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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What a DEAL

What a deal! When we went on our weekly outting for groceries to Walmart I found a King size now, A KING with two KING pillow shams, bedspread, quilted bedspread...for TWENTY ONE dollars! YES people! I couldn't pass it up. I almost put it back at one point...you know, it is hard to buy something you don't absolutely need. I sure am glad I didn't. It is so pretty on the bed. I put it on this morning...here is a picture of it. And another of a close up of the pattern. I love green, I had to get it.


P8170001 P8170002


Now I kind of did need a new bedspread. The one we had on there before was very pretty. I got it a few years back at Target and it was pretty expensive. It was a real heavy quilted bedspread. The new one is not a "real" quilt like the other one was, but I still like this new one fine.

The reason I needed a new one was I had been sewing the squares back together for sometime on the old one. Not only that, but Tip has a nervous problem, you all know that. I have to stack things on the bed like laundry baskets and things while we are gone for any length of time or she will get on the bed and wad the covers all up. That entails digging of course. Now this bedspread can't take a whole lot of dog clawing. Last week I came home from the store to a wadded up bed AND nine HOLES in the quilt. Boy was I mad.

When Tip was a pup we crate trained her, and she got used to going into that crate at night. Dogs are den animals by nature so they like a cubby hole to get into. After she was grown we did away with the crate. Later she began getting under the bed a lot, and even moreso when we moved. Remember I blocked off access to under the bed a couple of months back to try and resocialize her. She was just getting under there too much...staying under there. Anyway...you may notice in the picture there is a crate, cage, next to the bed now. Her comfy memory foam bed is in there and she is relearning to be crated while we are gone. No more torn up bedspreads, AND when it storms I can close the door to her pen and she is safe from tearing up things in the room during the storm, like trying to get behind the computer desk and tearing out all the wires...sigh..

ANYWAY...lol...I did trail off a bit there didnt I...but I do love the new bedspread, it looks "country" and I love country. :)

Want to know something funny about our bed?

In Nightmare On Elm Street, the third one I think it was, whichever one it was where the actors and actresses were themselves and not thier movie characters, and Freddy was coming to get them anyway...the girl that plays Nancy and her son are laying in bed and they are talking...and I noticed...the bed they were laying in was JUST EXACTLY LIKE OURS! I mean the iron oak leaves and all. I can't remember the details, but in the movie I swear I remember Freddy pulling one of them through the bed!

When I was a teenager that was THE scary movie. My best friend and I went to see the first one and the second movie at the movie theater. I didnt sleep a wink after seeing the second one. My Dad came in about three am and I had all lights a blazin' and he asked what I was doing...the typical teenage response...




madcobug said...

OH, I love the new quilt spread and shams. I have one like that with the squares in blue with the off white background. No shams so I just pull it over the pillows. I will say mine was three times the price of yours. In case you don't know the pattern is called a Double Ring Wedding Quilt. My mother and I made one like this when I was a very young teenager. It had a lot of our dress scraps in it that mother had left over from making our dresses. The background was green chicken feed sacks. Sadly we never quilted it and I gave it to my daughter to see if she can find someone to quilt it for her. You brought back some lovely memories for me. Hope your day goes well and I hope Tip will stay off your new spread.
PS I like the iron works in the bed also. Hugs, Helen

geocachelinda66 said...

That is a pretty quilt set!  Funny about Freddy.  LOL!  Tip sure does have some anxiety problems doesn't he?  Linda

rooster1614 said...

Kelly I love the new quilt.  I love quilts also.

plieck30 said...

Wow that sounds like a great deal and it is sooo pretty. We bought pillows at Wal*Mart this morning but didn't find any good deals like that. Paula

ggjack7 said...

Hi Kelly, (that's one of my granddaughter name) this Jackie from Do You Remember, thank you for stopping by, please come again.  Now I want to say you got some good bargain, I need a new spread, I hope by the  time I get there they will have some more pretty ones like you got, also hope they have them on sale LOL. I see I have some more messages to read, so I'm going to mark you on my alert and come back and read some more about your exciting life, your dog is something else LOL. gg/Jackie

ally123130585918 said...

Of course you couldn't pass up a bargain like that Kelly ~ and I do think it is lovely ~ Ally x

wwfbison said...

Wow, you did get a bargain - I would not have passed that up either.  Besides, it's nice to have different bed dressings ~ it can change the whole look of a room!!!
As soon as I saw the picture of the bed I thought how pretty it was.  Great find!

deshelestraci said...

Great deal on the quilt!  We have one dog who is crate trained.  I will always go that way from now on.  He loves it and heads for bed after I take him out for the last time in the evening.