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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shelbys Day and Cotton Harvested

Good Thursday morning. :) I have a smile on this morning because the sun is shining out there this morning. It is crisp and cool, but I dont mind as long as the sun is shining. We had three days of rain...and even though we need it...I like it to take breaks in between so we can have a little sunshine.

Yesterday Shelby and I had her and appointment to get her her first perm. She turned thirteen yesterday! So grown up. So we got there and they couldnt do it. You see, if you look in the pictures of her, like with the llama at the fair, she has heavy blonde streaking in her hair. She likes for me to do that to her hair, and it does look good, but evidently the combination of perming and that bleach frost in her hair will cause her bleached parts to fall out, burn up.

Now I don't know about any of you, but when I was a teenager and in my early twenties I got perms, and I had my hair blonde all the time...I bleached, use hair color, all of that, got perms. My hair never fell out. But, rather than take a chance, having to sign a waiver that we wouldnt sue them if her hair fell out in order for them to do it, we will wait and let the frosting grow out, and then get a perm, if that is what Shelby wants. She still got her hair layered and trimmed up so it looks a lot better. I told her if she wanted to get some hot rollers or a curling iron I would help her and show her how to use them. Might look at that today when we go to get groceries at Walmart. The big thing I liked about a perm was you could wash and just let it dry, pick it out some and go.

So then we went to Gamestop. Shelby is a big gamer, She has all those systems, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, PS2, and so on. She picked out the newest Spyro the Dragon game for Wii. She also bought another game we had been looking for for some time, she bought that herself with her allowance money.

Went to lunch at Stevie Bs...that is like Cicis buffet pizza place, but SO much better.

Stopped by Tractor Supply and got Derby some bales of Bermuda hay to eat. Got him an apple flavored salt lick while we were there...browsed around the store for a bit trying to wait on the rain to slack off but it never did.

Got home and she popped in her new games and played away, happy as could be. I was going to take some pictures of her getting her first perm, but I guess that will have to wait, if she still wants one. So that was how we spent her birthday. She will be ordering a cake today for Saturday.

Last year we had a BUNCH of folks over, with a BUNCH of her friends. It was fun at first, but then the two girls, the twins...they get kind of out of control, really hyper, and that got everyone else hyper. Long story short there was much screaming and yelling, doors slamming, and before it was over someone got their hand slammed in the door and one of Shelbys beds got broken. They were jumping up and down on the twin and the full, the twin had a wooden frame and well, it broke. I was pretty pissed. Not to mention the upstairs looked like a tornado had hit it.

So this year I told her to pick someone she really wanted to have over to spend the night for the weekend and we would all go out to eat where ever she wanted to go, have cake and hang out. So Tiffany and Karen are coming over. She decided on Sonnys BBQ all you can eat ribs for supper. So we are ready for the weekend.


Well its official...Fall is here. The cotton is gone, the fields look so barren. Ian and I were talking about it, and when this happens it is a sign that Summer is really gone...thats it...its all over.

Here are a few pictures of them harvesting the cotton. They were pretty quick about it this year so I almost didnt get any pictures.



Cotton picker above and a closer shot right by our fence below...



Next two pictures are the bin they dump the collected cotton into...then they pound it down with that red arm thing you see...it is SO loud. BAM BAM BAM...all day. I didnt get any pictures of the baled and covered cotton as soon as they did it they had a truck come in and scoop it up and take it away.


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deshelestraci said...

Great pictures of the cotton harvesting process.  Yeah, my sister used to dye her hair blond and then go get perms.  Never bothered her hair.  I guess everyone is litigation happy so that is why they do that.  
Happy a day late Birthday Shelby!

ally123130585918 said...

Happy belated Birthday Shelby ~ sounds like you had a great day together ~ I think those Hot rollers are a great idea and they work very well ~ hope she enjoys her sleepover with her friends ~ Ally x

gen0507 said...


My sister use to do the same thing.....bleach & perm.   Her hair never fell out.....  Oh well, the hot rollers will make ker hair look great.

Thanks for sharing the cotton picking pictures.  That must be very noisy.

Why is it when kids get together....it's like they just go hog wild?  Colt has company coming this weekend too......


plieck30 said...

Hope her birthday was the best. My first perm wouldn't take and my hair was blond without the bleach. I bet her's will turn out cute with the hot rollers and when she learns to use them she may not even want a perm. Paula

geocachelinda66 said...

Too bad about the perm.  I think its good in a way.  13 is too young to start ruining your hair!  Her hair is gorgeous the way it is.  I agree with the curlers idea.  The cotton picking looks interesting.  Don't forget my cotton seeds!  Linda

mumma4evr said...

thanks for sharing the pictures!