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Friday, August 31, 2007

Warning! This is a RANT post!

Alright, every now and again...everyone needs to vent...well today is my day. Lets go ahead and get it out of the way so I can have a stress free weekend.

As you know, I had company last weekend. Karen tries to help out around the house while here. I really do appreciate the effort, I think, well, if its making beds and folding up covers from the night before...thats fine by me. But I really really rather her NOT help in the kitchen. Sure, load the dishes in the dishwasher, well, maybe not. I have some spoons that have to be turned down or the handles will go through the basket, and then when the little handles spin around underneath as it attempts to wash, I imagine they get stuck on those. But wait, I have spent all week trying to find my favorite coffee cup!

Now I have never seen her cabinets, but I just find it hard to believe that she just puts stuff anywhere. I thought most people had some sort of plan when putting up dishes into the cabinets...say cups with cups, glasses of the same pattern with each other, bowls with bowls, knives in the knife drawer,  utensils used for scooping food out of pots in another? Evidently not. Maybe I am just a neat freak, but I like to actually be able to FIND things in my kitchen. I even mentioned I had just cleaned out and organized all my drawers and cabinets...but that didn't seem to stick between her ears.

Now I am a short gal, I am five foot four inches. I don't put anything on top shelves of my cabinets that I use on a daily, even weekly basis. On my top shelves I have my CHRISTMAS DISHES...that is it. Do you know that is where I found my coffee cup this morning??? I can't even see the top shelf very well. I have found my big dipping spoons in the knife drawer, I finally found my cheese grater...in with all the mixing bowls in a cabinet by the stove. All my good silverware was mixed in with old silverware...so I resorted all that out. I don't even remember using some bowls that were stacked under the dessert plates??? Was she trying to torture me??? I have no idea...I don't think so...but I wondered after my favorite coffee cup disappeared. I had mason jars (I use them for big sweet tea glasses) in with my nice drinking glasses. My little juice glasses were all mixed in with those here and there. I mean COME ON! Am I the only one that organizes her cabinets so I can just reach in and find things????

Okay, now...enough about that...lets talk aboutlast night at Walmart.

I decided to load up some pictures onto my camera memory chip and take them in and have them developed at the one hour photo while we shopped for groceries. No big deal, done it before. I drop off the chip and go on about my business. Now I have had my digital pictures developed at this very same place before. They came out just like the picture I took, as it should have. I had over a hundred pictures developed this time. When I get my pictures I always open them up right there and take a look at them.

Something was not right. All my pictures looked closer or something. I started thumbing through...getting madder and madder, starting to break a sweat. I had pictures of chickens, and I take good centered pictures. These were not centered! The combs were cut off, the feet were cut off! WHAT WAS THIS? What was going on???? I am chunking down picture after picture of crap crap crap. Thats all it was...crap. I was not happy. I kept trying to call the photo employee over, she was doing everything BUT coming to see what I was so flustered about, and that was making me really sweat, I was mad as hell and I was not going to be denied my rant. I told her to please come here. I told her these pictures were all cut off at the top and the bottom. The whole picture was NOT THERE. She said to load the pictures into the machine standing next to me and look at my pictures...well I dont need to LOOK at my PICTURES! I know what my pictures LOOK like, but I did it anyway...to show HER that the pictures were cut off.

She shows me this picture of mine in a format for printing...and it has lines around the edges, and that is what is cut off in my picture. She explains to me that new programs are being installed in this machine all the time. I told her I didnt care..that I didnt take a piece of a picture, I took a whole picture and I want the whole picture.

I told her that these pictures are not even THAT important. I asked her what she thought someone would have to say about some family pictures taken at a reunion of something and everyones heads were cut off in the picture????? I told her she needed to tell someone...get the thing fixed, that it was not right.

I went through and took out all the cut off looking pictures. I didnt want any of them..but I wanted to have some pictures in my purse this weekend. I might get an opportunity to show off my flock. Not that I would push my pictures off on anyone that might be boredwith them. I am not like that, well, I try not to be like that. I realize I get pretty excited sometimes about my hobby.

So now I have a bunch of crappy pictures. That cost me twenty dollars. The ones I refused were the worst. I probably should have just refused them all. Maybe gone to get them developed somewhere else. I wonder if I went to the new Walmart in town if their machine would produce my pictures correctly. You know what. I might just go and see. Then, if they come back RIGHT...I will take those others back. Yeah....maybe that is what I will do. Cause right now I just dont feel satisfied.

Okay, I am all done ranting. Thankyou for listening, or reading rather. Now that I have gotten it all off my chest, I do feel better.

I told Ian last night that I knew I was spoiled and being a brat. I don't deny it. I guess I just have high expectations in people and products. My shortcoming indeed.

A side note about the dishes...this happens everytime she comes...and I am just oh so tired of playing hide and seek with my dishes after she leaves. :(


deshelestraci said...

I'm all about helping out but if I don't know where something goes, I'll ask!  I never take pictures to be developed at Walmart.  They are crap for pictures!
Sorry you had such a rough time!

ggjack7 said...

Sure glad you got that off your chest Kelly, that's a pretty full plate of disconbubuerations LOL and yes I would have the same hissy fit LOL

madcobug said...

My daughter took a whole bunch of pictures to Walgreens and I saw some of the pictures. I though they did a good job and I didn't hear her complaining any. I think she took a disk I had given her and had them made from that. I use the mason jars for a big glass of tea also. Yes I have places to put certain things in my cabinets and drawers also. I don't like having to hunt up things either. When I want something I want to know exactly where to get it. Hope your day is a good one. Hugs, Helen

mumma4evr said...

heck, my own family cannot put things away where they belong!!!  drives me nuts!!!!

plieck30 said...

OMG she put your coffee mug way up on top. That doesn't make any sense to me. I've been trying to train John that if you put it where it belongs you can find it. After years he still doesn't comprehend. Paula

ally123130585918 said...

Kelly you have every reason to have a rant ~ I am glad you got that lot off your chest ~ :o)  I can't bear anyone else sorting my cabinets out ~ you really will have to put your foot down where she is concerned ~ and as for your trip to WalMart and your pictures well what can I say "Rant Away my Friend"  Ally x

wwfbison said...

I would be ranting too...I don't like anyone in my cupboards or cabinets because I have my way and it is the right way (after all it is my house).  I don't blame you for being ticked about that.  The pictures...well I would have been livid!!!  Yes, you do know how to take a picture too bad they don't know how to develop them.  I wouldn't have accepted any of them.  I've never used one of those services, now I know I won't.  I hope you feel better now and have a great weekend!