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I am a 42 year old woman that is about as happy and content as one person can be. My husband of 21 years and our 15 year old daughter live on five and a half acres out in the country. We moved from the city four years ago and never looked back. I homeschool our daughter. We also love our animals. Our daughter has a miniature horse and two rabbits. We also have a border collie, two cats (again), two pot belly pigs, four peafowl, three emus, 2 llamas and an undetermined number of chickens, lets just say ohhh about 200. I have many breeds, from layers to fancy chickens. I love poultry shows, I love fowl in general as I have come to find out through having more than just chickens. Chickens will always be my first love though. I do show some of my birds occasionally.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Latest Grow Pen

The first grow pen I made needs to be redone. It was my first one, and with first ideas come some not so great ideas that need modifying. Like instead of using 5000 clothespins to hold the netting on top on, actually using twine to 'sew' it shut, like you see on the new one. This one is shorter than the first one I made because Lowes didnt have the poles nor the fencing the size I used last time, which was five foot poles, stuck in the ground, four foot tall. With four foot tall green wire. This one is four foot poles, three foot tall in the ground with three foot wire. They don't seem to mind at all. The tarp is heavy duty. I dont even fool with the cheapy ones anymore. The wind shreds those.


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gen0507 said...

Wow.  I'd hate to see anything I built.  i'd even be more afraid of anything living thing staying in it.  The (POLISH I THINK) one that is black & white stripped is beautiful.  It sticks out with it's beautiful colors.


bojgill4375 said...

Looks like A LOT of work and a pretty good job!! lol Have a great weekend. Janie

breakaway1968 said...

I absolutely love your videos!  Those polish are SO cute!  I so can't wait...I hope the one that has strong looking veins makes it.  And I hope the other two make it too!  

vfetui said...

I do love to hear a rooster crow!
Vicki in Birmingham

plieck30 said...

Good job. I thought of you yesterday while I was sitting in the truck waiting for John to talk to Juan. Their rooster kept picking around the ground near the truck. He wasn't as pretty as your's but he was pretty. lol Paula

geocachelinda66 said...

If I die and come back as a chicken, I want to be on your farm.  Of course my Ex will probably come back as a fox...  LOL!  Linda

wwfbison said...

They all look happy & content!  I don't bother with the cheap tarps anymore either, with what you pay to replace them from the wind you could have bought a good one.  We use the exact same netting on our chicken pens.  Job well done there lady!!!

grahamfarmga said...

I saw someone that had his chicken pens set up to where he could move them around. I dont rember where it was. after chickens have been in a pen a while there is no grass. So he just moved his pens.

ally123130585918 said...

Kelly you do so well with the pens you build ~ I wouldn't know where to start ~ I think your Chickens must be in Chicken Heaven when they end up with you ~ and not one of them would ever want to leave :o) ~ Ally x

howiseeit101 said...

Hi Kelly,
An awful lot has gone on with you and your chicks since I last read your entries.  So glad the fox was caught and destroryed, but sadden with your loss.