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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Third Dose Of Me Today

So I am pretty erratic with my posts arent I???

I go from not posting for days on end to posting three in one day. Oh well, its all or nothing right now I guess! ;)

Shelbys school books just arrived a little while ago! For those that don't know, I homeschool Shelby. Don't worry, I know I mispelled the Sgt and Ltnt (?) earlier...I was just too lazy to look up the correct spelling. When its time to get serious and down to it, I do what is right.

I still have to order a Spelling/Vocabulary workbook as the one I ordered from Amazon is not going to be available..ever, according to them. I also need an 8th grade Language Arts book. I did find some other good workbooks on BarnesandNoble.com and TheSchoolBox.com. When I go down to visit Mama and take Mocha to the vet on Friday I will stop in at that School Box store and see if they have what I want instead of ordering and waiting in the mail. Not that it matters too much, we won't start til after Labor Day. I am old school when it comes to when we start. All the schools around here are already in session! What happened to three months off for summer vacation? Glad we dont have to conform to public school schedule anymore.

My Grandmama had this book she gave to me last year. She thought it would come in handy for Shelbys schooling. Turns out there is a whole line of these books. The one she gave me was The Handy Geography Answer Book.

Do you know Shelby retained more from that book (and so did I for that matter) than any other book last year? The format of the book is fantastic! It poses questions to peak your interest, and then gives you an explanation. It is easy to read and keeps your interest up easily. So...what I did was order MORE! It is also easy to make a test sheet from this type of format...which is what I did last year. Its more work for me, but I dont mind at all. So her test sheets will be made up each week from what she reads each week out of each book.

Here are those wonderful interesting books...



I know no matter what I do, school is still going to be...well...school to a teenager, but I think she will really get into these books. She even requested the History one. She says the books we used last year were boring and she didnt like to read it. They have an Ocean book and a Dinosaur Book. Both of these are areas of much interest to Shelby so I will order at least one of those soon for her free reading time. I always like for her to have something educational but what she has a big interest in to read to break up the day. No pressure on these, no tests, strictly for fun.

Well, I am going to go see what needs folding and hanging and putting away. I got to go see what all y'all are up to in between loads of laundry.

I am getting my alerts again...I hope everyone else is too.

I will leave you with some pictures of todays daytime heat along with Bubba in the bushes trying to stay cool. He was under the front porch til I called him out.


Photobucket Photobucket

crops across the street (soybeans I think)


Photobucket Photobucket

Coming soon...pictures of 19 roaming guinea keets with the three adults! I can't keep them contained anymore...they are out and about.


plieck30 said...

I admire you for your home school ability for Shelby. Bet she appreciates it too. Are your guineas playing watch dog yet? Paula

bongomaree said...

I am looking forward to more pictures of the baby keets.  Enjoying them as much as you are.  Bonnie

gen0507 said...

I bet those books are interesting.  The photos are cute of Bubba in the bushes.  Stay cool if you can.


lsfp1960 said...

My daughter has always home schooled my grandkids~They use "Switched on School House" for their curriculum. My grandson will be in 12th grade & my grand daughter will be in 10th grade this fall. She used different material in their early school years but 6½ years ago she had a massive stroke and is still paralyzed on the left side so the CD rolm curriculum was much easier for her to use.  I think home schooling is great!  Linda in Washington state

geocachelinda66 said...

You continue to amaze me!

bojgill4375 said...

Great pictures. Too funny about the guineas. Have a restful day. Janie

breakaway1968 said...

WOW you can just see the humidity in the air.  Right now it's 55 degrees here and we have all the windows open and it's COLD in here!  I could not handle that type of heat!  I would be PRAYING GOD for snow! LOL  

nelishianatl said...

I love that you are enthusiastic about it because it might be contageous to her.  I bought a bunch of stuff off of Ebay recently from this couple.  When I went to Katie's classroom yesterday, it didn't have as much stuff for all the children as I have for her.  I was wondering what you do with the homeschool material when she moves up to another grade?  If you are going to sell it, could you make me a reasonable offer?  Katie won't always be this little and then I could have it there for her.  I'm just learning about all of this.

You've given me some great ideas.  I'm going to miss teaching so much, but then having time at home... what's that?  

Post as much as you want/need to.  Your friends are always excited to hear from you.  I feel like that too when I post though,  I'm imagining virtual eye rolls and sighs.  Thanks so much for the timely letter.  I am sorry about that transmission.  What a PITA for Ian to have to contend with.