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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eddie Is Better, Emus

These two goaties are just the best. They are already just so friendly and sweet. The day we got them they wouldnt hardly let us pet them, now they come running for attention when we come outside.

Eddie is better now. Thanks to some wise folks. The man I bought the emu babies from is also a goat man. He has never had the problem I had so he referred me to some folks down in Fayetteville, GA. The lady I talked to was the owner of the store (Goat Supply) and told me to go buy some Fruit Fresh. Give him two teaspoons mixed in a little apple juice from a dropper or small syringe to get it down him. Well after three doses it worked, he was dribbling some urine! I have never been so happy to see...urine...lol. I gave it to him for two more days and he is fine now.

Too much grain causes calcium stones...blocks the urethra. So no grain. So far as I have seen, farm animals dont have a lot of use for grain. Derby doesnt eat it anymore as it makes him fat. He is on strictly hay.


The man I consulted in the beginning about the situation asked if I would be interested in a pair of baby emus.

Well doesnt everyone want some baby emus??? ;)

How much?

Fifty dollars.


So I went to go pick them up. He could only catch one, the boy. I would come back another day for the baby girl. This is Boo. He is tamed down quite a bit now. Now we need to work on the girl...or should I say...girls now.

Yes, I ended up with all three babies. Why?

Because the young woman that wanted the other baby girl so badly didnt call him on the day she was supposed to come pick the baby up. He eventually called her. She says...

she forgot.


She forgot she was getting an Emu baby? He says she was lying. She went on to explain that her boyfriend had a fit and said she couldnt have it. So there he was in a panic with one baby left, seperated from the parents, which is not an easy thing to do, and rain coming.

He calls me up and tells me his plight, asks me if I want the last baby for twenty dollars. I couldnt very well say no could I? He is in fact selling the babies, and the parents later. He needs the pasture for more goats.

So I go back over and get the third baby.

You know what. I should listen to that little voice. I told him I almost said to him when leaving with the second baby that if she didnt call or come get the baby to call me. I knew that girl wasnt going to show up and get that baby. I dont know how I knew, I just did.

Her loss. The baby is better off with me anyway. If she FORGOT she was getting the baby, she might forget to feed it and water it and who knows what else, so she doesnt need it anyway.

I got cut off earlier...lost signal to my DSL...so I am going to save this, then come back and add the pictures. Be right back.

P3190030 P3190033

Next entry will be a video of Boo and some pictures of him too...

(the boys name is Boo)


robinngabster said...

I have an Uncle who once had an Emu farm.

wwfbison said...

The Emus are so cool - I am happy the "forgotten" one is with you.  She sounds like way to much of a ditz to have an animal.  Happy to hear the goats have warmed up to you - aren't they just wonderful little friends...I just love ours.  Our guys & gals don't like grain either, they love their bread though.  They go bonkers over bread, little bits for treats of course not as a diet.   Enjoy all of your new additions!!

ally123130585918 said...

Kelly it was so good of you to take that third little Emu ~ I am sure it will be better off with you ~ Love the pictures they look quite big ~ Looking forward to seeing video of Boo ~ Ally x

sunnybethe said...

As I was reading and when I read "She forgot"...I thought "omg, this lady may forget to feed the baby!"  Three is better anyway.  Wish I could get an Emu baby or 2 or 3.  Wouldn't that freak out the epeople here at the RV Park?  : )

hugs,  Bethe    

myrdog said...

very interesting looking birds. Keep us informed on how they are doing.

breakaway1968 said...

Ok you have a little animal kingdom going on there!  I love it!  Those birds are better off with you and so glad that the third baby didn't go to someone who "forgot" to pick her up!  

gen0507 said...

Awww, they're so cute!!!


bhbner2him said...

Pete and I knew a couple who had a bunch of Emus at one time.  Personally, I didn't care for them...but to each their own.  Glad your baby is on the mend!  -  

plieck30 said...

Oh yeah how could anyone forget they were getting baby emus? People are soooo crazy. Glad they have a good home with you. Paula

solace223 said...

OMIGOD, they are so frickin adorable!  I LOVE them!  Up here, we feed grain only when it gets REALLY cold out, otherwise it's just grass and hay.  

mcknansmom said...

oh my goodness!!!!!! my girls would be in heaven atyour place! lol lol
take care

nelishianatl said...

How in the world would taking on responsibility for an animal just happen to slip someone's mind?  I am glad you got them too.  At least I know they'll be taken care of. You prove that over and over again.  Right down to fixing little baby goats. (Which is one of Katie's favorite songs by Tom T. Hall btw, how do you talk to a little baby goat? lol)