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Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend and a Bamboo Fountain

Good Monday to everyone. Lets all try to have a good week this week. I have a lot I want to accomplish this week.

We had a nice weekend. Especially on Sunday since Ian was off work. :) I sold a lot of eggs this past week so I thought it would be nice to treat us to a morning out to breakfast. We went to Ryans breakfast bar. They always have just about anything you could want or imagine you might want and then some! After a filling breakfast we meandered on over to Big Lots. Oh, we have to go into Rome, GA to do anything like this by the way. In our little town there is nothing like all that is up in Rome. I didnt find a whole lot I couldnt live without in there. Shelby and Ian found a couple of computer games and I found Shelby a really pretty full size horse calendar for a dollar. It had beautiful pictures of horses by the ocean and running on the beach.

Then it was on to Lowes. I always find stuff in there I want! We went through the garden section first. I picked up some little mums. I am just to much of a cheapy to buy the big grown ones. I figure those little ones will get bigger eventually. Then we passed this bamboo fountain. Oh it was so cool. It was on clearance. Gravitating to it we really liked it. So we put the last one they had in the buggy. I got some barn paint for Derbys barn. Ian drooled over all the massive tool boxes. There is a Kobalt set top and bottom he wants. He does have to have stuff like that for work. He has one now but got it back when he first started in maintenance and could really use more room. So he is getting on the ball and selling his two 'broken but useful to someone that likes those cars' SC 35th Anniversary Thunderbirds. There is actually a message board just for Thunderbird car lovers...can you believe that..so he posted and already has two potential buyers. Now I need to get on the ball and sell my older truck, then maybe we can get his toolbox and take a three day trip to Florida like we always like to do this time of year. Yeahhh....

We got back home and tore into the bamboo fountain. Ian set it up and got it turned on. Now in reality this thing was meant to be out in a garden or on a porch, something like that. No...we both agreed it would be really cool to have it in the house...so here it sits, trickling and bopping...you can see the little piece that rocks back and forth on the top...filling with water and then tipping over...it makes a little hollow wooden sound everytime it does that...its kind of relaxing...we love it. Besides when it gets cold we wouldnt be able to have it outside anyway! So why not have it inside to enjoy all the time. When the weather starts to get too cool I will bring in all my tropical plants like my Sago Palm (LOVE this plant) and place them around it, wont that be pretty?

Oh there is also a hole in that top bamboo there...it came with one of those Tiki Torch cannisters you can burn oil in...but unless its outside we wont use that or course.


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acoward15 said...

Great water feature.

wwfbison said...

I like the idea of putting it in the house, the sound of water is so soothing. I think it looks great!  Isn't amazing the fun we can have at Lowes or Home Depot?  We always come out with much more than we ever intended.  My little mums have turned into giant mums through the years so I am in agreement with you, buy them small.

deshelestraci said...

I really like the fountain!  Looks and sounds so pretty.

plieck30 said...

Oh wow that is unusual and I like that what looks like an iron rooster beside it. I love "stuff" like that. Paula

hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, those sound so peaceful! I love the sound of water...