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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Way Back on Tuesday

Way back on Tuesday of this week I made an entry in Word Pad and saved it. I was having a horrible time staying connected on Monday, and the rest of the week was better, but you know dial up is not really very reliable anyway...so my expectations were not very high.

Here is the entry...and I will put pictures of our visit on a seperate entry.

Its Tuesday and today is the first day of school for Shelby...I won't have as much time on the internet now that we are starting. I homeschool her, and it can really make for a busy day getting her schooling and my chores, animals, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and so on done. Her school comes first though. It is very important to me as the whole reason for doing school at home is to learn more and have a broader spectrum of what she learns.

Now, let get to Saturdays visit.

I don't know if I have changed, or if they have changed. Maybe some of both. Doesn't really matter, we all had a good time.

I picked Ian up from work and we headed straight down. He did change when we got there. Work clothes aren't really that becoming...lol...so I had brought him a change of clothes along with some Tag spray and his deoderant. He always says he smells bad after work, but it is funny to me that I don't smell anything, and I have a sensitive nose. I swear I think when you have been with someone for as long as we have been together you don't smell their bad smell anymore...I still think I stink after sweating and working outside though...;)

We got there and there was much hugging and many smiles. I took along some goodies for them. Eggs, of course. I also brought them kosher, dill sliced, and dill speared pickles I had canned. I included a jar of my salsa I canned too. Too bad the squash and cucumbers are done, we had plenty to give away for so long. I did put some fresh tomatoes in the box with everything else. I mean, you can't very well leave home from your "farm" and not bring stuff right? ;)

I absolutely did not push my little picture album off on anyone. Believe it or not it was in the top of my purse and was retrieved by Billie herself, amazed and showing everyone all the pictures. She was like, OH I am sorry! I am just digging through your purse! LOL...I told her it was not a problem, that it was alright.

Poor Kenny, by the time Ian was done with him about our eggs, Idon't know if he will eat any or not. He told Kenny to enjoy the rooster sperm in the eggs...you should have seen the look on Kennys face...it was a combination of puzzlement and horror!!! He he...I told Ian good grief dont tell him that. Kenny asked if he was serious...and I said well, some of them may be fertilized...then he asked if he was supposed to put them under a light or something, asked if he shouldnt eat those...I just laughed. I told him just to eat the eggs and not to think about it. He would have never known any different. He has never had fresh eggs. So, well, I kind of told him about the fact that he may come up on a meat spot. Another horrified look. I explained that it was simply a broken blood vessel that happened when the hen was developing the egg in her. She may have run too hard, or been startled, it happens. OH well, I hope he will at least try them.

Now that we were settled in...Shelby had gone to hang out with Sydney. That is Kenny and Billies daughter. She is one year older than Shelby. It is so amazing to see how much Sydney had grown up. Everyone was startled at how much Shelby had grown up too. I see her day to day and I know she is growing up, but I am her mother and still see her as my baby. Sam, Billies oldest daughter asked Shelby how old she was...thought she was fifteen! OH my gosh no! You had to put your sunglasses on when Shelby shot that smile out. In a preteens world that is a BIG compliment. You remember don't you? When someone thought you were older than you were...you just loved it. Now, not so much...lol.

There were lots of folks there. Lots. I didnt know many of them. I knew Kennys ex wife, she was there. Her and Kenny had two kids before they divorced and met Billie. Eddie is their son, the one going off to Iraq.

Lots of parents, grandparents, that kind of thing.

Now you want to know why I felt so bad. I reckon it is because after we got there...Kenny and Ian went off and visited. Shelby and Sydney went off together, and Billie and I hung out...all of us out back...while everyone else was inside. They were hanging out with us while a party was going on...lol. It was nice to have them all to ourselves kinda.

I got Billie to give us a tour of their new home. It was very pretty. They had three and a half acres too. Even though it is really in a neighborhood, they have a really nice set up. It feels secluded. They have woods in the back that go way back. An empty lot grown up on one side of the house...and on the other side they have made a trail, really cute, up into the woods and up to their....POND! Yes, they have a little pond and it so wonderful. They go fishing in it too. They have a table and chairs set up there with little candles and what not on the table. The path up to the pond is lit up by white little Christmas type lights. They even have an awning that is just so cute that you come to as you start up the trail.

Shelby and Sydney jumped on the trampoline a little, Shelby couldnt keep her balance because of her foot problem, I was sad about that. Shelby went swimming in their pool...but Sydney could not, it was that time in a ladies month, you know. Sydney is a Georgia Tech fanatic. Just like her Dad. So she was inside watching that game. Billie, Kenny, Ian and I hung out with Shelby while she swam for a while.

After we left we went out to Shanes Rib Shack not far from thier house. We had mentioned to Kenny that we had seen OBs BBQ had opened back up and was trying again...but he said it wasnt any good anymore not to bother, recommending Shanes. It was really really good BBQ! We sat out on the screened in dining area where a nice breeze was coming through as it got dark.

There is talk of them coming out to visit with us now. Sydney thought it was really neat that Shelby has a horse...I had told Shelby not many girls get a horse, and every girl wants a horse, and that Sydney would be impressed, and she was.

Kenny did not know what a guinea was...I tried to explain the bird to him, but it was lost in translation...I dont have any pictures of them grown, so I couldnt show him. He thought I meant guinea pigs til I told him it was a bird originating from Africa.

It should be a good time when they do come. We are planning for them to come some time in October. Shelby suggested them coming for her birthday but I said Nooo...everyone will be here and I want to be able to visit with them. When everyone is here, I dont get to visit with anyone...you know what I mean? You have to spread yourself thin, and I am getting to where I dont like to have to do that.

Alright, that is enough babbling for today...here are some pictures from our visit on my next post.



mosie1944 said...

I'm glad your visit with your friends went well.

ally123130585918 said...

Kelly sounds like you had a good visit with friends ~ I laughed at the "Fertilized" eggs and the look of horror on Kenny's face ~ I hope he did eat them :o) ~ hope you have a good weekend ~ Ally x

wwfbison said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I'm so happy to hear that.  Isn't it always that way, the times you fear the worst turn out to be the best.  It also sounds like they were totally interested in your life and what you do, that is a compliment itself.  

deshelestraci said...

I'm glad you ended up having a really good time!  Sometimes we get ourselves worked up and then find out things are ok.