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I am a 42 year old woman that is about as happy and content as one person can be. My husband of 21 years and our 15 year old daughter live on five and a half acres out in the country. We moved from the city four years ago and never looked back. I homeschool our daughter. We also love our animals. Our daughter has a miniature horse and two rabbits. We also have a border collie, two cats (again), two pot belly pigs, four peafowl, three emus, 2 llamas and an undetermined number of chickens, lets just say ohhh about 200. I have many breeds, from layers to fancy chickens. I love poultry shows, I love fowl in general as I have come to find out through having more than just chickens. Chickens will always be my first love though. I do show some of my birds occasionally.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Just Sittin' Here Listenin' To Thunder

Wow it was a hot one today. We had a temperature of 101 with a heat index of 111. All the weather guessers missed that we were going to have some thunderstorms tonight. Someone forgot to tell them, because we had the wind really kicking up at dusk and then it poured. An hour and a half later I am still hearing thunder. Looking at the radar I dont think we are done yet. So I am up, waiting til it is over so Tip can go out before bedtime. She is scared of storms so we have to wait it out or she will be out there running all over the place trying to 'escape' the storm.

We have a new baby pigeon! This time I put bricks all around the cage so the baby cant wiggle out of there. There were two eggs, but a couple of days ago it got kicked to the back of the cage. I put it back, but I dont think it was any good because I found it broken at the back of the cage again. Odd, it looked as if it had hatched the way it was broken in half, but there was no second baby. The other egg shell was accounted for with the new baby. No new babies to report under the mother guinea. I wonder if any of them are even fertile. I never have seen any mating going on. We will see. If they dont hatch in another week I will have to go in and take a look for myself, because by then they will be way overdue to have hatched.

The days are getting brutally hot for the animals. I went out this morning before light and started chores. I made sure everyone had plenty of fresh cool water. I put six 2 liter bottles of water in the freezer to drop in the water buckets in the heat of the day to cool the water off some. I just can't imagine having to drink warm water in this heat. I got Shelby to bring in all the rabbits water bottles about three o'clock and filled them with cold water from the fridge. The rain though unexpected was a blessing. It cooled things off a lot.

I don't know what is worse sometimes, the cold months or the hot months. Both are hard on the animals in their own way.

I wanted to let anyone know that might have visited her from time to time that Olive Riley has passed on. She was the oldest blogger in the world. She lived in Australia. Here is her blog, or BLOB, lol, as she liked tocall it. LifeofRiley

This link takes you to the blog entry about her passing on. You can click on the link at the top left of her blog to go back to where Eric writes entries for her. She was truly an amazing lady and I enjoyed reading her journal. Ray at Dads Tomato Garden was the one that had her blog link one day a while ago and I took up to reading about her.

We had a very nice weekend. Friday night Ian and I sat out on the front porch contemplating evolution, dinosaur bones and other worldly thoughts. I just recently watched a special on National Geographic Channel where there was a three foot tall homo erectus found in some remote place (Indonesia? My memory fails me now) in the middle of nowhere in a cave, where there was a isolated small village of people that were also of short stature, but not that short. There was an elder there believed to be over a hundred years old. He was also the the shortest in the village at four foot one inch.  

I have been watching that channel a lot lately. I am really hung up on the Dog Whisperer. He is just amazing. A lot of what he applies is common sense if you just think about it a bit. I still have not seen him address one issue in particular and that is fear of storms. I would really like to know how he handles this. He has done so many different rehabilitations, but I havent seen this one. On a funny note, Ian and I go around poking each other in the arm with two fingers and saying HEY...SHH...like he does to redirect the dogs mind away from something the dog is obsessing about...lol. Anyway, I just love that channel, it really stimulates my mind. I also love their magazine.

Saturday we went galavanting all day. Ian wasnt feeling too good. I think he might have gotten some stomach bug or something. He was up early Saturday morning leaving the dinner from Friday night for the porcelain gods, if you know what I mean. He went back to bed after a shower for a little while, and felt some better when he got up. We went to that mall up in North Rome for a while. We cruised the mall, checking out shops. Shelby came home with some new Off The Wall Vans. High top blue checkerboards, they were really cute on her. She got a funny monkey face sleeping mask to go over her eyes and some blue, yes blue hair extention thingies. She wanted to actually die to strips of her hair blue, but this seemed to please her, so we avoided that for now. Hey, I cant really talk. When I was sixteen I had long blonde hair with a jet black streak down the back. Remember when everyone grew tails? I had one, the black part grew longer than the blonde part. I wasnt alone in this. My best friend had brown hair and had a tail that was longer and was bleach blonde. Yes, I was a wild child in those days. ;)

We had some Chick File' at the mall for lunch then headed to the Barnes and Noble. We spent a couple of hours in there easily. Shelby found a new series of books to read. I got The Wheels of Darkness and another Bentley Little book, The Return. For anyone that has ever thought Walmart was taking over the world...The Store, by Bentley Little is a must read. They never SAY its Walmart, but The Store will really creep you out, but in a fun good way, if you like that sort of thing, which I do.

I picked out a book for Ian. He just wasnt feeling too good at all. The new Janet Evonovich (sp?) book, the thirteenth one.

After that we went to Walmart and got our groceries and got home early for a change.

Sunday was very leisurely. We didnt do a whole lot at all...but that was just fine, thats the way we like it. :)

So I reckon I am done rambling. Just thought I would sit here and make an entry. I was reading some new journals, farm journals. One in particular is really an eye pleaser and has a good story teller to boot. Donna, if you havent found this person already, you will like this journal. Paula, you too. Everyone that likes to read about border collies, sheep, chickens, and on top of it all this guy does hospice work. He takes one of his border collies in for them. He takes some really awesome pictures too. Take a look back a few pages worth, I dont think you will be disappointed at all. Bedlamfarm

Its almost eleven oclock here now, so I am going to stop. I will see y'all tomorrow. Night night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite.




breakaway1968 said...

I enjoyed this entry...plus got a couple new journal reads out of it.  Boy it's really been hot over your way huh!  We froze today!  It just got so cold...I think it's now down to 59 degrees!  I was sitting in the garage waiting for my egg eaters to lay their eggs so I could snatch them up quick and I had to grab a jacket!  BUT i'm not complaining at all!  I love this type of weather...I would DIE if our heat index reached 111!~  WOW

plieck30 said...

Gonna check out that country journal soon. We were promised one or two inches of rain from the hurricane this week. Now I think John said it may not hit the Texas coast and I didn't water because I believed. When am I gonna learn? Paula

madcobug said...

Glad that you got some rain. We got about a dozen drops. I will check out the new journal later. Hugs, Helen

ally123130585918 said...

Kelly I don't think I could stand a temp of 101 ~ but glad you got some rain to cool it down ~ I enjoy watching the Dog Whisperer  ~ he always amazes me how good he is with dogs ~  Hope Ian is feeling better now ~ thanks for a lovely long interesting entry ~ Ally x

gen0507 said...

Hey Kelly,
Congrats on the new baby pigeon.  I hope you'll show a picture soon.  I have never thought about freezing 2 liter bottles of water for the chickens.  I'll have to tell my teen about that.  By the way, I make sure he takes care of those chickens before he goes gallivanting around.  I told him if he didn't...I'd make sure they would go to good homes....like Kelly's!  Sounds like y'all had a great weekend...except Ian.  I hope he's feeling much better by now.


bojgill4375 said...

It is hot here too!!!  Sounds like all of you had a great time. You are always busy. lol Janie

wwfbison said...

I will check out the journal you have suggested, it sounds like a good one and our tastes are very much the same.  I hope the heat breaks a little for you & the animals.  I know what a toll it has been taking on our animals and they have fans, showers and are very cared for.  It worries me to think of the animals who have nothing or an owner who doesn't care about them.  Yesterday for the first time a few of the chickens had their beaks open...I was so worried about them I set up another fan blowing the hot air OUT of their house.  I went back a little later and it seemed to work, they weren't open mouthed any more.  I remembered you had written about heat killing chickens.  It sounds like you had a fun weekend.  Buy Tip a tape of thunder...so I am told...play it all the time for a day or two (sounds like fun huh?) supposedly they will become "conditioned" to it.  I read that somewhere - never tried it though.