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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

One Of My Favorite Songs

Too country what's that
Is it like too Republican or too Democrat
Is it too far to the left
Too far to the right
Too straight down the middle
Is it too black or too white
Are the biscuits too fluffy is the chicken too fried
Is the gravy to thick are the peas too black-eyed
Is the iced tea too sweet does it have too much tang
Are there too many lemons in Mama's lemon meringue
Too country what's that
Is it too many pearls of wisdom under grandpas old hat
Is it just too old fashioned is it just too antique
Is the question too strong or the answer too weak
Are the roses too red is the sunshine too bright
Are there too many stars in the heavens at night
Are there too many fish that still jump in the stream
Is the blue sky too blue is the clean air too clean
Is the grace too amazing is the steeple too tall
Are there too many "yes sirs", "yes ma'ams" and "How're Y'alls"
Is the message too real to close to the bone
Do the fiddle and steel remind you of home
Is honest and true just not in demand
Too country
Too country
Too country
I don't understand

 There are a lot of songs on Country Artists albums that never seem to get played on the radio. You discover them only because you bought the whole album. This song is on Brad Paisleys first album. It has Buck Owens, George Jones, and Bill Anderson singing with him. If you haven't heard this song you should...it is a great song. I just love the sentiment behind it.
Time to get to work now...see y'all tomorrow mornin'


wwfbison said...

I think Doug has Paisley's first cd, he really likes him.  I don't really listen to any country but I will have to take a look and see if this is on there.  The words are great though.

plieck30 said...

Don't think I have ever heard this song but I like the words. LOL about the crocs. I just ordered two pair from a catalog 2 for twenty dollars. Wal*Mart only had one pair left on sale in my size. I'll even wear them in winter 'cause I wear socks all time. Someone at the beauty school said I didn't know you wear sock with them. i said well most people don't but I'm not most people lol Hope your day is going well, paula

nay0114 said...

I haven't heard that song, but probably can find it on youtube they carry all kinds of music.
Take care, Chrissie