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Monday, October 29, 2007

On Saturday...

Good Monday evening. One more week folks, then its gonna be dark so early. SIGH......

Had a good weekend. Saturday Karen and Tiffany came to spend the weekend. Karen and I left Shelby and Tiffany to their own devices for a little while while we went to go pick up Shelbys cake. Picked her up a few last minute things. She needed something to open after all. She got her Spyro game and her hair done up, but you have to have something left to get. :) I got her a Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus poster. I had a little stuffed black horse stuck back I got from Tractor Supply. Its head moves up and down, tail wiggle and it walks, sorta bumps along with a little snorty sound. She loved it of course. I got a High School Musical gift bag that had a little place on it you push and it plays a song from what else...High School Musical. ;) A nice Daughter Birthday card from Ian and I too of course.

Saturday evening we went out to Sonny BBQ and stuffed our faces right and proper with lots of meat.

I had seen a sign, but you know how you see something and it is in and out of your sight and mind before you really have time to think about it. It was a handmade sign that read "Nightmare On The Mountain" "V.M.F.D."....Tiffany and Karen said we ought to go. Well that would be fine, except there was nothing else on the sign....that would let someone know where it was. What was VMFD? We all sat in the truck on the way home trying to figure it out. About two miles from home I blurted out "Vinson Mountain Fire Department!" Ian said that was a good one, but he didnt know that the mountain in Rockmart had its own fire department. We got home and looked it up on the internet and found they have this thing every year on the mountain...and yes, they do indeed have a fire department! So we took off up the road for the VMFD...lol.

Got there and of course buying the tickets was for a good cause, the fire department would use it for new equipment that was needed and such. At ten bucks a pop that was alright. They had a really cool little set up.

We had to stand in line for a while, it was a bit breezy and cool but we survived. We had a bunch of fifty something adults come up behind us, thirteen of them to be exact...and the man heading up the line was stinking and I DO mean STINKING ass drunk. He smelled like he had been dipped in whiskey...ugh..and loud mouthed...foul mouthed. Even the other mildly drunk people with him told himto hold it down that there were kids (Shelby and Tiffany) right in front of him. Then he went to smoking a cigarette right there in the line, even though his friends told him there were No Smoking signs everywhere. I was afraid with all his bumping and bobbing around he was going to end up burning someone with his cigarette.

As we got up to the front of the line...as I suspected they were sending groups through the haunted woods, and we were going to have the misfortune of going with Mr. Drunkie. OH NO, not gonna happen. I informed one of the guides that we would like the five of us to go without the drunk crowd behind us. The drunk crowd wanted to go all together anyway...so they took five more folks from behind them and put us all together...thank goodness.

It was cool! There was lots of folks jumping out at you, lots of banging and the whole trail was webbing with dead leaves hanging down from some of the webbing to drag across the top of your head...creepy crawly feeling! Lots of fog and strobe lights...I LOVED it, they had someone dressed as Micheal Myers and started the music from Halloween...you know, the movies. He was great! After that there was Freddy...but he was only as tall as me...lol..and I am five foot four, so he just wasnt that intimidating...I was a little disappointed as that was my teenage scary movie favorite. His costume was great though...his knives on his gloves were even metal and klinked together. It wasnt really scary scary...but is was FUN scary.

Must have been a lot of fun cause we all talked about it all the way home and then pulled out some old Freddy and Halloween movies soon as we hit the door. ;)

More later....with pictures...I got to go out and feed and water before it is DARK!! Hope everyone had a great day today.


gen0507 said...

Well it sounds like you guys had a good time too.  I sure Shelby had a blast.  I LOVE the Halloween movies!


geocachelinda66 said...

We had a fire dept near here that used to do that too, they didn't this year.  I don't know why... Linda

bhbner2him said...

I'll be glad for dark coming earlier, as it will help drive my bunch into the house, but it will be hard on the kids to get all the chores done before dark.  Sounds like you had a good night out, despite those inappropriately intoxicated individuals.  ;o)  -  Barbara

plieck30 said...

That sounds like fun. I think I would like something like that. Glad you girls had such a good week-end. Paula

mcknansmom said...

glad she had a great birthday!
have a great week!

nelishianatl said...

I am so glad you found your way over into my journal at last.  Shoot, you coulda driven here as long as it took to get into my journal. lol  This sounded very cool.  Hope you add pictures really soon.   I woulda been disappointed with the Freddie too.  I'm 5'10".  He'd have to be able to take me on to intimidate me.  I think I'd have laughed more than screamed.

Have a great week and I'm so happy you visited!


wwfbison said...

That sounds like a good time, except for the drunk. I wouldn't have wanted to travel through with him/them either.  Good for you for telling them so ~ no need to be cursing with young girls right in front of you.  I am not a prude but I know when to behave!!!  I am dreading the time change, it makes it so hard to get outside animal care done after work.  I like daylight, I could have daylight all the time and be quite happy.

nay0114 said...

I love Sonny's BBQ we haven't been there in a long time. Be careful out in the dark. Dontcha hate time change.
Take care, Chrissie

deshelestraci said...

Sounds like Shelby had a great birthday weekend!  Sorry about the drunk guy.  There is always one in the crowd!