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I am a 42 year old woman that is about as happy and content as one person can be. My husband of 21 years and our 15 year old daughter live on five and a half acres out in the country. We moved from the city four years ago and never looked back. I homeschool our daughter. We also love our animals. Our daughter has a miniature horse and two rabbits. We also have a border collie, two cats (again), two pot belly pigs, four peafowl, three emus, 2 llamas and an undetermined number of chickens, lets just say ohhh about 200. I have many breeds, from layers to fancy chickens. I love poultry shows, I love fowl in general as I have come to find out through having more than just chickens. Chickens will always be my first love though. I do show some of my birds occasionally.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter


Thought I would share our Easter chicks with you...just in time for Easter. They just hatched yesterday morning. :)


Photobucket Photobucket

See y'all Monday morning. Hope your Easter is wonderful. :)


madcobug said...

Awww, how sweet they are. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter to all of you also. Hugs, Helen

browney44 said...

Happy Easter to you and your family!!  


nelishianatl said...


They are darling chicks.


gen0507 said...

Awww, they're so precious!  Happy Easter!


wwfbison said...

Happy Easter to you!  They are so precious, perfect timing for them to hatch.

bhbner2him said...

Nothing as sweet as new chicks for Easter!!  -  Barbara

justplainbill said...

Happy Easter to you.
You have probably heard of this but it was new to me. Several farms, in the area,  this Easter were renting out rabbits and chicks for the two weeks. They supply a box, food, ets and charge $40. Sounds like a good way to make a buck without too much effort.

ally123130585918 said...

Kelly "Happy Easter to you and yours" ~ pictures of the chicks are beautiful ~ Ally x

plieck30 said...

They look sooo soft. I'm glad they are in a safe home and won't be squeezed by some little kid for Easter. Paula

bojgill4375 said...

Awww they are sooo cute! Thank you for sharing. Hope you had a wonderfully blessed Easter. Janie

blazensun said...

How cute I want them.

Hope you had a great day.


blazensun said...

Kelly I am so behind in reading your journal One day soon I will catch up.

Hugs to you Sunny

breakaway1968 said...

Aww are they ever adorable!  We picked up some farm fresh eggs yesterday and they were so much better then store bought!  I have a question for you.  How do you keep your eggs that are for eating from getting fertilized by the rooster if they are all together in a pen?  Or should they be separated?  This next Saturday we are getting eggs from a lady but she leaves her roosters with her hens and I was wondering how that works? lol  

nay0114 said...

Cute Easter babies.
Take care, Chrissie