugs, Helen

domsmom27 said...

I luv it!  Me too, I like old stuff.I still have my bedroom set that my mother bought me when we got married 41 years ago. Its been painted a time or two, but they don't make them like that anymore.  I hope you get what you want.

breakaway1968 said...

OMG are they crazy!?  That is a great find!  Wish I could find stuff like that.

mcknansmom said...

what an amzaing find!!!!!  they are fools.  
take cae

plieck30 said...

I've heard of free cycle but never checked it out. Probably not out here but San Antonio. Hope you get the other piece. Paula

nay0114 said...

Now you happened on some good furniture there I don't care what that boy thought. Youngesters! I love old things too my whole house is full of it. My kids on the other hand like the new fake stuff that falls apart a year after you get. I mean my things have been around a 100yrs or more. I have all my things in an oak stain.
Post pictures after you figure out what you're doing with it. Heck take whatever he's willing to part with that is a steal.
Hugs, Chrissie

wwfbison said...

That is a wonderful find, doesn't it just tickle to find something like this, bring it back to life and put it in your home!  I hear about Freecycle but have no idea what it is.

bojgill4375 said...

That is a great find. We live too far away to really try to get free cycle here. You have seen what all we have and I don't think I want my husband starting on free cycle. lol Have a good week. Blessings, Janie