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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Mexican Friends

My pictures are loading right now so I thought I would fill the time with what happened with my Mexican friends. I would say hispanic, but, they themselves call themselves of Mexican descent, so they are in fact from Mexico.

I was able to get up 42 eggs for their incubator by Sunday. Friday they stopped in and brought their incubator for me to see and show them how to use it. They have a newer version of mine. It has something pretty neat added. Instead of pouring the water down into a reservior in the styrofoam bottom itself they now come with a clear plastic tray to insert into the bottom. A great idea so because that is the part that gets the dirtiest and needs to be disinfected between hatches. Ricardo, their son told me they had tried to use it before, but didn't know what they were doing. Turns out his mom had poured water all down into the bottom everywhere. Too much humidity, and didnt pull out at least one of the plugs in the lid. So basicly if there was development they babies drowned in the egg because the humidity in the incubator was way way too high. I showed them the specifics of how to use it.

I had taken time that morning to write out everything I could think of to help them raise the chicks in that notebook I bought on Thursday. They do not have a computer or access to the internet at home so the book will be very helpful to them.

Ricardo translated everything we said back and forth to each other. I wish I could speak better Spanish. Even though school is over for the summer I have been using Shelbys course CDs and booklet to try and learn more.

Ricardos dad was in love with Johnny, my Sumatra rooster. He asked if he could bring his black game hen to mate the two of them. I said I would have to look her over and quarantine her for a little bit, but sure. They won't be full blooded, but he should get some nice chickens out of the two of them. He had asked me earlier in the week, so Friday he brought her. She looked fantastic. No bugs, in perfect condition. They all kept saying how mean she was and that she would bite. She never bit me or struggled with me at all. Now I will say that I realized she was broody. So she was grumpy. I told them I would put her on a wire bottom cage and break her broodiness. She should begin to lay again after I break her, then she can go in with Johnny.

Saturday morning Ricardos dad went to work with Jim. Jim teaches Math at the local college twice a week and that tends to cut into his work time around the farm, so he needs the extra help.

At ten minutes til seven the door bell rang. There stood Ricardos dad with a sackful of tamales!!! Real ones, not anything like you get at a mexican restaurant. Maria, his wife had said she would make some for us as we had got to talking about real mexican food. They were still warm! That woman had been up early cooking those tamales. So guess what we had for breakfast??? ;) We had the rest for supper that evening. They were awesome, really good food. The chicken was so tender in the tamale, I asked what was in it the next day because we thought it must be some kind of beef, but it had been soaked in the sauce, and it was in fact chicken. She had put just the right amount of jalepeno peppers in with the chicken as it was not too hot. The wrapping was Masa...corn flour, hand made. They were really so so good.

The next day, Sunday, when they came to get the eggs I had been saving them for the incubator she had cooked us up another meal! I cant remember what it was called now, mind is blank, but you know it was just sooooo good!

We actually sat around and talked for quite a while and once they saw the cochin babies they wanted to see the parents, so I took them out to see Buck Buck, Beauty and Babe. They want to get some hatching eggs from them also. They arent laying right now, but I told them when I do get some I will let them know.

They are just amazing people. I know a lot of people have a bad outlook on hispanics because there is a procedure they must go through to become a citizen and when some don't it becomes a problem.

I dont honestly know if they are legal or not. Both Ricardo and his younger sister were born here. Ricardo in California and his sister here. It is so strange...when she first spoke, I did a double take! She has an extreme southern accent like myself! Ricardo told me then that she was born here, so that explains that! He says he doesnt know what his accent is because he has been here and in California. Anyway, they are just really nice, hard working, friendly folks. We got to talking and they are going to go with me to the show next February. Once Ricardo told his dad how big it was he was really interested in going. I think they will love it.

I could tell that Ricardo was in love with the Serama. He was always holding one and looking over them. So when I showed them the babies in the house I gave his sister and him one of the Serama rooster chicks. You can tell early which ones are boys in this breed. He asked his mom first of course. ;) She said yeah, sure! I told them both it has to be a pet, it cant go out with the other chickens and in the yard. They agreed and said they would keep it like I keep Phoenix, or Bonnie and Clyde, like a pet.

So that is the story of my new mexican friends. I only wish there wasnt such a language barrier. Maybe one day I will be able to speak more Spanish. :)

OH yes, and I definitely let Maria know how much we enjoyed her cooking! Fantastic cook! :)


madcobug said...

That was so good of you to try to help them. That food she made sounds delicious.
I hope they have good luck with hatching those chickens. Hugs, Helen

wwfbison said...

They sound like delightful people and I am sure the food is as good as it gets, better than any resturant for sure.  I don't judge folks by what they are as in ethnicity ~ I look at WHO they are instead.  You will probably pick up spanish the more you talk to them.

plieck30 said...

Nothing like fresh homemade tamales. We have lots of mexican friends as we are so close to Mexico. Paula

breakaway1968 said...

Aww what a sweet story!  I love this story. I wish I were your neighbor but then hubby said that would pose a problem...I TOO would end up with a 150 chickens!  HAHA  He's prob right but then I thought...OH I could PAY kelly to  make my coop or show me how lol  

rdautumnsage said...

They truly do sound like delightful people. It's never a matter of what blood runs through their viens rather, respect and the heart of the person. I agree the more you talk to them , the more probablitity you will have of picking up some of the Spanish. (Hugs)Indigo