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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last Weekend

I hope everyone is having a fine Saturday morning. It has been a good one so far with me.

I haven't gotten a chance to talk about last weekend when my sister Patti and my two neices Kathryn and Ashley came to visit.

I am always excited to have visitors. We just don't get that many out here because we don't live close to anyone anymore. This visit was extra special though since it was my family.

Friday afternoon Patti and the kids (I say kids, but they are 18 and 21, lol) made their way up Hwy 27 from Columbus to Cedartown.

Now I don't go over that way often. If I do, its just to pay the water bill. So I didnt realize they had totally rerouted part of Hwy 27 coming up right at the specific turn off I had put on the directions. The turn off was now a loop road into the Cedartown business district! OOPS! It makes sense what they did, they made it where you don't have to turn, you just go straight through to Hwy 278, but I didnt know a thing about it all...so Patti ended up in Cedartown and I had to get on Google maps and guide her in from where she was. OOPS, I say...OOPS. ;)

They pulled up before dark, which was the goal. Neither Patti nor I like to drive in the dark. We just can't see at all. We threw together some sandwiches and chips for supper and visited for a bit before hitting the sack.

We had plans to do the cookout and swimming pool deal, but Ian had other plans. Oh boy, what happened next threw him all out of whack.

He had had a great morning. We had killed that fox, so that was very encouraging for a good day. He was out at the pool cleaning the bottom with the brush vacuum, not just the vacuum. Things were going along fine. Then for whatever reason that cheap little plastic clip that holds the different heads onto the pole...BROKE. But he didnt know it. He pulled back on the pole...minus the brush head and pushed back like the brush head was still on...and rammed a hole right into the pool floor. A perfectly round puncture the size of the end of the pole. We later found the pool lining piece in that punched out circle shape.

Now Ian doesnt get upset. He doesnt cuss. But he did now. I heard the pole being slammed down and the F word said. Something had really happened to make him do this. I came around the corner from the garage and he told me what had happened. Normally he is the calm cucumber and I am the raging lunatic but this time the roles were reversed and I had to be the calming effect.

So I did the only thing I knew to do! I jumped in the truck and headed for Rome as fast as I could to the pool place and got a patch.

I was only gone an hour. By the time I got back the pool was halfway drained. We decided just to let it drain all the way down and that way he could patch it easier.

He did manage to get the patch on, but it still has a slow leak. We filled the pool and by Sunday Patti, the girls, Shelby, Ian and I were all able to enjoy the pool...but it was a bit cold because the water was fresh from the hose.

Saturday we decided on the spur of the moment that it would be best to go this day to visit Mama and Daddy. We have the same Daddy, by the way, but different moms. Patti doesnt like to get on unfamiliar highways and I285 can get hectic with all the big trucks coming through. So we got ready and went over there for the day. Its an hour and a half drive, but we made a day of it and had a nice time. Mama had everything needed to make sub sandwiches so we had a nice lunch. It was a really nice visit.

Patti took a lot of pictures. She is sending me a CD with them so I will be able to share more, but until then I have a few she sent of all the girls over the weekend having fun. I will put those at the end of the entry.

We got home Saturday night and I started up the grill and cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs. I had potato salad made up too.

We had stopped by the upscale liquor store and bought some supplies to make marguaritas so we made up some of those. After awhile we settled in and watched one of Shelbys Jeff Dunham CDs. They had never seen him before and thought he was pretty darn funny.

Sunday we spent all day relaxing and visiting. I cooked breakfast for everyone and then it was pool time and leftovers from cooking out for lunch.

It was just so nice to have them here. I hated for them to go. There is just never enough time to catch up and be with family is there? I guess I should be thankful for the time we do have, and I am.

Shelby is a teenager now, so she felt included more and had a great time with her cousins. On the way back from Mama and Daddys we jammed out to all kinds of music from the girls Ipods and CDs. We had a singing crew going on behind us at times, in stereo! Shelby, Kathryn and Ashley knew a lot of the same songs and they were partying in the back seat! :) It was a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures Patti sent to me in email.



Shelby sitting in the back partying with Kat and Ash.




The girls pouring attention over Tip. She is scared of the flash on cameras, but Patti took it quick so she wouldnt get too scared and run to her bed.




The girls having fun in the pool.

and below a shot of Shelby in the pool.



They all just loved the animals. The goats were Ashley and Kathryns favorites though. The emus were very friendly and they fed them bread. Derby was a good boy and everyone loved seeing all the other animals. Shelby showed everyone her rabbits. I showed all my new babies and Patti was amazed at all that I had hatched. I am a proud chicken mama. ;) Their favorite was Elvis Jr. You remember this is the Polish that was born on the same day poor Elvis passed away. They thought Elvis Jr. was just a cutie pie. Patti took pics of the girls with that chick too, so those will come on the CD.

It was just a fantastic weekend. That is the whole of it, just a very nice weekend, even if there was a hole in the pool at first. ;)


gen0507 said...

Looks like a Wonderful time was had by all!!  I bet Ian was a little upset about the pool deal.  I know I would have been too.  I can't wait to see the other pictures.  have a great weekend.  You'll have to tell me how to make the Marguaritas.  My hubby just said last night he'd like to try one.  Send the directions to me if you don't mind.


robinngabster said...

What fun!!!!!

mumma4evr said...

looks like fun!!!

madcobug said...

Sounds like a good tome was had by all after the pool was fixed. Hugs, Helen

bojgill4375 said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. The 2 sisters look almost like twins. :-) Very pretty girls. The pool looks like a lot of fun. I would like to have one but it wouldn't get used enough. Tip is a pretty dog. Hope you have a restful weekend. Janie

rdautumnsage said...

Looks like everyone had an enjoyable time! (Hugs)Indigo

breakaway1968 said...

Aww the girls are all so beautiful!  I can't believe how different Shelby is looking now.  I LOVE that picture of her in that hat!  Love her hair in that one too.  I want to see that Elvis Jr!  lol  One of the C Serama eggs had to be tossed :(  It was scrambles and the air sac was broke.  Nothing in it but cleardom.  The B's look to ALL be alive and veining!  I am SO excited about that!  I may have to make a BIGGER Serama hut huh??  lol  

plieck30 said...

Shelby is getting to be quite the young lady. All pretty girls and the pool looks so refreshing. Paula

nelishianatl said...

I am most glad that Shelby was included at last.  I remember how bad it feels to be left out and it looked like she was accepted and finally had fun at last.  And to think that Patti's step-Mom, which is your Mom made a nice time for Patti and they all enjoyed it tells me what a good family you actually have.  I have a husband the same way as your Ian.  If he gets upset, there's really something to be upset about.  Usually, I'm the hysterical dramatic one he has to calm down too.  I loved the pictures.  So sorry about your pool.  That is a PITA to have happened.  Enjoy the rest of your summer in it as best you can.



solace223 said...

If you ever need warm water in the pool within a day or so, you can buy an adapter for your kitchen sink, hook the hose to that, run it outside and viola, warm water, instead of ice!  Glad you got to visit with the family.  I don't know how I would handle having people at my house that long.  I can play hostess for a day or two but after that I run out of ideas and wish someone else would take over for me!  ;)

wwfbison said...

Things like poking a hole in the pool liner will make even the coolest cucumber break out into a chorus of F bombs!  Poor Ian, I bet he was livid.  I'm glad you came to the rescue and it is holding up for you.  The pool looks so inviting.  My mom just had hers opened last week by the pool people but it isn't ready yet.  It sounds like you had a great weekend with your family and alot of good times just relaxing, which you surely deserve.

katashmom said...

Well my sister dear, we had a wonderful time at your house last weekend!  It's too bad that our lives are so busy that we don't get to see each other often right now, but I know that will change with the years.  You and I are so alike in many ways, except you are the country girl and I am the city girl.  It makes for a nice time for us because it is such a beautiful getaway for me and the girls.  Shelby has become such a young lady since the last time I aaw her.  And so beautiful too!  I enjoyed spending time with her now that she is out of her stage where she likes to spend time alone!  Thanks for taking us to daddy's on Saturday.  Sorry I am such a spaz about traffic, lol!  On a different note..... I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you.  The way you take care of all of your animals, feeding them, trimming them, etc. is amazing in itself.  Knowing you get up at the crack of dawn to start your day cooking breakfast, tending to the critters, hatching new babies, homeschooling Shelby, doing all the regular home stuff (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning), and cooking lunch and dinner for your family too! And keep this journal going.  There is NO WAY I could do all of that and you are officially MY HERO.  Superwoman.  I just wanted everyone to know how amazing you are!  I love you so very much and can't wait to see you again.  Patti