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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Visit With Grandmama

Good Saturday afternoon! Today I wanted to share some photos of my Grandmama and Phoenix. Last Sunday we went to the nursing home where she lives and visited. The last time we went I took Phoenix...and his presence was requested for this visit also. My Grandmama doesn't like a whole lot of anything...except she likes the FOXNews channel and Newsweek magazines. So for her to like Phoenix does my heart good.



When we first arrived she was sitting down at the end of the hall with a friend of hers. The sun was bright and lit the hall...it was nice to have the sun coming in the doors and windows and there was a bird feeder outside that door they could watch the birds come and go from. They have bird houses and bird feeders all over the grounds there. I like that. I wish I had had my camera when we were coming back from picking up lunch for everyone...there were so many purple martins on the condo type house for them...it was really neat. So anyway, we got to meet her friend, and her friend held Phoenix. Grandmama had told her all about him. Most find it strange that a little rooster like that can be carried around like people would carry around a little dog...but it is really no different than having a parrot as a pet...the one difference being I don't trust parrots, they are very moody and some are so big they could take a finger off with one bite if they just felt like it. I don't have to worry about that with Phoenix.




Grandmama4 Grandmama1

Being in a nursing home has been difficult for Grandmama. Losing her independence has been a hard thing to accept. I imagine myself going kicking and screaming before being put in one. This particular place is very nice, not hospital like much at all. It is out in the country too. The place is a small facility, does not house but about 75 folks...so personal attention is not a problem. She has been through several and finally settled here, feeling like this place was the best and much better than any of the others...and she is right. If I had to be in a nursing home, that one would be a good one to be in.

We had a very nice visit, I took her another album for her to keep full of photos for her to show to her friends and to look over from time to time.

I only hope if I live to 80 years old like her, that my body won't quit on me the way hers has. She has rheumatoid arthritis...and it has eaten away at her terribly.


plieck30 said...

Your grandmama is a pretty lady and maybe Phoenix is just what she needed to cheer her up. Its so nice they have all the bird feeders and such there for the people who live there. I think that makes a place so much more cheerful. Paula

madcobug said...

You know what? Your Grandmama looks a lot like my hubby's mother did. The same color hair and her face looks a lot like hers did. I am glad that you took Phoenix for her to pet. That is nice that the home has bird feeders for the residents to enjoy. Helen

mosie1944 said...

That's great that she likes your little rooster!  My mom spent her last years in a  nursing home, and although it was a good one, I sure didn't like her being there.  But she put herself there, her choice.

ally123130585918 said...

Kelly lovely pictures of your Grandmama and Phoenix ~ and you say she is 80 years old ~ she certainly doesn't look it ~ glad her friend got to pet Phoenix ~ how nice for the residents to be able to watch the birds on the feeders ~ glad your Grandma gets all the attention she needs and the Nursing Home is a good one ~ Ally x

acoward15 said...

Chicken therapy. You could be on to something.

wwfbison said...

She doesn't look 80 years old at all ~ she is very attractive.  That is so cool you take Phoenix to visit, he is quite the special little guy.  I just love the 2nd pic where he is facing her!  What a wonderful granddaughter you are.