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Monday, May 26, 2008

Her New Apartment :)

My oldest niece is 21. She has decided to make her first great step into the wide world of independence and get her own apartment.

Its scary, I know. I am not so old I dont remember. That risk you take can be overwhelming. You don't want to fail and have to go back home, no matter what, you HAVE to make it, to prove to you, and to everyone else that you are in fact an adult now and can survive on your own.

She has taken this one step further than most can financially these days. She has her own apartment, not with a room mate. She is totally enjoying this too.

I was worried for her. She is trying to finish up the last year of college. With things costing more than ever I know it has to be tough. She is making it though. She is a tough young woman and she is determined.

Seeing her in her own place...well it really makes you realize, she is grown up. I think it is harder for us as we get older and see the younger generation growing up before our eyes. I mean, gosh, it wasnt that long ago that we were in their shoes...right? I think back now and shoot, by the time I turned 21 I had been out on my own for over a year, and got married on my 21st birthday. So she is doing just fine.

When Daddy told her how proud he was of her for all she had accomplished, as well as Erin, my other sister...and Mama...and me, all of us, really impressed and telling her how proud we are of her she broke down in tears. She told us we just didnt know how much that meant to her.

But I do. We all need support and approval, especially when we are hanging out there by a thread. We all need that encouragement and support. She is going to by just fine.

Here are some pictures of her place, her and her fiancee', and my sweet pretty niece in her new apartment.

There is nothing like that first taste of independence is there? We all remember...it has such a sweet taste to it doesnt it? ;)


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Somehow I managed to not take a picture of her cute kitchen! I will have to make sure I get a picture of that next time. They are such a cute couple, reminds me of Ian and I when we were first starting out. So sweet.

After the visit to see her new apartment we went to her sisters graduation party...that and pictures to follow in the next entry.


madcobug said...

Congrats to her. Her apt is very pretty and so is she. Hugs, Helen

bhbner2him said...

She's made a very nice home for herself and they are a darling couple!  -  Barbara

nelishianatl said...

She is doing fine.  You guys are a wonderful family to make sure she knows how you feel about her.  I would have cried too.  Her bedroom suite is exactly like the one my Mom has that she inherited from my Grandmother, been around since before I was little which is a long time.  This is the second one I've seen besides my Mom's.  They are a really cute couple.  I don't have found memories of leaving home because it was always under such duress at the time.  I hope she has a wonderful and happy experience and enjoys her independence before she goes and gets married and has to share her space.  She is absolutely stunningly gorgeous.  I want a top just like the one she's wearing.  That is out of this world pretty.  


wwfbison said...

That is so exciting, I remember when I flew the coop (I know you like that!).  She is a lovely young girl and I hope life is good to her.  Her place looks good, the bedroom is really cute.

breakaway1968 said...

WOW how responsible of  her and she is such a beautiful young lady.  i hope she is careful out there!  Congrats to her!  

plieck30 said...

Good luck to your beautiful niece. Paula

robinngabster said...

awwww seems so long ago when I got my first apartment...I belive I was 21 as well.  And now I see the cutie pie in the blue dress is also a niece.  Good genes in that family!