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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

and Did Some Canning

This year Ian has come through quite nicely on the garden...we have SO many cucumbers...you can see on the table...I already did bread and butter pickles and kosher spears. Now these two loads and the vegetable drawer slam full in the fridge get knocked out.




Slicing slicing slicing and then more slicing...



The first batch I went by the directions, well almost. Good grief it says to boil the cucumbers for ten minutes in the brine! I only had it going for about 5 and they looked like they were about to fall to pieces...and they were. When I tried to pick them up out of the pot to put them in the jars they were mush. So..the next two bunches I soaked in the hot brine for about ten minutes and those were firmer. I have to say, I used the recipe on the cannister for dill pickles. I tasted some I left in the brine and didn't can...and OH they were TOO salty to me. I don't know if I will make dills again. The kosher turned out perfect. I don't like bread and butter but Ian said they turned out great.





This is my first time canning. I enjoyed it. I went through two cases just making the dills. I need another case as I have tomatoes waiting in the fridge. I am going to make spaghetti sauce and salsa next. I hope the tomatoes will keep until I can get some more jars on Thursday!



wwfbison said...

Whoa, you are going to have alot of pickles!!!  I have never canned nor did I ever see anybody do it.  I give you alot of credit for doing so much!!!  I think I would be looking forward to the salsa.  Good job!

madcobug said...

Next thing you wll be making pickled okra and squash like my DIL is doing. My EX MIL before she died used to make picked watermelon out of the pinkish light green rind after peeling it off. They were really good. Kind of a sweet sour taste. Helen

btmchickenlady said...

Canning is such fun...NOT! LOL we have to finish making tomato juice tonight. Still have 2 boxes(2 bushel total). Need to put away 13 dozen corn too. Holy moly on what came out of your garden though. Congrats! Oh and if you get any broody hens, let me know and I'll ship you eggs FREE lol....I can't wait for the blacks.

rooster1614 said...

Gosh Kelly,
Your canned stuff looks great.  I tried canning for the first time too.  I canned 32 quarts of tomatoes & like you I really enjoyed it too.  I would love to learn to do more.  Would you please send me your homemade salsa recipe?  We love salsa.

Tell Ian to keep up the good work.


plieck30 said...

Wow you are quite the homemaker. Bet your hubby and daughter love that. Everything looks wonderful. Paula

ally123130585918 said...

Gosh Kelly you have been busy with canning ~ they do look lovely though ~ being you first time you have done really well ~ hope you have plenty of storage space to keep them all in ~ Ally x

nay0114 said...

WOW I'm jealous... I want fresh canned stuff. Granny use to make all that stuff I should have paid better attention. Salsa canned is the bomb. We love it here. You look like you'll be pretty busy. This was your first time canning? You look like a pro going there. I wanna hear more about this canning stuff. Take pics along the way for dummys like me.
Take care, Chrissie