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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lunch Out and That Afternoon/Evening

We were both getting a little hungry. It was almost lunchtime. Remember I had told Sherry I was taking her out to Dinglewood for a scrambled dog. Do you know she lives 3.7 miles from Dinglewood Pharmacy...and has never been to eat there. That place is like a famous landmark in Columbus. She said it seems like she remembers her mom talking about it before though. Its been there forever...our parents all went there as kids.

Sherry wanted to get a sitter for Rebecca while we went out and had our lunch. I told her not to worry about it that she wouldnt be any trouble. She called three of her 'friends' that she babysits their kids for from time to time...two didnt answer...one had a lame excuse. We were only going to be gone about an hour...I mean really. This baby is good as gold and she is just no trouble. It all worked out for the best though because we took her on to Dinglewoods with us. She took her a good ole nap the whole time we ate. She woke up just in time to have her picture made with the Sargeant.

I politely waited at the end of the lunch counter until he wasnt jostling dogs and dishes and chili. I asked him if he could just take a minute to have his picture with a sweet baby girl. He was all smiles and was more than happy to. We started something because as soon as we were done we had a grandmother and her two grandaughters lining up and asking for a picture too...lol. I am sure he is used to it. This place is a big deal.

Sherry said she had never been there, but she knew she would be back. We both just ate that scrambled dog like it was the best thing we had ever tasted in our lives. As far as hot dogs go, I have to say, its just mana from heaven. ;) If you back up you can see a picture of a scrambled dog. It is still served in that type of dish too. The friendliest folks you could ask for in there. I got me a real cherry coke too. Thats coke, with cherry syrup added, like they used to do it.

After we got done eating we went on back to the house. We wanted to stop at the River Walk and take some good pictures of Rebecca but it had gotten overcast and started to sprinkle. Since neither of us had gotten much sleep, with a full tummy to boot, we were both feeling like a nap. I told her I didnt want to waste our visit time napping though and she agreed. We cranked up the coffee pot and got some good ole coffee going in our system and we spent the rest of the afternoon talking away about anything and everything.

Her older daughter, Kelsey, she is 8 or maybe its 9, she was at school all day, so there was not one disturbance or interruption the whole day. We talked freely without her butting in constantly and talking over us all day, like she tends to do. Its so hard for two adults to talk when a child is constantly in the middle talking and jumping up and down and whirling around the room and asking a hundred questions. I know Sherry can work around it, but I am not used to this. Shelby was never allowed to butt in and talk while adults were talking like that, not for hours on end for sure.

When Kelsey got home from school it was like this briefly, but she scooted down the street to a friends house until suppertime so it wasnt too bad. Sherry fixed the best supper. I was just raving over her pork chops! You see, I dont fry a lot of meat anymore. I know it tastes good, but its bad for you. I dont use salt much either, cause its bad for you. I am already on two blood pressure medicines...so salt and grease are something I try to keep to a minimum. Well she loads her pork chops up with Lawrys seasoning salt and salt and pepper and then cooks it in a pan with....not oil, but butter! OH MAN...they were sooooooo gooooood. Why does everything that is so tasty like that have to be so bad for you? She also made mashed potatoes with brown gravy and corn and green beans mixed together, and also cooked up some hamburger patties...they were tasty too, but ohhh those pork chops. We ate the rest of them for lunch the next day too, and they were still just so good!

Okay, here are a few more pictures...and then I will make another entry about the next morning and my trip home.



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madcobug said...

Great pictures. I bet that pork chp was delicious plus the veggies to go with it. Helen

nelishianatl said...

I have to change the way I cook soon but I don't cook any other way except Southern.  I don't cook my pork chops in butter though.  Just shortening.  Which is just as bad.
Katie is not nor were my children allowed to run up and interrupt whenever grownups are talking.  They know their place and it's not there.  That's really hard for me to deal with long periods of time.  A bratty child gets on my nerves.  It's took me almost a year to get the brattiness out of Katie.  And still working on it but then it's the normal four year old stuff.

You'll be so glad you got those pictures.  I've never had a scrambled dog.  They sound good enough to make you smack yo' momma! LOL

Love ya'll,

Private Journal

gen0507 said...

Those pork chops sound great!  I'm glad that y'all got to go get your scrambled dog. Mmmmm


fowfies said...

In case someone else sees it..yeah...his shirt DOES say Leutenant (stevens?) The Scrambled Dog King. So I am asking my sister if I am mixed up and that is actually not the Sargeant. It has been so many years...I could be completely mixed up. If I am wrong, she will tell me, and I can make the correction, but, he did answer to Sargeant when I called to him. I know, its that blonde hair dye, it must have soaked into my skull and damaged my brain...lol. First I thought he was dead, now I dont even remember what he looked like. DUH

geocachelinda66 said...

You folks sound like you had a real good time and that photo of the baby with Sarge will be something to frame!  Linda

robinngabster said...

Dang now I need a scrambled dog!

lsfp1960 said...

that sounds good !  What a nice man!  Linda in Washington state

plieck30 said...

Sargeant looks like a jolly man. I like the pictures. Never had a scrambled dog but I sure remember cherry cokes. Paula

bojgill4375 said...

Nice that you guys had such a wonderful time. Pictures are great too. Janie